Another coldish Welsh Thursday morning as Cwmbran’s “Iceland” wondered what the hell was going on with all these people gathering outside…! Pretty soon there was a whole gang of peep’s introducing themselves and being introduced by others from previous meetings.
We arrived, all THIRTEEN of us, at the Cwmbran Magistrates Court (place of business), at 09:45hrs for the usual 10:00AM appointment with the Magistrates, and got ourselves “booked in” – expecting to settle down for a long wait. The by now usual conflab of how much “Grace to be given” agreed upon, the newly acquainted began to cement firm friendships. Within approximately twenty minutes, RL Norm and Steve: of the Family Barry were in the “discussion room” serving papers on the relevant council staff!! I am given to understand, that these were passed straight onto the magistrates – you know, like the proverbial buck!!
Whilst waiting around, many things were going on, – Freedom Rebels were engaging and explaining the unlawfulness of the council tax, and a couple of people agreed to come in the public gallery and watch the proceedings…pretty soon, we were informed that we would be in court number three in a further twenty minutes – (bugger-but that’s FAST by council standards!) – BUT, true to form, the time dragged on and on. Suddenly we were informed that the venue had been changed to court number ONE – which raises some interesting questions regarding the Hiring of the courts by the council staff!! – and maybe explains the further delay and dishounourment of the magistrates who again had failed their appointments.
We had sorted out who was going in the public gallery – previously the usher’s were also wondering what was going on, when so many people turned up for the same hearing, after a while a call came across the tannoy for “Mr. Steven Barry” –
we quietly and in orderly fashion invaded the gaff (no 1 Court). Astonishment all-round at this point – there was the bullet proof glassed tardis, a couple of solicitors over the far side, the council official in her place – and, – – – – -just the recorder!! – – sat on his own. Yes folks, – not a magistrate in sight!!
Now the fun/farce began! – Norm and Steve: of the Family Barry were waiting to enter, at the threshold of the court entrance. RL was stood to the right of the Tardis, and no sooner had the public settled down, than the recorder stood up and asked if Mr Steven Barry was present. (Doesn’t that have to be asked either in front of the magistrate or actually by the magistrate??!!).
RL raised his right hand and stated that he was representing the …..when the recorder interrupted him (!) and asked RL who he was. RL began to say that he was the representative of…..when the recorder again interrupted him – asking RL if he was a solicitor. RL began to answer that he was a Lay Advisor acting for ……..when he was interrupted for the third time by the recorder, who said “BE QUIET – only solicitors or barristers are allowed to speak here”!! – (I’m sorry RL, – I honestly couldn’t help it, yep, – it was me who loudly howled with laughter!!) – and that is why I missed what RL replied, which caused the recorder to storm off saying “ Where are the magistrates?!” – As he went to fetch them!! – – (What? – did he think HE was going to deal alone with this case??).
Then their little plot came to light – three people followed the return of the recorder by the rear door, and the court was ordered to “all stand”. We remained seated. Again the recorder issued the order to “all stand” and again we all remained seated. Ushers and council officials eyebrows went up, the recorder turned to the magistrates, whereupon the chief honcho in the middle commanded “ALL STAND!”
RL asked if he, the magistrate, had was there upon his oath. The Recorder told RL to shut up, at the same time as the magistrate again commanded “All Stand!!” – RL again asked if the magistrate was there upon his Oath, to which the magistrate muttered something to the recorder and the magistrates all trooped out!!
By now, gasps were audible with mingled looks of amazement from the non-Freedom Rebels people observing and from the ushers and others.
The recorder was now in a distressed state, and began shouting that if we didn’t stand, then he would have us all arrested. I heard someone point out that there was nothing to stand for…..and the recorder, bless his little cotton socks, actually turned around to look over his shoulder at the empty bench!! Realising he had been left holding the candle, he now threw his teddy out of the pram and began shouting that if we didn’t stand, he would have us arrested for contempt! (Again, RL, sorry, – but he was actually looking at myself when he said that, which is why I jumped to my feet and asked the recorder if that would be Civil or Criminal contempt?!). And there was an echo because RL Said exactly the same thing 10 nanoseconds after me!
Now the recorder completely lost it, and stormed off through the rear door after the magistrates! He then returned, and once more asked if Mr Steven Barry was present! Again RL put his right hand up, and this time asked the recorder if he would like him to bring Mr Steven Barry into the court? On the affirmative, RL turned, went to the court entrance, returned, and placed a Birth Certificate on the bench in front of him, raised his hand and stated “For and on the record, Mr Steven Barry has entered the court”. The recorder’s eyes bulged, his mouth dropped, and I reckoned he was about to cry….He then asked would Mr Steven Barry identify himself to the court, the magistrates were still absent, – and RL pointed to the Birth Certificate and declared that that was the legal fiction Mr Steven Barry, and could we now proceed without the recorder wasting anymore of our time?!!
Strangely by coincidence, – the recorder had by now stopped telling RL to “shut up” (??!!). The recorder once more left the court by the rear door, and returned again with the magistrates following him. When they were again lined up, the order to “all stand” went out. To be fair, you would have thought by now that the magistrate would have realised that this was not going to happen! The magistrate informed us all that we were risking being evicted from the court and charged with contempt! – Ignoring the “What?! ‘s” that started up, he then himself asked if Mr Steven Barry was present in the court! What the hell’s going on? – They have by now completely lost the plot, making threats of arrest and conviction, and then trying to establish if the person Mr Steven Barry was present!! RL pointed to the Birth Certificate once more, and declared that the legal fiction Mr Steven Barry was there. The magistrate then said “Clear the Court” – to which we all remained where we were – and the magistrate leaned down to the recorder and told him to have us all evicted. Then the magistrates headed for the rear door again!! – As they went out – the cry went up that the court had been abandoned………….the recorder bent to his microphone, and called for security….and then the situation became even more interesting!!
The two security personnel, who were previously door monitors, arrived and approached RL with arms outstretched, ready to take hold of him. RL stepped back, and stated “Do not touch me; you will be committing common law assault in front of these witnesses (RL Pointed to us), to which I will take commercial remedy!” The door monitors advanced again, and again RL stated “Do not touch me! – Sir’s, I must warn you that if you lay a finger on me, I will seek remedy through the courts for a common assault upon my body!” again they moved forward slightly and RL said in a LOUD CLEAR voice “SIR! I DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING TOUCHED!” By this time, the recorder had stepped down and approached, and one of the door monitors asked him if RL could do that!!
The recorder looked a bit sheepish and said “Yes, RL had that right of redress” – to which the door monitors stepped back!! The recorder said call the police – to which RL stated, “Tell you what, WE will call the police to make some arrests of the supposedly court officials!” – I am given to understand that Norm heard this, and requested of an Usher that WE required police assistance!! The police were duly called. During the next fifteen or twenty minutes, NINE police constables including a Sergeant arrived!
The Police arrived, armed to the teeth (Tazers and all!), all puffing and panting and out of breath, presumably because someone told them that “it was all kicking off in Court No. 1). Eventually they calmed down when RL explained his standing in Common Law Jurisdiction and put the Constable on his Oath to uphold the common law!
The Sergeant and a constable were talking to RL, telling him that the unlawful procedures we had been subjected to should be taken up at a later date with the High Court!! – but that he had orders to evict or arrest us and that was what would happen!!
RL asked the Sergeant who had given him such instructions, as there were no magistrates present to issue such an order. Indeed, the purported magistrates had actually refused to identify themselves as such. To this, the Sergeant said that he would find the magistrates and obtain such order personally. RL thanked him politely, and said that “meaning absolutely no disrespect, and only because the magistrates would not return to the bench, would the Sergeant kindly obtain the order in writing, so that RL could see it for himself, and also take a copy? !!!” To which the Sergeant agreed !! RL had also previously stated that we were all honourable and peaceful beings, and that no violence or disorder would be offered by any of us, to which the Sergeant and constable thanked him. (The look of relief on their faces was a joy to behold.) RL also politely and with all due respect enquired that upon the Sergeant showing him the order, would he be allowed to make one short statement, upon which we would all leave voluntary and peacefully – and the Sergeant agreed to this as well!!
The recorder had returned to the court room again, and again told us in front of the police that we had to stand up or be evicted from the court. (Strangely enough, he’d forgotten the bit about arresting us for contempt)!!
(The two independent observers I had previously invited along – purely as observers – later informed me that they could not believe their eyes or ears, and I have it on good authority that they are still a bit shell-shocked at time of writing!!).
It is still unclear as to the ensuing delay of the Sergeant obtaining an order. Whilst waiting, an electrically charged, but somewhat relaxed atmosphere descended, with the constables present chatting amiably with all and sundry! After some ten to fifteen minutes, the Sergeant returned, and lo and behold, the magistrates followed him, and returned to the bench! There followed a pompous speech from the magistrate who was reading from a piece of paper, the recorder turned to the magistrate and explained something, at which the magistrates ordered the court cleared and abandoned the court again!!
RL then took charge of the court, and gave Judicial Notice that as he was now the highest authority in the court under God, he now released the court from all its considerations and declared the case dismissed.
We then all peacefully left the court, thanking the officers and ushers for their help along the way. I must leave it to Norm and Steve: of the Family Day, to give their account of what happened from the gangplank!!!
It is clear that “word had got round” to the magistrates about what to expect, as soon as the relevant papers had been entered into court the day before. This is evidenced, by the fact that they moved it to a court with a sealed dock (As RL said – “I’m not a boat, I’m not standing in there” – only the recorder was present, and it was he who enquired if Mr Steven Barry was present. To my mind, and this is only my personal opinion – but if it had been established that RL was the representative and accepted as such, then how would the magistrates know this, as they were actually absent from the bench from the start, and it is my understanding that it is for the magistrates themselves to establish the presence of “the person” or the legal representative before them.
It would be interesting to ask, among the expected deluge of notices and letters to be forthcoming, of clarification of this point, and read with astonishment the answer they make up!!
A court is supposed to operate by the same principles throughout the Realm – and at no time was the Judicial Review Boards “Communicating Fairness in Courts and Tribunals”, (April 2007) observed by the magistrates or recorder.
The recorder when issuing his threats of contempt of court and arrest had addressed ALL members of the public gallery, not distinguishing Freemen from other independent persons in attendance.
It is also noteworthy, that the magistrates were in demand that we all stood to show respect, but would not identify themselves as magistrates to accomplish this. Perhaps in future, attending SOVERIEGN COUNSELLORS (there were a few there that day amongst us) – could demand that the magistrates or recorders and other personnel actually in court, should stand when WE enter???
Once again, it is quite obvious that these charlatans are attempting to gain jurisdiction over us, in any way they can think of – – when it doesn’t work, then out come the time honoured THREATS to the individual (s).
It must surely be a travesty, that the magistrates can abandon the court (NOT ADJOURN THIS TIME!) – And then expect to issue a Liability Order in what they deem a person’s absence!!
I am informed that the LO has actually been issued, and that the magistrates issued this by resuming the proceedings after our departure!!
RL has a remedy for this, we will now contest how the LO could have been issued in the “abscence” of MR. BARRY when 15 freemen, good and true, will attest in any true court of Law that the Legal Fiction (MR. BARRY) manifested himself into the court THREE TIMES!
It must again be considered, that NINE police officers and TWO door monitor’s were summoned – and yet no arrests or detentions were made – – Why not? – – because obviously, our paperwork was in order, AND WE HAD ACTUALLY DONE NO WRONG. Make no mistake, if we had, our feet wouldn’t have touched!!
As expected, a complete “make up the rules as we go along” cabaret. At no point was any judicial procedure followed correctly – at no point was fair and due consideration given.
It must now be taken for granted, that as soon as Freeman’s paperwork is entered into court, there are now going to be “special” and other silly rules introduced, in an attempt to protect their ivory towers, and their illusions of “authority”.
I look forward to template of “Questions to be asked” on receiving an unlawful issuance of an LO!
It must also be noted with urgency, that the signature on the summons, is the same as the signature on the Liability Orders – that of the CLERK TO THE JUSTICES – Not even BY the magistrate!!!

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