I, Mirthful Merryweather, do declare myself to be in outright and lawful rebellion. I shall uphold the law of the land and call upon others to do the same.

I was at the demonstration, Wednesday April !st, walking from Moorgate to the Bank of England. Carrying my peace flag and small megaphone, I chatted to the police men and women outside the tube station, explaining the law of the land, which they weren’t interested in. As the police man said, he was just their to do his job, to do as told by his ‘superior’ (oh dear) officers.

He was, however, interested when I told him that the police authorities are corporations registered at Dunne and Bradstreet. He was, however, also interested to know that the Labour Party has the trading name Alistair Darling MP. He did know that Dastardly has diplomatic status and he understood that this would enable that corporation to circumvent the law. So I gave him the details for tpuc. It was a good start! Hooray! Maybe today would be the day when the police officers chose to be police men and women, casting down their person along with helmets, riot shields, truncheons, taisers, guns, microwave guns, pepper spray, handcuffs etc., joining the rest of awakening, emergent humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope is a blessed thing, belief however comes with the exercise of freedom in my humble experience. The only human being who can exercise freedom in my life is me. What I do to exercise my freedom is follow my own path, which converges with other paths but is not anyone else’s. The choices that I make are my choices and not prescriptive in any way. Freedom is from the heart and is peace, for me and those around me. So here is the story of my exercise in freedom- I hope that you enjoy it and feel free to make your own way in the world, treading gently on the earth!

After chatting to the policemen and women at Moorgate and everyone having arrived and been hugged, I was swept along with the crowd. Music on the way being provided by Darth our music machine courtesy of wearechange. Wearechange are 911 truth seekers mainly living in London and its suburbs and a bunch of better people you could not ever wish to meet. All strong, all peaceful, all powerful. We also had a mike for poetry and music once we reached the Bwank of England. It was nice catching up with everyone and also talking to others along the way giving out truth and building the fire of the phoenix.

Lots of camera’s from around the world. I took the opportunity to spread the word on tpuc. There was art on display everywhere one looked. A woman in a vicious looking mask, dressed in a blue suit and sitting on a chair covered in money with a briefcase stuffed to overflowing emblazoned with the words ‘Just Retired’. The chair doubled as a sound system and was blasting out progressive trance music. She was amazing all these little gestures, very controlled. Loadsa huge puppets. It was like being at a festival. The folk of this land were there in huge numbers, hearts open. It was great.

We arrived at the Bank of England and the guys set up Darth on the steps of the bank. The Architects and Engineers for 911 truth banner was held up and the reggae began. God bless Bob Marley. We also had some Rage Against the Machine and other massive peace anthems. People were making speeches all over the place. There was lots of dancing and hugging. A lovely old man, smartly dressed with a huge badge that read ‘DON’T PANIC’ came to dance to the reggae. The crowd of peaceful, beautiful people and the photographers were loving him. He was hugged by myself and others.

But I have been to many events and know the drill the PTB want followed: march, destination, penned in, aggressive police tactics. The media (backed by private bwankers) want their pictures of violence and disorder so that the govt (backed by private bwankers) can justify to the public fearful of the ‘summer of rage’ that the media (backed by private bwankers) have been engineering all along, so that the govt (backed by private bwankers) can justify a return to Napoleonic law where anything not on the bwankers legal list is not allowed. Behaviour totally managed through fear. Yeah right- we’re not bloody (well actually a lot of us are after the demo) scared. But even though bloody we are still not scared because the power that has been wielded against the people for so long is losing its momentum, we are catching that power with our wisdom and our open hands.

I always say to people if you want everything for yourself you have to have a closed fist, when you share openly and help each other the hand opens and the natural healing energy that pours forth knows no bounds. Open the hand, open the heart. Bwankers cannot contain it with their fictitious money, they cannot contain it with their fictitious legal system and they cannot even contain it with their deprivation of basic human rights to nutrition and clean water with the imposition of Codex Alimentarius (see Rima Laidlaw’s films on youtube), their poisoning of our food with aspartame, flouride, their immunisations for our babies poisoned with mercury (thimerisol) and embalming fluid (formaldehyde) (see Russell Blaylock video on Nutrition: aspartame flouride) etc. etc. Yawn is that the best you can do parasites.

Don’t get me wrong the last poses a serious threat but if we, the people, refuse to pay with their fictitious money, then how will they impose it? Our so-called country (read somebody else’s corporation) has been bankrupt for donkeys. There is nothing with which to pay. We have being used against ourselves. However the worm has turned and sees who has it by the tail and is struggling, wriggling now to be free. One worm no problem. But if all of us that have been treated like worms (and realworms have been treated unfairly as well) start to wriggle together- well you know what happens when you try to hold on to worms. Impossible!

I’m laughing out loud now- quietly because everyone is still in bed. I have also laughed at the pathetic attempts of Boloch and Gorilladon to tell us how they, of all people, are going to impose a new world order. They were pathetic schoolboys, they are now pathetic robots. Being told what to do, what to think, what to say.

You have to feel sorry for the public boarding school educated and those that want to be accepted into their ranks. They really have been sold the biggest line. They even have to speak in a particular way to be accepted and mustn’t express what feelings live inside them. They believe they are educated and that this is superior and yet they are imprisoned by rules and repression of anything naturally human. No wonder they are so violent, simple psychology. They do not feel loved and so they cannot feel the suffering of the others whose deaths they convert into fictitious wealth and who they refer to as collateral damage.

Boloch was reported as saying that, “the banking meltdown was the worst financial crisis since the end of WWII”, and promised that the G20 would ensure that it never happened again and Gorilladon never even saw the recession coming. Not too bright Gorilladon. Most can make the connection; ‘borrow’ billions in fictitious money from private bwankers, to fund illegal wars (or anything else) and someone has to pay. This is set up to be everyone except the perpetrators (again bwankers and their puppets such as Fony Bliar). This time it is different. We are awake.

Anyway back to the demo, we were of course penned as we arrived at the Bank of England. I wasn’t at the scene of destruction at the RBS, didn’t see the smashing of windows and the throwing of computers. But I did see police men and women beating up protestors. There were, as we have seen, many protestors with blood pouring down their faces.

One guy was helping a girl, who had just been hit by a police officer with a truncheon on the side of the head and was bleeding profusely, when he himself was hit right on the front of his forehead, by the same officer. His forehead was so swollen, he looked like Frankenstein’s monster. The truncheons used have a rounded knob at the end and are lethal. They wouldn’t let this guy leave unless he went alone. He and his friends had done nothing wrong and were not wanted by the police for any crime.

Myself and beautiful friends Simon and Peace went to the various frontlines to calm down the police and the people. Lots of fear and anger in the air as you got nearer to the police.

I am a storyteller and tell traditional tales as well as writing modern day folk tales for children and so through the megaphone I began to tell the people the story of the bwankers, “If you are serious about wanting to end the corruption and bringing down the bwankers it is important to understand what they have done to us, all of us, police included. There are two things on the earth, land and water. There is consequently the law of the land and the law of the water.

“The law of water governs shipping and products carried to distant lands. It is known as Admiralty Maritime Law, Fleet Law, Law of the High See.” A sea of faces, people facing towards me, listening intently. “Now I’m going to explain how the bwankers brought the law of admiralty onto the land so that they could treat human beings like products,” I continued, “When a ship comes into dock, it sits in it’s berth and has to be provided with a certificate of manifest. This is a registration document and transfers title ownership of the vessel and contents to the harbourmaster, until the merchant bankers (banks- river banks, current- currency, all water language) claim their goods and the ship leaves port.

“When you are born, a free human baby, you are born from water and so your mother is considered by the state to be the merchant vessel or ship carrying the admiralty maritime product. You! You enter the delivery suite through the birth canal. See canal- more water based language and, just the same as any other admiralty maritime product, must be provided with a birth certificate. With which your parents unwittingly give ownership of you to the government. This constitutes fraud. To know how to tackle this check, the people’s united community,!”

At this point Peace returned from his meanderings and he and I, spontaneously began a humorous double act about the person. Peace was shouting out, causing a breach of himself himself in the middle of the street, but telling the truth about the person. We had a huge crowd. People were really laughing! I mean it is funny that they’ve got away with such a ridiculous notion for so long. Strange that such a seemingly simple word like person can hold a secret key to freedom or slavery, depending on what you know or believe.

Peace and I were laughing our heads off, which sounded great amplified. Two cackling loons and a huge cackling crowd. Many came looking for us to confirm the web address. Under the banner of Mirthful Peace we spread the news together. It was joyous.

He and I were having police cameras’ trained on us from all directions, as well as the camera’s of the world’s media, so we helpfully gave them the happy news as well. The crowd were overjoyed when I told them that Black’s Law states that statutes and acts only have the force of law with the consent of the governed. That as long as you caused no actual harm or loss to another there is no crime and to check tpuc to find out how to withold consent.

At this point people started running and we realised that the riot police had started charging the crowd not far in front of us. I started to callout through the megaphone, “Do not run, do not run. They are feeding on your fear, and gaining momentum for when they swing their batons. This will hurt you more! Do not run. Whatever you do hold your ground as much as possible. Do not fight with the police they will bring out even more weapons, microwave guns, taisers etc. Don’t give them the excuse!” As I talked I made my way towards the police frontline. It was calming down and had stopped by the time that I got down to the line of riot police.

People were shouting at the officers and very angry, some bloodied. I spoke through the megaphone. “Calm down everybody. Do not throw anything or give the police authorities any excuse to increase their violence towards us. This is what they want so that they can get their propaganda pictures. Why do you think they are keeping us here against our will? So that they can start to goad us into violent retaliation and then print the photos in the media. As if we started it and deserve to be battered. Lets show that the only violence is coming from the police. Let us not give them what they want. Resist peacefully! The police have not realised that they are part of the people! They are oppressed just the same as we are. They are being used. Tools, puppets of an oppressive regime.” People started cheering.

I then turned my attention to the police, “You have a duty to protect the people. You must not withold right or justice to anyone. Let us go. I ask you to think for yourselves and ask would any of this violence have occurred if you let people go when they wanted to. I know that you feel that you have to obey orders, that you are scared to break ranks when the order comes through to charge. But you are attacking peaceful people and protecting corruption. The bwankers are shafting us all. What kind of world do you want for your children? One like this or something better, because we are laying the foundations for that which is to come.”

The energy was amazing, the crowd, that had just been beaten, came back with peace and love. I said to the police men and women, “I have a suggestion! Why don’t you break ranks, take off your helmets, put down your riot shields and mingle with the crowd. COME ON! You might enjoy the day! Communicate with us, you’ll probably learn something and have a much nicer day. I mean its no wonder your feeling so aggressive in all that gear! You must be so hot. Take it off, I dare you! There’s no need to be scared we won’t hurt you- we are peaceful!”

Some of the police started to smile. I was right in front of them and began hugging policemen around their riot shields, stroking the arms and backs of those too damaged to cope with the experience of hugging. The media cameras’ of course went crazy asking us to face them and snapping away. One of the policemen said, “You’ve made me famous!”

Just then a chap came up to me and asked me to go with him as police brutality was breaking out at one of the other police barricades. When I arrived there were lots of people with head wounds. Blood everywhere. People had started throwing glass bottles and the temporary metal fences were being dismantled and taken towards the riot police lines. Some were very angry and said- we’ve tried your peaceful, hippy way, its time to fight back. I held on to the fence of one group and explained why it was a bad idea. One of the boys, who was quite young was saying, “What’s she talking about, what’re microwave guns?” “Vibrates the water molecules in your body, heating them, like a microwave oven. Not very nice!” I replied.

Some, of course, want a good punch up, not realising that if they fight hard enough the state will impose controls with the backing of the fearful masses, and undoubtedly come for the jolly. Same as the police, some of whom are laughing and joking after just smashing someone in the head.

I moved in on the police line and walked in between the line that had formed of the people on one side and the police on the other. This distance is dangerous as the police have running room to charge and have the people running away in front of them, as they proceed to knock them down with truncheons. I saw two empty, glass bottles hurtling towards the police lines and smashing on the ground at their feet. I raised my megaphone and called for calm. I shouted calmly, “Do not throw missiles, remain peaceful. Do not run, slow everything down. They are hurting us and we have to stop it now. Otherwise they get to use even more violence and weapons on us. Do not let them hurt us further! Extinguish their power with peace.”

I turned to face the police and explained that the police authority that they were working for was a corporation run for profit. That they were there to extract funds from the poor to keep the elite in the manner to which they had unlawfully become accustomed. I waved my hand at the enormous edifices of the banks surrounding us, trying to impose their fortress-like, grandiose pomposity onto us. Trying to give their lies some credence with sheer, dominating size. So Bwankers are people with an abiding obsession with size. I wonder why? Impotent, emasculated males. I continued to talk walking between the two lines so as to disturb the distance factor, I continued, “You like everyone in this system are slaves. You are not allowed to think for yourselves, waiting for the order to charge innocent people.

“You are being used to create the photo opportunity that the government wants so that they can continue to steal, rape and pillage around the world. You are defending bankerwankers, bankstergangsters who fund both sides of every war with their fictitious money. Who maim newborn babies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia,” Someone from the crowd shouted out Palestine, “Yes and Palestine with depleted uranium weapons- have you seen Brian Haw’s display at Parliament Square officers? Soldiers are getting cancer and having babies born with deformities and cancers. Unexploded cluster bombs littering these countries. And on and on is there to be no end to their atrocities in the name of their vast bankster profits? Yes there is we are it. The peaceful nemesis.”

“This is what you are defending. This is what you are attacking us to defend. Is this what you want? The real criminals getting away with more than mass murder, destroying the earth and you defending them instead of the people that want an end to that. What are we crazy?? Talk to us put down your weapons. “Check our website,, the people’s united community, we can have something better than this!”

The police officers were getting uncomfortable again. You could feel it. They were on standby, there was no violence from the crowd! no missiles being thrown. I stood to face the police square on, legs apart, one hand holding my megaphone and my other hand to my side. I called out, “Do not attack us we are peaceful! Stand firm everybody! Be brave!!!!” The police started their charge. I continued to shout out, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT RUN. KEEP CALM EVERYONE. DON’T LET THEM HURT YOU. SLOW THEM DOWN! We were moving along quite fast but the momentum was taken away from the charge and I don’t think that anyone got smashed in the head. It was ducking fisgusting though.

There were some that again wanted to fight. But it felt like the right time to withdraw. I felt that if enough people wanted to be peaceful, I’d just shown them a way. You cannot be a nanny.

I walked through the crowd away from the police and towards another police line in front of me. They had four large alsations behind three rows of riot police. The dogs were barking and really hyped up as were the masked raiders, many with balaclavas on under their helmets. I just stood and looked and didn’t say anything. And I felt sad. Some of the police started nudging each other and nodding in my direction. I stayed looking and saying nothing. The dogs kept barking. I felt tired and decided that if the police were thinking of bringing the dogs in, then they’d have to get over me first and so I lay down at one of the police officers feet until everything felt calmer. A man came and lay next to me. We looked at the sky and I visualised the dogs calming down.

I learned later that the wonderful Simon along with the marvellous Peace had lain down with several others in front of a line of violent coppers and in spite of the police trampling them and surreptitiously kicking them, no-one got up. Result? The violence stopped. Though at this point they were arrested for obstruction of a police officer in his lawless duty.

Here I want to emphasise that my experience was a very positive one. There was points at which it looked as if everyone would start dancing. Started up by Buffalo Soldier, Bob Marley. People dancing in all directions to, ‘Stand Up for Your Right’, and singing
“But if you know what life is worth, you will look for yours is earth,” and, “we know when we understand almighty god is a living man, Now we’ve seen the light we’re gonna stand up for our right.” All the directors of disaster standing on the steps were looking over and I called to them, “Officers, police men and women come and join us in the dancing. Chill out.”

There were men on the balcony and snipers, helicopters hovering above. We were calling out love messages to them and blowing kisses. I spotted some suited ‘gentlemen???’ gentle? on the balcony of the Bank of England and so I turned on the megaphone, “We are bringing down the bank you men on the balcony up there. Hey you men on the balcony! It’s over. The bank is coming down, I’d get off the balcony if I were you! It might be dangerous with all the falling rubble! Check our website to see for yourself!” I then laughed along with all the singing, dancing people and carried on dancing and singing. The music and poetry, I will try to get links to the artists later through the team, because they were truly rocking- amazing.

Anyway there are so many other things that I could write about, stories thet I could tell of both injustice and inspiration and of people that I met who were amazing like the impro artist, Quince Andre Garcia of who commandeered my megaphone for a brilliant vocal treatise on freedom, which the crowd loved. Of the police officer who was brought to tears when put in touch with his humanity. And how those on the front line had no control of what they were being asked to do. Even if they had agreed, they had to blank you. They were all under surveillance. Everyone copes with it in different ways.

There was so much laughter all day. I saw people with bloodied heads laughing so hard. It was an amazing and inspirational indictment of humanity as far as I’m concerned, involving free thinking individuals.

So Boloch Obama is trying to flirt with the peace campaigner now, saying that he will rid the world of nuclear weapons, whilst surging into Afghanistan, merciless puppet. Whilst imposing Codex Alimentarius on his? people. Who are ‘his people’? Rather who does he belong to. Doesn’t matter what he says, unless he, and all the other presidents of private corporations called government, takes the power to print money away from the Central privately owned banks and thereby The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, (which they are not in a position to do- WE ARE) he is the bankers poodle. No more needs saying.

Eventually we were to be let out one by one. I think that it was about 9.30pm, but I don’t really do time. I confirmed with the officer, as the first people were being stopped and ‘processed’, as they like to call it, that it was not obligatory to give your details to the police as stated on the Home Office Stop and Search page. He said that yes I was right.

And so, with my megaphone, I informed the people, waiting in the queue to leave, that it was, in fact, an a abuse of their freedom to be stopped, check But that as that is what the police were doing and people wanted to go home to refuse their details, “which this officer has kindly confirmed is your right, under Home Office Stop and Search statutes.” I cried, “Thank-you officer!” I said. I then continued to walk around the area, announcing the same until everyone knew. Then I sat down and chatted because I don’t do queues.

Everyone seemed to be in very good spirits. I could hear Darth moving towards the front of the queue and then suddenly I was moved out of a different exit without being stopped or searched. So I lost everyone that I already knew and found someone else. We wandered through the night streets of London on further adventures that were had that night, bumping in to darling Simon and other dear friends along the way………..hahahahahahehehehehehohohohohoho…


We meandered up to Buckingham Palace, we rebels and hit at just the right moment. The presidential cars were arriving. I shouted as they went past, as loud as I possibly could, over the police sirens and speeding, flashing motorcycle cops, “IT’ OVER! OVER I TELL YOU! GO HOME!


We then went past a parked police car and the officers were laughing. A moment later they drove past us, witht their window wound down and one of the police men shouting, “IT’S OVER, OVER I TELL YOU!” We were all doubled up with uncontrollable mirthful merryweather.

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