TPUC – The Peoples United Community

We all have an undeniable urge to be free. Free in our thoughts, feelings, and daily affairs.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to some of us that in reality whilst it appears on a basic level that we are free, the reigns of control seek to guide us, tax us and manipulate us into working ever harder, and submitting ever more to authority.

How we come to this conclusion is different for us all and ultimately this is not important. What is important is what we peacefully do about it. TPUC was created as a community for people across the world to communicate with and join other men and women who feel the same. It is not about politics, it is not about religion, it is not about money. Nor is it against them. Those who wish to pursue these things are free to do so.

TPUC is only concerned with two very similar principles – the truth of love, and the love of truth.

The truth knows no boundaries, and so we seek only to show people actual, factual information about the world around them.

The world is a complicated place, this is true, but it is built on a very simple foundation each and every time.

We have discovered some very powerful information which hopefully you will see in a positive light, and perhaps you will seek to further what we know.

TPUC has a small dedicated team which run the website and produce DVDs and T-Shirts. We have been amazed by the research, contributions and visitors to the site and are always keen to hear of your suggestions.

The past has gone, the future has not happened yet.

All we have is now – so let’s make it the best now we can.

Feel free to browse our articles and videos.

Much love to all

TPUC admin

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