Heart warming email from a Policeman

We received this email the other day and because of who it was sent from I have left out certain information for obvious reasons. As you can see from my reply, I found this email very heart warming and asked the sender permission to publish it, which he duly gave.

This is the email:

I’ll begin by telling you I am a serving Special with Hampshire Constabulary, just so you are aware I’m not hiding any secret agenda. I have been listening to John Harris speaking at the Glastonbury Assembly rooms & he brought to my attention the amount of CCJ’s held against Local Authorities & Police forces. It may be of interest to you that Hampshire has been so badly in debt recently that they have not been recruiting new officers & have only started a new intake from the middle of this year & in very small numbers, the recent intake was for about 35 officers. I know this as some of my colleagues are in the process of applying; though interestingly they are still training PCSO’s & a few have gone down that path until vacancies for PC’s come up.

The cash shortage has also hit the issue of new uniforms, we have moved away from white shirt & black tie to black shirts (that have the look of Moseley about them!!). The Constabulary was in debt from figures around the 6-7 million mark though this is ‘rumour control’ so it may not be very accurate. This may be a factor as to why for example the FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) for not wearing a seatbelt has gone up to £60 from £30 as of 1st July.

I can truthfully say that I have not in 3 years of policing issued a single FPN, I only carry a £30 pad issued when I first started which is mostly minor traffic offences & largely obsolete. My policy is to advise them of the offence (seat belt/light not working etc) & that they may incur the FPN if another officer deals with them. Additionally the arrests I have made have only been for common law offences that have involved loss or damage to others. That is my personal choice & not Constabulary policy! It is the reason I became a Special Constable in the first place.

It would be interesting to find that they have any CCJ’s against them & how this is guiding policy.

Regards and peace to you,

My reply:


Firstly let me say how heart warming it was to receive your email, you have shown me what I knew all along that there are good guys and girls in all walks and positions within this web of deceit and corruption we know find ourselves emerged in. As I have said in many of my talks I am not against the police in any shape, form or fashion, I have only ever stated I would like them to do their job properly, you have shown this!

I would very much like to publish your email as I feel more and more good guys and girls will emerge from the shadows with very valuable information and it will also serve to show a very disheartened populace at the moment especially, where the police are concerned, that men like yourself do exist and also apply in their daily duty the aspects of common law. I also feel this would also serve to give the police some very much needed good PR. Without saying, any reference to you yourself would be removed and your details would stay strictly confidential as we need as many good guys on the inside as we can get.

If this is ok then please could you contact me on the sender email address? I very much look forward to hearing from you either way.

Warmest regards to you


The reply:

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply, with reference to your request you may certainly publish my e-mail. My hope is that it will do some good. I’ve even discussed this with my wife & to my surprise she is quite in agreement with what I am doing. I was surprised by this as she hasn’t been absorbing any information directly from people like yourself & Brian Gerrish to name but two. She has to suffer me talking about it & writing “Of What?” in big bold letters on our banknotes.

So take heart mate the word is getting out there & the knowledge that something is wrong has a strong foothold in people’s minds.

I would also like to wish you the best with your new book & after I have finished here will be going onto the TPUC site to pre-order (The pricing of 6.66 or 9.99 I find very funny).

Kind Regards,

[Note] as I have said many times before, I know in my heart that good men and women exist within the abysses of corruption we now call police forces and government; local and central. These men and women are going against the corporate policy and performing their duty as it should be performed daily. Not all is at it seems and the more I realise this fact the more heart warmed I become. I realise now not to judge a book by its cover and that this fact is very true. Just because someone wears a uniform does not mean they adhere to the rules associated with wearing such. Not all can be tarred with the same brush and we should remember this fact. In reality this one email pales into significance relating to what we do live in daily and the rules, regulations and legislation of such, that has been implemented to keep us in the corporate mires of deception. But I feel the words within this email shine a small light, they are very much needed to show that no matter how bad things get, good things still exist, albeit very small, but nonetheless they do exist.

Sometimes all we need is a little light to illuminate the way forward, to add comfort, to know we are not alone, for this seems to be at times a very lonely place to be, surrounded by our friends and family who do not realise what we do. Also surrounded by those whose job it is to steer us away from what we realise, to bring us to understanding, to stand-under what they would like us to, to conform to the accepted point of view or belief system.

This email provides that illumination; it shows all is not lost as it never can be.

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