Failing to notify the DVLA of a change of keeper

I received a letter from the DVLA on the 01/09/08 ordering me to pay a fine of £55.00 for the alleged offence of ‘Failing to notify the DVLA of a change of keeper’, (interesting use of terminology don’t you think? ‘Keeper’ and not ‘owner’ are quite clearly and completely two different things, and as our vehicles have been ‘Registered’ with the DVLA (an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Transport), by us, we have effectively handed over our legal title (vehicle ownership) to the government…we are just paying them to allow us to look after it, maintain it and borrow it from them and within their framework of rules and regulations.

As you can see from the reply I sent back to the DVLA, they didn’t quite get the reply they were expecting or used to getting! I asked questions (negotiating and discussing the offer of contract) and made sure that they were politely and precisely informed that I did NOT want to contract with them. And I am sure that you will find their reply most interesting. Not only does it show the almost laughable, highly cunning yet pathetically immoral nature of our legal, political, and ultimately (and maybe even that’s questionable?) banking systems, it also highlights how low we have allowed our consciousness to go. If just the undertones of common law and the all controlling, corrupt banking systems are realised, it raises consciousness as suddenly the deception starts to lift, and the fear starts to evaporate.

We have all been deceived very cleverly with words; smokescreens and bullying based orders and demands. Even most lawyers, barristers, police officers, enforcement agents and the vast majority of government agents haven’t got a clue that they too are also being deceived, along with their families. It is worth bearing in mind that we are all government agents, as this happened when our parents/guardians were tricked into handing our labour-worth over to the government during the submitting of the Birth Registration. Remember you were born, not birthed. Ships birth, not humans. Admiralty/commercial law again! By submitting the registration for birth, we are basically and legally speaking handing over our property (children, cars, houses etc), will and decision making ability to the government. See Guy Euden’s piece for more clarification of this, and do yourself one of the biggest favours you could do and download Mary Elizabeth Croft’s FREE pdf book, that explains so much and so well regarding the level of deception.

Humans are precious, no more precious than any other thing that exists, but yet that still leaves us being as precious as everything that exists. And so that means you! Once that concept is realised and accepted their control will start to tumble…as it already is. For those searching for true inner freedom, I strongly urge you to get hold of ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I have attached the links for Mary Elizabeth Croft’s free book, as well as her blog site and a link for more info at; http://thetruthwillout.com/common_law.html

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