Dead Beat Dads try the name game in the Scottish Court

We find this is all too apparent as fathers know that assessments are incorrect or that inccorrect personal information is held about them but the CSA never update records and rarely input the correct information onto systems! So we end up with fathers burying their heads in the sands and accepting whatever the CSA dish out to them.

We were asked to attend this hearing in a Sheriff court at 10am in the morning so after checking train time tables we awoke at 4 am caught the train at 4.45, then the connector into Glasgow Central, where we were to be met. We reached Glasgow Central at 9.20 and were relieved that the actual Sheriff court was only a few miles outside of Glasgow as time was getting of the essence. The gentelman in question whom we shall name as Craig, met us and we began to explain the process of what we wanted him to do,bearing in mind we had just a week to check up on Scottish law and the Sheriff court system and explain to him what Common Law is and give a brief synopsis of what he should say in court.

He was nervous, rightly so, and we were wondering what we would find. When we reached the court upon going up the front steps Tigereyes catched sight of the brass nameplate on the wall, it said “Criminal and Civil Sheriff Court”. We went inside and there was a queue for booking in so we went in the queue and waited. After having booked in we were told what court the case would be heard in and we went up the stairs and waited outside whilst briefing Craig again on what to say.

After some half an hour what we presume to be an usher came out and instructed all those for court 8 were to go inside and be seated so in we went. We all sat at the back of the room and Tigereyes noticed that there were a few people sat in front but it was mainly solicitors and law students, which we have found to be the case up there.

Describing the layout for you, there is always a big bench, this is where the Sheriff sits, in front of that is a smaller one, this is where we assume it’s a legal advisor, sits,and in front of that are always desks in a semi circle where all of the solicitors sit. There are then chairs in front of all of that where the public sit and anymore solicitors who couldn’t get a seat around the semi circle!

After a few minutes the smae usher who asked us all to go into the court room came through the door and asked the court to rise, we all, Craig Deadbeatdad, Tigereyes and Craigs partner, remained seated , the usher almost blew a gasket. He came over to us at the very back and targeted Deadbeatdad by saying that “ when the court asks you to rise, you rise”, Deadbeats response was, “ under who’s authority or jurisdiction?” the usher was taken aback at this and had to look to the Sheriff then back to Deadbeatdad and said,” the court requires you to rise whan asked”.

Now we had done our homework on the court in question and discovered that Paisley Sheriff court is actually registered on D & B as Renfrewenshire Council and that Scottish Parliament is also a company on D & B, so Deadbeat replied, “ we do not rise for a registered company, we do not have to, this court is listed as a run for profit organisation” The ushers response was simply to say he was going to inform the Sheriff of what had been said and he promptly did, unfortunate for him, she dismissed this with a wave of her hand and by saying she had court business to attend to!!

So a few cases were dealt with, mainly by the solicitor for the plaintiff etc and the defendants not being present. Then it was Craig’s turn, he was called up to the front, we explained where he should stand and he said to the sheriff that he was Craig who was an interested party for the name she had called. She looked surprised, she repeated herself and asked if he was the defendant and he made the same response. She looked to the CSA’s solicitor and asked him a few questions, then asked again if the defendant was anywhere in the court room, all remained silent. She approached Craig again and asked if he was the person ( defendant’s name ) and again he said he was an interested party named Craig. She then motioned him to sit down and stated that as she wasn’t satisfied that the person was anywhere in the court room she would continue with her other cases.

This she did and then she called the defendants name again, this time Craig sat and didn’t rise, she stated that she was there to hear a case for committal and she would have no alternative but to use her standing to grant this and issue a warrant, at this point Tigereyes asked Craig to go and stand at the front again, she asked him again if he was the defendant and this time he replied that he was J of the B family, she fell silent, we all sat with baited breath, then she asked him a curious question which was, did he have any form of indentification on him to which he replied he only had a paper driver’s licence with him. She then stated that she would call the case later and we got up and walked out of the court room.

Now up to this point Tigereyes was watching the reactions of all those present in the room, and some of the law students and solicitors were smirking at the events. When we came out of the room and were stood in the passage way, one of those that smirked came out and went down the stairs. I pointed out that he was one of the ones that had been smirking throughout so Craig tackled him when he came back up.

He asked him if he had found it amusing what had happened in the court room and his response was simply to state that she was the worst Sheriff and he didn’t want to pee her off as she had been known to send folk down to the cells just for back chatting her!!!! We then responded by giving him a lesson on what Common Law was and the CSA being corrupt etc,we showed him proof of the Dunn and Bradstreet stuff about the Scottish parliament and the court we were in, and he said that everyone knew that the CSA were a company AND an authority!!!! We then asked how could they be both? His response was that parliament made it so! We then told him to watch this space when we were called back in and he just smirked and went back into the court room.

After lunch at approximately 1.30 we were called back in and we sat down. The sheriff then asked if the defendant was in the room, Craig remained silent and didn’t move, she repeated the question and then stated that as she couldn’t be satisfied that the defendant was present or not she had no alternative but to adjourn the case and set it for retrial which was decided to be the end of July.

At this point we all got up and left, Craig was relieved that he was still a free man and he was questioning us both a lot when we got out of the building! We then explained that he had to get his proof of claim in to the court and one to the CSA and not to attend the July hearing as he would most likely hear that it had been dismissed! ( fingers crossed) as this has happened to one of our members in Sheffield just recently after sending in his proof of claims to the court and to the CSA.

We then were taken for lunch and he was still climbing down and couldn’t believe he was still a free man as he was expecting to be locked up. We have since furnished him with his proof of claims, and yes, we checked that it all applied up in Scotland, and Craig has decided to research his own laws and become an Area Rep for others fathers in Scotland.

We got a result, we all felt intimidated at first but we helped him to stand his ground and not be dictated to, we proved that they need your name to contract and without it they are lost. Thanks to all that we have discovered and been furnished with ,and the talks we have had with various good humans we have been putting into practise what we have been told and it is giving us the opening doors to fight this corrupt corner of the government, may the discoveries continue and may common sense and law prevail, and may we help those that so desperately need it at times and feel that they are in the depths of despair with nowhere or no one to turn to, Deadbeatdads would like to thank those of you that have given that valuable information and have helped in the battle to push the truth out there, you know who you are!!

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