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I suppose the first question we should ask ourselves is a very simple, but vital one. The question simply is ‘do we need new order of the world’? Again I suppose many would answer yes and equally many would answer no. And to be fair they are all entitled to their opinions, well if they have title that is! …. ;) Many would suggest of course that those without title have no say in the running of society and again many would suggest title is not needed and nor is society in the structure we now find it! Or is it the truth, or at least under the subjective truth it is presented by, it fails by living up to its true definition. A definition never spoken of, except by those who fully understand the implications of such a meaning and what those implications could lead to by being known in entirety. Do the believers of  ‘you must first destroy before you can create’ really want to try that shoe on, as they may find it very uncomfortable to walk in? But in essence what they suggest must be performed and acted out and whichever way the coin falls, it is obvious it will be as there is no other choice!

How far off tangent can you be drawn when talking of such subjects?

Many suggest that the very mention of NWO is a very damning eventuality for humanity on whole and I would tend to agree with them in one context, but NWO is only one side of the story. The other side has a very much-welcomed outcome. This story, as many, has two very different conclusions as the title of this article suggests, but seem to rely on the similar happenings. And I feel now that this is the time to explain how I see this. But before I continue please accept that this is nothing more than an idea re-laid in article form and certainly is nothing more.

When looking at the title it could be quite easily assumed that both are in fact one and the same. I suppose in some way you are correct in that assumption. But for now consider this, which will help a little to separate the definitions. NWO suggests that the ‘world’ will have a new order, whereas NOW suggests that there will be a new order of the world. I can hear you asking yourself what difference can there be as they both suggest the same thing and on first appearance you’re not wrong. What is different between these two definitions is the outcome and that to be honest is all that matters. Some might say, as a for instance that it is not our actions that are at fault it is the intent behind those actions. Sometimes a mum or dad might say ‘this is going to hurt me more than it does you’ and to the lesser extreme they mean exactly the same. Both can be seen as detrimental to the receiving party, but also they could very much benefit the receiving party depending on the context of the intentions implied.

So what is NWO by definition?

Too many across the world NWO is the removal and subjugation of human beings rights to a one world wide political regime, a one world government. This would result in one currency, army, police, education, law, and religion, basically one set of rules for all from one central point. In effect a one-world democracy in its true sense still based on non – representation via myth of representation, the obvious nepotism (that is overlooked and ignored by many) and of course the socially dominant doing even less to have everything, which is stolen (from what is deemed as the lower classes) via the myth that is status. So basically nothing really changes, bar everything is shuffled under one umbrella for convenience.

In reality each individual country becomes a sector of a unified federation under the one world government completely loosing its identity, law and religious structure. Its identity would be consumed by federation conformity, its foundation of law would be re-established under federation policies and any religion/s would be unbrellaed under a form of inter faith – a kind of religious merger. In entirety any one failing to comply with the federation rules or guide lines, as they would be first known, would suffer the punishment the federation deem appropriate. In essence a political lock down of the world, where wealthy corporations will force-feed the world their merchandise by political means, by controlling world politics. Nothing-new there then!

By now I am sure you get my point. I could go on to elaborate on some of the more heinous suggestions regarding what could be done, with the slant ‘what will be done’ as it is sold on the net – by individuals or ‘fear mongers’ who’s names I am sure I need not to mention. And I mean that sincerely and not as a joke, as many of you out there truly believe the final stages of an Orwellian state are upon us including a martial law situation. Which, I might mention, is all that is needed and could have quite easily started as the police are already classed legally as an ‘armed force’ and have been for some time. So an element of what you are being told seems to be true and I feel the rest, well lets put it this way, is being sold on that truth whether it be true or not. Want a hint of what to look for? Go look for the ‘commercial pitch’ where the legal delivery is made by the pitcher! As a pit or a pitcher in this context, really only serve one purpose, do they not and that purpose is ‘entrapment’. So go see who has been entrapped and you will have your answer. And what have they been trapped by? Well really that should be obvious, but if it isn’t, then quite simply look for commercialism on mass scale and you truly will have your answer.

So what is NOW by definition?

Well NOW is as it describes NOW! In essence it relies on the same process as above, but for very different reasons. Its counter part is to continue slavery through legal means, whereas NOW is about the opposite (to coin a phase by William Wallace) Freedom – a truly scary thought for some. Again as its counter part NOW works on three simple principles, but there is a subtle difference.
1.     Spread the ideology

2.     Create the receptors for the ideology

3.     Destroy all that has gone before, but only ‘what’ is not needed

So as you can see the modus is very simple and describes the method that all ruling systems have used to control the believers in the power of such systems. What should stand out at the forefront of using this process is religion! That uses story form/allegory to spread its ideas, which is their pitch! The subtle difference between the two is simply in item three. The NOW modus reads ‘Destroy all that has gone before permanently’ and this is the simple key that unlocks humanities need to revisit the past and live NOW. By preventing future generations from doing what we have done, projecting humanity in a place it has never been before, a place free from the limitations created by past events. Not to use projections and past events to base future happenings on, but to be projected into the happenings of NOW to create extreme reversal to ‘now, right this minute’. For I am talking to you from the ‘past’ right this minute, but you are reading this ‘now’ a very powerful element is the ‘past’. Imagine everything in the past was forgotten even just for one second and you create what some might call Heaven! And if experienced for even just one second, would we not need to experience it again? An ideology could be created that would not allow the past to dictate the outcome of future events and would allow the use of the past to eradicate the past, by using it against itself. Use the past to highlight one very important idea that has been forgotten which eradicates all others as it suggests their eradication. And please remember I am telling you this idea from the past to you right ‘now’. So an ideology starts its journey creating the receptors for the ideology destroying ‘all’ that has gone before.

It is quite evident that ideas live forever through history, as religion must have been an idea once upon a time! Spread predominately by word and mouth. You could repeat my words from the past on the most powerful medium known to man, the WEB and of course by mouth. A web it is said only serves the needs of the spider that spun it, but what is forgotten is it also serves the needs of another spider! Have you ever considered this – why not consider it now for a moment? And when you have considered that consider this, how many ideas have spread via the spoken word?

NOW is about a new order of the world that one day will eventually allow us to live in the solitude of right this minute by allowing us to leave the past where it is, in the past – to finally remove its infliction on humanity and allow humanity to become humane again. A kingdom of benevolence some might say a ‘new order of the world’ created by a simple idea that has been around forever.   x

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