Hi to you all,

I would like to wish you all the best and may I say that this is a goodbye for good, which is long over due. TPUC main site is now re-directed and the Forum is in Ben’s control and has absolutely nothing to do with me. All I have ever wanted to say is in my book Memoirs of the AntiChrist.

If I had my time over I would never have got on that stage in Stoke and done ‘it’s and illusion’ as it turned me into a self obsessed monster and not only did I nearly destroy the love of my life, I nearly destroyed my family with my selfishness, delusions of grandeur and thinking I am something special.

I have now been offered a lifeline and a chance to rebuild all I have destroyed and I am so humbled by the fact this has been offered to me, considering what I have done. I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the planet to be given this chance and I turn my back on TPUC and everything that took me away from my family. I now have become what I should have been all along a loving family man, husband to be and a hard working plumber who pays his tax.

I strongly suggest to anyone who reads this that if you too are about to forsake your family the way that I did, then please re-think, as I promise you there is nothing more important than your family, nothing!

So all that is left to say is goodbye and I wish you all the happiness, good health and all the love in the world, as I now am so privileged and lucky to have back and never will I forsake it again…

John Harris

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