Chapter 9 – Prophecy of Sion

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“My king, what do you think about the new proposal?” a familiar voice said to the day- dreaming Akhen. Although the voice was familiar, it was not a voice that Akhen was ever pleased to hear. The voice continued to ask, “My king, WHAT do you think of the new proposal?” This time the voice was sterner in its approach and an answer was being demanded; an answer Akhen could not give truthfully at this point, for he knew not of what was being asked of him – in truth he had not been listening. Although he sat there, his mind was in another place. The voice was the voice of the grand master, a bitter and twisted man who went by the name of Annop and who revelled in the pain of others and the power that allowed him to do so. This man was a would-be tyrant, similar to how Akhen once was. At this time he had made it to the highest position he could hold, unless of course he could occupy the position Akhen held – and this was his deepest desire and only desire – and he, like many others, would do anything to satisfy this lust for what he perceived was ultimate power.

Since the court had started, Akhen and Annop were the only ones around the table who had stayed silent. Akhen sat there in a daydream for most of the time – needing to turn off – as he was feeling the need even more to cry out and have his say, but he had promised Nefertiti that he would try to contain his anger and play his part. The trouble was that every time he had to endure this protocol it became harder to contain himself, and he found that if he were asked his opinion – which to be honest was not very often – he would have to hold his tongue and maintain a facade that would not bring attention to how he truly felt inside when answering. Akhen was lying through his teeth to appease the protocol of deception and it was something that Akhen was finding harder to do with each passing second. When he did answer he was closely watched by the grand master, whose eyes never strayed from the king’s face – and the king knew this. He knew Annopwould be studying and watching him for any indication, or reaction, that was against what was being asked of him; against the protocol and indoctrination and all it stood for. Akhen could not answer the question for his mind was spinning and too caught up with the pain that his dreams – whether they be of the night or of the day – brought him. It was a pain that was too much to contend with, knowing not only what he could explain, but being given a knowing he could not explain. A torrent of knowing that showed him what would manifest, and how, and all that had manifested and what it had resulted in. He knew that he, was who, the finger of blame was pointing to; his position being created only for that reason – and he knew that, as long as this was allowed to carry on, the real perpetrators of the people’s slavery would be protected.  

Akhen knew that, in a different time and place, this would happen again with someone else sat where he was, feeling as he did, just as it had happened before. How he knew this he could not explain to anyone, because in truth he could not explain it to himself. He knew of something called the protocols of the elders of zion and he knew it would be based upon a corruption of a prophecy called by a similar name. A prophecy he knew no words of, but he knew it was called the Prophecyof Sion. He knew that he had spoken of this before, but could not for the life of him remember any of it. He knew the families would corrupt this by using the word Zion instead of Sion, being a name they would use in a different time and a different era as a deception. A deception the families could hide behind, allowing another race of people to take the blame for what they had really done and continued to do. The people in question would be acquisitioned by the families by buying them off with the power of wealth and position and, as long as they were happy to accept the blame, they would be given laws that would protect them like no other people would be given. They would even murder thousands of their own people to keep the illusion alive, and use this murder to create a unique law that would prevent their persecution; doing all this to protect the ones who were really responsible; doing all this to quench their own thirst that manifested in the lust for power, control and wealth. But, as Akhen could lay testament to, these people would in fact be more enslaved that anyone else – as he was – as their lust would create permanent prisons which they could not escape from. They would become the most watched, as the families safe-guarded their investments and quelled their ever-increasing paranoia by forever watching over them and using whatever method they could find.

There were many parts to this – well, three in fact – called the trinity, and designed specifically to protect the fourth element – namely; the share holders. This is how they operated and this is how they did business – because, in reality, that is all it was – a business – a corporate command structure based upon a structure known as a pyramid. This structure enabled the one to be maintained by the all – but the one was nothing more than a mascot, with another actually in control – that one being the grand master. The grand master worked in conjunction with the board of masters, whose sole job was to maintain the interests of the families as the sole purpose behind everything they did and implemented. Akhen had realised that another element must be added to the top of the pyramid; a circle of twelve, for this would truly represent what was actually going on and would highlight the fact that the trinity protected the fourth element that hid behind this symbol – a symbol that would represent them for thousands of years to come. All of this was whirring around in Akhen’s mind, driving him to the point of distraction, driving him insane. He had lost where he was, lost where he had been and all the time he was being glared at by Annop who was waiting for an answer and all the time Akhen was trying not to show how restless he was. But the grand master knew that the king was restless, and knew also that there was something very wrong. He had seen a change in the king over the years he had known him, and the reason that the king had given then – that he was not concerned with such trivial matters as laws was, to be certain, wearing thin – the grand master knew this was just an excuse. It hadn’t been so in the first place, but it certainly was now. Akhen had never signed any paperwork, and had only ever given his consent by a nod of agreement and by letters patent – an agreement drawn up on the first occasion that could to be relied upon for all other occasions. This was how insignificant Akhen was during the administration of summary law, and deciding the punishment for violations of this law. The fact remained that Akhen had no control over what was set in place and never had had. It was just a farce; a smoke screen relied upon to create an illusion that simply placed someone upon a pedestal, at whom the finger of blame could be pointed. This was the price that had to be paid by anyone allowed to be in Akhen’s position – a price that many would pay willingly. It was the illusion of a dictatorship of one when, in fact, he was just a mask, a mascot to hide the real engineers of dictatorial rule; a persona playing a part in a horrendous play from which no one could escape – whether they wished release from its grip or not.    

Annop was going to pressure the king for an answer – whether he liked it or not – and would not let up until he got it. He knew that the king was on the edge, and knew that, by applying the right amount of pressure, the king would blow. He had warned the families many times that this was going to occur, and that now was the time to remove Akhenaton; and he had offered himself as a substitute, as a regent, until such time as a new king could be found- one that would concur with all that was being done, and would agree with the reasons for which it was being done. But the families had rejected the idea as they felt this would create more harm than good. Even if Akhen did not know it, he had a following; a very powerful following that sat patiently and waited. They waited for Akhen to do the inevitable, for they knew that one day he would. A secret order that the families had unsuccessfully tried many times to infiltrate, and their ultimate dilemma was the struggle to control them – how could you control what you could not see, touch or hear? Truth be known, they could not control this order in any way and decided the best way to deal with it was to ignore them in denial but, regardless of this fact, this troubled the families – and troubled them deeply. For they felt the eyes of the order all around them, ever-watching, ever-waiting, not hidden but in plain view around them, near them and as much a part of them as they could be, and this led to a very sad existence for the families as they were forced to hide in the shadows. They acted as though they were gods, but in reality they were just flesh and bone; they bled, felt pain and suffered from illness like all flesh and bone. They just portrayed that they did not sufferer these inflictions but, to maintain their safety, they lived in the shadows, for what they portrayed was nothing more than lies. 

Knowing all of this had enraged Annop to the point where he was now going to prove that he could crush this order, but he had no way of doing it. He did not know where to start. As grand master he commanded the armies and, as commander in chief he could – if he so wished – even raise the armies against the families. But he knew such things must be done in stealth. As many of the army’s top commanders were sucked in by the families lies about them being all powerful, and would run back to them, telling tales, to increase their own positions and status and that would also most certainly lead to his own demise if such a thing should happen. But the order was another matter entirely and, if he could do it, he knew that the families would owe him – and the price would be Akhen’s position and nothing less would suffice. This was the only way that he could prove his true worth to the families, modelling himself on the way Akhenaton used to be. He would destroy anyone who got in his way and, if needs be, this would include the families. Annop was a man who would not take no for an answer and had grown tired of this game. He knew that Akhen was weak and, sooner or later, would crumble – and Annop wanted to be there when this excuse for a man met his end and to try, with all his being, to get the position when it became vacant by whatever means he needed to employ. But again the thought would enter his head, “What of the order?” The not knowing drove him to insanity – an insanity that would cost lives, as he would take out his frustration upon servants in any morbid way he could invent. Many had met their deaths at his hands, and not only did this quench the not knowing for a while, but it gave him immense satisfaction to watch another human being suffer – especially at his own hands. He would stand in front of a mirror, covered in another’s blood after satisfying his blood lust, and stare at himself, saying “No one can stop me and that includes this so called order” but he knew, deep down inside, that he was only trying to convince himself and, in reality, he feared the order just as much as the families did, and the last thing he could ever allow to happen was for Akhenaton himself to realise, or find out, that they existed, as this would be the end of everything. Both Annop and the families knew this only too well – what they didn’t realise was that Akhen was very aware of its existence but, like many things he spoke of, he just at this moment could not remember. That memory, however, was soon to come back.

“MY KING!” said Annop impertinently, trying to not be seen to be disrespectful but, at the same time, finding it hard to contain his contempt for this man. This was the third time of asking. The whole room grew silent as Annop pressured the king, but no eyes fell upon Akhen – they would not dare. The only eyes that glared upon Akhen were those of the grand master. The others sat around the table remembering what Akhen had done before to those who spoke to him in such a tone and, as far as they were concerned, nothing had changed and it was not their place to question this king – far from it. Many before had done so and paid the price for their impertinence – and they did not wish to take this dangerous liberty upon themselves. Not with this man, anyway. Most sat there stunned, and were wondering how the grand master dare do this but, at the same time, they dared not stare at Annop either. They just sat there, awkwardly, patiently waiting for the king to answer, or to do what they presumed he would do. Akhen, snapping out of his daydream, felt vulnerable, realising that he had been asked something he could not answer he began to panic, which was to turn to rage. As much as he had promised Nefertiti he would not to do it, he was going to explode. For that instance the confusion had allowed the old Akhen to rear his head. But unlike the old Akhen his outburst would not be one of vengeance upon his assailant, this time it was to be a torrent of the ugly truth that would rock the worlds of all those sat in the room to the core. This moment had been a long time coming, but that had only served to increase the velocity of what was about to be delivered….

All of a sudden Akhen leapt from his chair with such force the chair toppled over and crashed to the floor behind him. For deep down he knew what he had been asked, even though his mind had been in total confusion. Even though Akhen was raging inside he spoke with calmness in his voice that did not match his body language – the two were completely out of sync. His body was reacting to the confusion in his mind and his demeanour was that of an enraged man, but his voice was calm in its preciseness as he spoke slowly….
“So you would like to know if I think that taking children as young as eight to their enslavement in the construction sites and ultimately their deaths is agreeable?” and “You would like my agreement to say that this would be satisfactory.” Akhen was now leaning across the table upon his knuckles that were pressed hard into the table top….
“So this is what you ask of me this day?” Akhen concluded, directing his answer at the grand master and no one else. Annop was shocked at Akhen’s actions and words even, though he had expected this for a long time – he did not expect this outburst today that had taken him by surprise. What worried the grand master as well was the fact Akhen spoke so calmly, even though it was quite evident that his body language said nothing of the sort – this was most certainly the calm before the storm. And this was something Annop did not expect, because he deemed Akhen weak. He believed the king would be a quivering wreck at the mercy of his own emotions; he was the last one to think that the old king was still present in this wreck of a man who stood before him calmly enraged. Annop did not stand and just answered the king with a politeness that he was very reluctant to do, he wanted to rage back, but he was very unsure of where this was going and decided he would play it cool for a while and let the king have enough rope to hang himself….
“Yes my king that was the question?” Annop said staring directly into the king’s eyes as he answered.
But Annop was not being as clever as he thought he was as Akhen knew exactly what he was doing and answered the question he had been asked.
“My answer is NO! This will not be agreeable under any circumstances”. Akhen’s voice was still calm but was starting to elevate with sternness in its tone that was only to increase the more he continued. “And when you speak to me, at any time, bow your head grand master let you not forget your place or who you are speaking too.”

Akhen knew the game the grand master was playing. He also knew that this could be reversed. For as much as the grand master thought he knew about Akhen, he himself knew a lot about the grand master. Akhen realised the grand master himself was on the verge of exploding and truth be known this was a battle of the ego’s and nothing more, a battle that Annop had wanted for a very long time. But Annop had always presumed the king would end up a quivering wreck at the table and never imagined that the king would do as he was now – even though it seemed Akhen was playing into the grand masters hands. Akhen knew that Annop would underestimate him, because he knew that the grand master saw him as a weak man and through this, the grand master would fall into a pit of un-security dug by himself through his own arrogance – but the grand master had many secrets and Akhen knew them. He had known for quite a while that Annop wanted his position, a fact the grand master could not hide. It was obvious and written all over his face and he did not do himself any favours, because his actions told the same tale – he could not hide the fact, and his impatience only made it more obvious.

Even though the king seemed to be playing into his hands, Annop was still very concerned, because he knew he would struggle to keep his own ego in check. To explode in front of the masters and rage back would cause a back lash. He knew that, granted, the masters knew a lot, but there were still things they were not privileged enough to know. This situation, if not handled properly, could cause a lot of damage and things could be said that, by all accounts, could cause un-reversible consequences – and this was something the families would not be happy about and Annop knew he would suffer the brunt of their anger. Annop was realising that Akhenaten actually had him over a barrel and that what he had presumed in the first instance was not at all accurate. As much as he resented doing so he would have to submit to the kings wishes if he was to defuse the situation, but there was no telling how far Akhenaten would go. Even in Akhenaten’s simply refusal of the new proposal, was the evidence that something was wrong being presented to the masters, and in a way they could not ignore. The king had always agreed and never refused whatever proposal he had been presented with, but on this day he was doing exactly that. The masters would never cross the king, but at the same time nor would they cross swords with the grand master. The families knew this and knew that this provided an excellent way of controlling the masters outside of the control of the grand master. As long as they feared both elements, both king and grand master, the families knew that they would fear them even more – for the masters knew that the families controlled both elements, which controlled them. Even though it was presumed that the grand master was the commander in chief of all the armies, this was nothing more than a deception, as they would never allow one man to have so much power. The grand masters job was to keep the temple in check to make sure the wishes of the families were always maintained, including the controlling of Nefertiti. And even though he gave the army there orders, it was always what the families wished for the armies to do and nothing more. Annop himself was not aware of any of this, too caught up in his own delusion of grandeur to realise that the families would never trust one man so much. Annop was simply a pawn, as Akhenaten was, bought for a price and that price was called, lust.

Annop now sat with his head bowed, as all the masters did. Akhen still stood pressing his knuckles into the table top, his body still slightly showing the effects of the rage that roared in him, but his voice was still calm as he spoke.
“Now I have your undivided attention I wish to speak and you will listen. You come this day with a proposal that means nothing to you in its true sense. You do not even hear the words you speak or what you ask me for. Has all humanity been sucked from you by payment of nothing more than position? Do you not realise what immorality you asked of me this day?”
As Akhen uttered these words Annop stood abruptly and butted in. With no protocols at all Annopstarted to try a silence the king….
“Akhenaten you are crossing a fine line now. Let us dismiss the masters and carry this on in ‘private’….” But before Annop could finish Akhenaten cut in, and not so politely….
“SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET PRIEST.” Akhen said with a force in his voice that the others knew you should never trifle with.
“I will be heard and you will not interrupt again, for if you do it will be the last time you ever do.”
Annop replied with anger as rage over took him and he feel into the trap his own mind had laid for him.
“How dare you talk to me this way you excuse for a man? You are NOTHING.” He shouted “You make no decisions, your job is just to agree, to sit there and not be heard.” Annop said. He had waited for this day for so long and at this moment had no concern for the consequences that he would suffer for this outburst. The masters sat there completely dumfounded, not knowing whether to leave or stay. But there worries were only just beginning.

“GUARDS.” Akhen shouted as he left the table and walked towards the doors.
“Yes you call the guards and we shall see who they listen too.” Annop said as he raised himself to his feet. He too was walking towards Akhen and the doorway where the guards would enter the room. Whilst this was all going on the masters still sat at the table not knowing what to do or say, uttering no words to each other, only exchanging puzzled looks. An occurrence like this had never happened before, so no one in the room quite knew how to react and that included Annop and Akhen. No pharaoh had ever done this, not to this extent anyway. Granted a few had demonstrated their dislike to certain rules pertaining to themselves and their lives, but never had a pharaoh called the palace guard upon a grand master, and what the masters and the grand master himself were wondering was, what exactly was the king going to ask the guards to do. Truth be known it wasn’t just Annop who had waited for this day, Akhenaten had waited as well, biting his tongue for too many years something he was no longer prepared to do, and on this day he was going to have his say, and nothing upon this earth was going to stop him.