Dead Beat Dads Association take on the corrupt CSA and the corrupt Magistrates

As some of you know Deadbeatdad and Tigereyes are the managers of an association called Dead Beat Dads, we help fight the corruption, the scams of the CSA and how they collude with the Magistrates in order to illegally put Liability Orders upon those fathers who are already paying.

We sometimes attend court cases and represent fathers as Mckenzie friends which we have had a lot of fun with. In the past we have dealt with cases using Statute Policy because we were not aware of Common Law at the time, so for the first time on the 19th June 2009 we attended a court case upon request of somebody who joined us looking for help, only this time we tried the Sovereign way. It turned out very interesting and proved the justice system is only there to make money and the magistrates think they are above the law, in other words a true quango court.

Before we carry on we must point out that this so called PENNINE MAGISTRATE COURT is nothing more than a Company under its ultimate parent Company the Ministry of Justice, set in an old Victorian type school with a small playground between where you book in and where the waiting room was. We met this father outside the court and we all head in to book in, this was where the fun began. An Usher asked me for my name, so I responded I am a McKenzie friend here to represent the third party agent known as John of the Smith Family. The Usher looked confused and stated that they have to have my name otherwise I will not be allowed into the court room. I responded by saying that they cannot stop me going in as it is a public court, again she looked confused but then stated that we had to go over to the waiting room, so across the play yard we trundles and into a big room where a Mitie security guard was waiting. He said what is your name so I replied I am a representative interested in the third party agent known as John Smith, so he said I need your name sir, so I said you can refer to me as Maurice, would that be MR Maurice I said no just Maurice will do and you can refer to my client as John of the Smith family.

I must admit it was funny seeing him writing this down, so we waited for the Court Presenting Officer to come in, late as usual so in he comes and he calls in John so we followed him in to this little room

This recording is when we were asked to go into a little room to have a conversation with the Court Presenting Officer who works for the Child Support Agency, what these monkeys do is the same as the council tax officers prior to going into court, they get you to admit to the liability before going into court, sneaky don’t you think. How do they do this, well they tell you that you have so much outstanding and can you make a payment no matter how small using a credit or debit card. Once you agree to make a payment then you have admitted the liability and you have committed yourself leaving the CSA an easy job in the court getting the order.

However, due to Dead Beat Dads being aware of this corruption and the secret so called family law court system we decided to record this idiot. He is a regular from the Accrington branch and was fishing with Tigereyes in court last year trying to find out what we knew about the CSA. Listen to how defensive he gets when we quote THE LAW, COMMON LAW, illustrate that the CSA and the courts are a company, oh now he refuses to answer our questions. Take notice of how he admits that the case in a done and dusted case when we mentioned about overriding the Magistrate and proving that both systems are an organization, he tells me to crack on.

So after a short wait we are told to go back across to the main school building and wait outside court room three, or class room three, whilst we are waiting the CPO comes in with a face like thunder and goes into the court room, he is in there about fifteen minutes when John our client is called in. We must state that John was a very nervous guy and we tried to tell him what to say but nerves made him stammer and get flustered which the Magistrates picked up and tried to lace into him. The Clerk tells him to stand behind me and orders me to sit down, I responded by telling John to stand beside me and I remained standing, I am asked for my name to which I respond “the bench may address me as maurice”, so they say Mr Maurice, “no I said just maurice Mr is a corporation, do I look like a corporation to you”?  “I am a McKenzie friend for the third part agent known as John Smith.” The clerk then starts with John, NAME PLEASE, john responds with john of the smith family, they all gave out a big sigh and said pardon, john is all flustered again and they try to start on him you are John lennon Smith aren’t you, again he kept his head and said no I am john of the smith family. They told him to sit down so I looked at him and shook my head, I had informed him before hand not to do as the courts instruct him to. We both sit down together and again they start to lace into john, you are here today because the child support agency are seeking a Liability Order for non payment of Child Support arrears for the sum of £6582, do you oppose the order, I nodded my head and john replies I do oppose it so they ask him why. John lost it he was stammering all flustered and started to tell the Magistrate he was sorry he wasn’t feeling too well and is very nervous. They then try to put words into his mouth, “oh so you didn’t pay the arrears as you were unwell?”

They were not adhering to their regulations set out in their Judicial Study Board regulations so I thought I would bring in some of our own regulations. I asked the court if it was a court of record the response from the clerk was no it is not and we do not have to record it, I thought I would use this to our advantage plus the fact there were only two Magistrates there so I shouted out “may I ask if you have sworn an oath of Office?” they respond with “erm errr yes we have” I asked them if it was in the court room “ No it is not “ I ask them if they would swear their oath to which they both refused and smiled at me so I asked  them to step down as they have no authority to be on the bench, again they refused and stated never have they had such a question asked and they swore an oath of office twenty five years ago, again I stated that seeing as we are in some sort of make shift court which used to be an old school, no crown crest nothing to represent the company trading as the Magistrates Court we have reason to believe that you are impersonating an official and a Magistrate please step down from the bench, again they refused. I informed them they cannot speak as they have been dismissed.


You could see them getting very irate but knowing I was right made them carry on with the case, so they ask the CPO to say why John owes these arrears, so he reels off the Child Support Act 1991 to which I respond with “did you say child support act 1991, may I remind you that is a Statute law,” the clerk interrupts me and states, it is a statute legislation to which I interrupt with “ thank you for confirming that it is just a Legislation, which will fall in line with Blacks Law that states Statute Law a legislative rule of society given the force of law by consent of the governed. Would the Court Presenting Officer working for the run for profit company please provide proof of claim that consent has been given by John of the Smith family” They refused and stated that they cannot question how the CSA calculate their assessment, I stated that he is guilty and cannot prove his innocence, all because of Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead passing a law and ordering magistrates to proceed with the case as though the CSA have acted according to the law. I asked them to provide proof of claim that they have authority to breach our constitutional rights and get away with it. I then proceeded to issue the clerk, the magistrates and the CPO copies from Dunn and Bradstreet illustrating that the Pennine Magistrate, The Ministry Of Justice and the Child Support Agency are a company, they laughed and said we are an authority, so I threw a copy of the report from Dunn and Bradstreet showing the MOJ with the CCJ registered against them and I asked them to now back up their claim they are now an authority, we were met with silence, I stated that you are nothing more than a business simply out to unlawfully take money from fathers and to deliberately drive those already paying fathers into poverty.

I must state at this point I was in full flow and I was enjoying taking control of the court room; however the magistrate stated that proof has been provided that John owes this money and they grant the order for £6582. I asked the magistrate who gave them authority to exceed their jurisdiction as they can only deal with amounts up to £5000, again they ignored me and then the clerk said you can leave the court room, john got up to go and pulled him back down again, I asked the two magistrates what their names were to which they stated we are not giving you our names, so I asked John to ask them to which they stated Lyn and Sue. I asked them for their surnames but they said we are not giving you our surnames. the clerk then told me to leave, I informed her that I will leave when I am good and ready, she went to phone security so I stated “ I wouldn’t do that if I were you because number one I will demand the police turn up and I have these two people here arrested for impersonating  officials as they have no oath of office in this room in fact I dare say there will be no oath of office in this building and number two I threw a copy of my second affidavit to them and illustrated how the Police nor they have any authority over me. The clerk then stated that they had other business to deal with, so I stated “ so you admit you are a business then, I continued to put my paperwork away and then nodded to John our business is finished here we are now leaving this court room.

When we came out John carried on walking but because it was such a small building I sort of put my ear to the door to see what they were saying, and they were taking the mick stating I was wondering what he was doing passing that piece of paper and what was he doing asking us those questions, the CPO called me a tit, I had to laugh.

So john asked what can he do next as he thought he was stitched up, but we are going to use the proof of claim on the courts now and use the estoppels method which we know definitely works

Tigereyes and Deadbeatdad

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