After 5 years of refusing to pay Income Tax they now credit money to me I have never paid!

For over 5 years I have personally refused to pay any form of Income Tax on the grounds that it is un-Lawful for me to give aid and support to Traitors to the Crown.

By paying Tax I am in breach of the 1848 Treason Felony Act which quite clearly states that I cannot give this government any aid or support for they still continue to act treasonously against our Queen on a daily basis and have done for many years previously.

Still to this day I have not been brought to trial nor is there any trial pending for my refusal to pay. In fact they have just credited money back to me and wiped clean a complete Tax demand without me even paying a single penny.

Why won’t they prosecute me, I wonder? I do keep asking them to take me to court but for some reason they keep refusing!

Funny how the credits come to exactly what they say I owe, even though I have never filled in a Tax Return for the two years shown and they have even credited back to me the fines they imposed!

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