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Commercial Remedy! The Beginning!

Hi all TPUC readers! as you know, if you are already reading this site, you are already aware that something is terribly wrong with the “system”.

You may also be aware that behind the scenes of TPUC people have been working very hard indeed learning what is needed to start helping you in your woes.

We have spent hours and hours in deep research, we have spent lots of fiat currency finding the latest information and learning from the very  best minds in this field. We are pleased to announce that we have visited three amazing individuals whom have opened our eyes to the truth of things.

We have been promising you the Commercial Remedy to help you regain control of you control of your legal fiction, to access your bond and to offset what is being asked of you using nothing short of coporate fraud!!

We have been blessed to meet these poeple and have had an intensive course with them and are now begining to role out the information. You will not be charged for this information, we are here to spread the word and spread the freedoms you rightly expect and are rightfuly yours!

We have created the TPUC commercial redemtion forum where the information will be rolled out. I must however WARN you, this is a dangerous game for you if played wrong, we have seen via our mentors the pitfalls that exist and so it is our STRONGEST recomendation that you take one of the seminars yourself.

These amazing people have invested years of their lives and blood sweat and tears in courts to bring you this information, there is a small  fee payable to attend the seminar, this is a cost covering exercise and it is value beyond your wildest expectations. We do not recommed you move beyond securing your bond without having done one of the seminars, the pitfals they discribe if not used correctly will be your total undoing.

I would and will pay the seminar cost again just to be in the company of these guys and their back up team, it was and is an honour to have been taught by them. I thank you (A) (D) and (V) plus the two (J)’s and the (P) for your enlightenment.

Register yourselves on the forum and we will be rolling out what you have all been waiting for! NB: ALL INFORMATION ON THE FORUM IS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE (or we would be criminals like them really lol)


Take care my friends, Guy Euden

P.S if you are sensible you will do the course, my brain hurts, these guys arnt kidding around they are brilliant and deserve our support, they are the UK spearhead.

if you want to attend a course contact me [email protected] and I will forward your information to them.

To meet their strict entry requirements you must already be, if you like enlightened to the likes of
Winston Shrout and others, that way when you get there it wont be so much of an absolute shock to your system!

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