For the last two years HM Revenues & Customs have been trying to make me bankrupt

For the last two years HM Revenues & Customs have been trying to make me bankrupt for the some of little over £43,000.00 and of course the interest. This all goes back to 2001 and after repeated attempts by the HMRC to collect money from me for this UNLAWFUL TAX, they finally decided to try and bankrupt with two separate petitions to the high court – this is an update on this saga.

In my first round with HMRC I used the little known 1848 Felony Treason Act saying to them it is unlawful for me to give aid and support to traitors of the Crown, which the 1848 FTA quite clearly states. Unbeknown to me at that time there is in fact two Crowns in this country and the 1848 FTA actually talks of a Crown that is not the one represented by Elizabeth II on behalf of the people. This crown is a representation of a Corporation namely the ‘city of London’. Now I do not want to get bogged down in this issue now as we have just discovered some amazing information regarding this entity and will be publishing it very soon.

Needless to say this held them off for quite sometime and I even had money credited back to me I had never paid, but all in all I still remained income tax payment free and still do. After a few years they got a bit uppity and started to threaten me with bankruptcy. After numerous visits that resulted in nothing whatsoever on their behalf being achieved they moved onto round two.

Round two started with letters coming stating they were going to make me bankrupt and would I accept this fact. They got sent back saying “NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER” put back in the post box with no stamp and it turns out they have to pay the £1.30 postage cost. Of course me being me said in a phone conversation with them “no, I would like to decline your offer on the grounds of how can you make me bankrupt from a bankrupt company” followed by “please may I have your name and position as you now are implicit to fraud”. Which was generally met with a dial tone as the phone was put down rather quickly. Making me bankrupt or not means absolutely nothing to me either way and I actually consider this to be some sort of joke on their behalf considering what I know now and the fact they are trying. What they have tried to use against me is ‘scare tactics’, ‘fear’ and of course a presumed assumption on their behalf that I am ignorant of any/all LEGAL processes in relation to what they are trying to force upon the PERSONALITY attached to me.

About six months ago they tried on numerous occasions to serve papers on me. One lady chucked them in the door saying “served”. To which I just laughed and said “sorry, you know you cannot do that, better luck next time”. This went on for a few weeks with numerous visits by numerous people including a courier company trying to get me to accept this documentation. Then one morning came a knock on the door and I was greeted by the postman with a package for me asking me to sign for it. I had forgotten all about the issue with HMRC and because I do get paperwork from members and other people sent through the post I accepted it and signed for it. On opening the package I was greeted with a letter from the high court in the strand describing a special court order that had been sort by solicitors ACTING on behalf of HMRC, which was to force me to receive this bankruptcy petition through the post by recorded delivery. Sorry they cannot do that and I don’t know who these people think they are to even consider trying to do such a thing; do they believe they above all LEGAL procedure and they can make this up as they go along? Subsequently it got sent back to the high court at the strand saying yet again “NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER” and guesses to who paid the postage? I can tell you it was not ME!

Because of resent events in my life and my delusion of grandeur I have not been STAYING at the address HMRC have for me and have not received anything from them in the last few months even though I was not there. After coming to my senses and realising my job is one of service to the people and in being a servant you must have ‘loyalty’ to those you serve, I realized a big lesson I needed to learn the one of ‘loyalty’. How can I serve my family if I do not have any loyalty to my family and all those around me? This issue is now rectified and I now fully understand the position of being a servant to my family and the people I belong too.

I have been staying back with my family for little over a week now and not two days ago two letters arrive in plain white envelopes; one recorded and one not. The recorded letter was signed for and I opened both letters to be greeted with the same letter this time saying I must accept the bankruptcy petition via; one recorded letter and one not recorded. I have produced images of the letter and the recorded delivery envelope both back and front as there is no sender information on the back of the envelope which I have always had to do; so the question begs – why does HMRC not have to do this? It also may only be a coincidence but it seems funny that absolutely no communication has come from HMRC in the past months, then I happen to be back staying with my family and these letters turn up literally days after my return– weird!

I have stated to these people many times that I am in ‘Lawful Rebellion’ and in being so I will never hand over a penny to these people no matter what. In doing what they are doing, they only prove that they are willing to go to any lengths to try and make me PAY, using methods that prove they believe themselves as many other ‘public servants’ to be – above even their own corrupt legislation. I do this now as I have stated before more for the ‘giggle’ factor, I do this to show this can be done and I now laugh at their letters as the ‘spell’ they had over me is broken.


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