Brexit Europe

Are you aware of this because if your not, you should be

French Police aux Frontières NOW OPERATE IN ‘DOVER’ since 2004.

When were we the British people asked if we wanted to allow French Police to operate on our soil?

Who decided that or sovereignty should be over ridden by a foreign law and its officers.

All Euro Star trains have at least two seats that take ‘handcuffs’, this is because even if you are in the UK, standing in Kent you can be arrested for breaking French law and taken to France to stand trial.

You will see these foreign law officers as you head for the ticket offices as you must drive past their control barrier where you will see their French police cars and customs cars parked up, yes parked up within the port of Dover.

According to a British customs officer when asked by me what they could do if I just drove through without stopping, he replied they could actually ‘shoot’ you for not stopping.

Who gave foreign police officers the right to carry weapons on British soil and believe that they have the right to gun-down our citizens for driving past them?

The next time I am in Dover I will test their response by asking them to provide me with their authorization to operate on British soil.

Below is a link proving this treasonous state of affairs is in operation.

Tom Linden

Public Defender

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