It seems the DVLA don’t like NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER!

Well it does seem that the DVLA do not like the NCRTS process and have started to state, as the image below shows, they do not want us to return their letters back to them….I wonder why?

These images have come from Richard Landry (lawfulrebellion.org) who realised this was now stated on the back of DVLA’s envelopes. Richard found this very comical, as I and many others do.

They seem very insistent that you do not send them back to them by clearly putting the word NOT in bold and capitals….so what will you do now?

I will be crossing this out or sticking a sticker over it and you guessed it, I will be sending these back to where they came from clearly stating NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER.

If any of you have received any other letters from such entities, then please forward them to [email protected] so we can publish them. Please include images of both back and front of the envelopes and please remove any private information you do not want published, but please don’t worry we can do it for you, if you do forget.

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