Commercial Law

Convicted of MURDER! what are you actually going to prison for?

You have read the INTRO, you know what this is about, you want to have some understanding as to why the so called “JUSTICE SYSTEM” is tilted towards making COMMERCIAL CRIME the hardest punished while moral crimes are…. well secondary.


Commercial crime is all they are really interested in! they want you to believe it isnt, they want to hide it from you that they care for £££££££££ more than your life!!!

The answer to how and why is already in this article, staring you in the face!
Commercial Crime/Commerce/Commercial Court!
yes it is that simple, your life has a set £££ value to them, and that value is reasonably high as after all your taxes and labour are worth a fortune over your life expectancy!

So what is it that a MURDERER actually gets punished for when he “goes down”
Its not for terminating a natural living soul of god, god can deal with that when he is ready!
No its the premature ending of that persons ability to be TAXED! and so the MURDERER puts the system all out of tilt. they now have to issue a death certificate effectivly cashing in their chips on his bond, but lets not forget the fraudulent banking system, I mean they are now using a dead “Persons” (legal entity’s) signature to make money, they cant do that…. OH NO, well I supose the ending of the bond is worth a few pounds so its not all bad!!!

But! you look at some of the high profile robberies, they recieved huge sentences! why? after all many of them didnt hurt a single soul! hmmmm but they did take from commerce… and this cannot be encouraged!!

You think about it, not many of us would willingly take a fellow human beings life, but not many of us would, if desperate enough, think twice about knocking over an armoured car etc… after all if needs must and nobody gets hurt, thats ok isnt it?!

We have a distinct differences in our priorities and its is this that gives us morals, killing another is not so easy to undertake, but taking of funds “bits of paper” to feed your family when in dire need, well whats the harm in it?

The people who role the daily dice of your lives think their is harm in it! after all its proberbly their money, or its their fraudulant earnings from the sweat off your brow and who the hell do you think you are taking it back!!

The point I am trying to make here is not actually that the fraud exists, WE KNOW IT DOES, I want you to understand that EVERYTHING has a value attached to it according to the crooked banksters, and when you think your breaking moral law, you may well be in your eyes and heart, but that sure the hell isnt what you actually being put into the greay bar hotel for!!

This is why you must arm yourselves with commercial know how.
Guy Euden

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