And you think the Conservative Party is the answer – think again?

Marxists lead the Conservative Party

Over decades Marxists posing as Conservatives have taken control of the leadership of the Conservative Party. Ken Clarke, Douglas Hurd, Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, Chris Pattern, Francis Maude, David Cameron to name a few.

They follow in the steps of Ted Heath and Geoffrey Rippon, both lifelong members of the Deutsche Vericherungs Dienst Intelligence department, (DVD) a Marxist organisation that controls the development of the European Union.

These two were exposed just before Ted heath’s death, and both were eligible for EU bribes for signing the first EU treaty in 1972. We know Heath got his.

Whereas Labour leaders obey the EU because of the gravy train bribes they so look forward to, and the compromising information the EU holds on them, these Conservative leaders actually believe in the EU and its Soviet Constitution.

They are sabotaging and abolishing Britain because of their deeply held Marxist political convictions, and they believe they will end up as the party bosses in the new EU order.

A quick look at Soviet and French history shows they won’t: when democracy is withdrawn, as the EU plans in its constitution, laws and 111,000 regulations, it is always the most ruthless dictators that eliminate the likes of Ken Clarke, to seize power themselves.

It happened in France after 1797 and again after 1917, leading to the creation of the soviet state.

Not only do these Tory leaders make unguarded Marxist comments which expose their true feelings, they have links to Marxist organisations.

The Conservative Party set up the EU’s Common Purpose in 1970, the organisation that grew out of the Marxist Demos and Tavistock Institute, and which has already trained 24,000 local and national Government leaders for what they chillingly call the “ post democratic era”.

These are the people who will run the unelected local government when our 48 counties are abolished by the European Regionalisation plan. The 9 EU Regions created (we are the south west region, Area K, Lands End to Cheltenham and Poole, Regional Kontrol – unelected government- in Exeter) will not report to Westminster, which will no longer function, but to Brussels.

Francis Maude’s office admits he is very close to Julia Middleton, the CEO of Common Purpose, a chief engine of Eu subversion inside Britain.

You notice in meetings how Cameron looks to Francis Maude, British signatory to the EU’s Maastricht Treaty in 1992, for direction, and appears to take orders from him. In typical communist style it seems Francis Maude is the real leader of the Conservative party- the Number two generally weilds the real power in Soviet circles.

Maude is also chairman of Cchange, an organisation implementing part of the Frankfurt School’s subversion agenda, summarised as “change for changes sake with no replacement”.

People think that Cameron is changing the Conservative party. To change, you have to destroy the old and bring in the new. If there is nothing new of any substance to change to, you have only destroyed, and the subversion has worked.

It seems clear that Francis Maude, not Cameron, is behind the deliberate and carefully planned destruction of the Conservative Party; the aim is to prevent it from stopping the EU abolishing Britain.


In recent articles we have shown how the Fabians, no matter what party they are in, have continued their planned destruction of our country. The old Conservative party before it was infiltrated by the Fabians was actually protecting the people from the taxation onslaught, but not by being in the Commons. Asquiths lies and treason in 1911 (1911 Parliament Act) did not only remove the Prerogative Assent power from the Monarch (king George Vth) illegally but also destroyed the powers of the Lords.


In 1910 the Fabians Liberal Government in power was trying at that time to bring in to power, crippling taxation bills aimed at the poor and the working class. The Lords were stopping this from happening by vetoing the corrupt laws as they came through. Take modern day as an example of this in the opposite, because of the Lords having their powers removed, this has allowed the majority in the Commons to pass any corrupt tax law they like, with no one to stop them.

The most interesting part of all of this is the fact it was a Conservative Majority in the Lords, which was stopping the dictatorship in the Commons.


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