It’s time for a few harsh realities…

Do you know what, life can be extremely frustrating at times and I am sure there are a few of you who realise exactly what I am talking about? I am not frustrated about any part of the illusion we live in, nor what the maintainers of the illusion think they can or can’t do. Mine is a frustration born from the simple process of realising how simple everything could be, if we were far removed from the commercial construct that exists as the illusion. Some may say I am being very egotistical in saying this, sorry if it comes across like that it’s not meant to. Some may say I am loosing the plot, my direction; my stand point deriving from all I have read and learned and now stand under. Or is the fact that I now stand under nothing and because I refuse to understand the words of politicians, the religious fraternity and historians….oh boy was I caught in that trap for a while….that I have in fact lost my mind….if only, it is taking a while for me to achieve that one!

As I said some will realise and others will just judge and offer their opinions on all the playgrounds for the mind called forums. I even realise now how simple it would be to get to the point where everything could change and the commercial construct could be gone forever. But oh I forgot, many of you want to keep this illusion alive and more to the point would fight to keep it alive and not get rid of it. To get rid of this illusion means a part of that illusion must die in you. But you do not want it to die in many respects and that is why you strive to correct it and not get rid of it. But no correction could ever happen, only a perpetuation and deep in your mind it is the perpetuation you lust for. When looking at ourselves we see the truth starring back at us and we are very frightened of this, for within the world as we know it weakness is frowned upon, so you are taught to shy away from any weakness and overcome it. What actually happens is we dive head long deeper into the trap because the truth hurts….I should know I have faced many truths about myself since writing the book that were hard to face, but I have made it my quest to face everyone and rid myself of this infliction called the mind and all its corporate structure that is relied upon to maintain the commercial construct, or as you would know it ‘the world we live in’.

We live in the world of lust – no matter how you look at it, you will always come back to lust. Where does lust exist in you? In your mind does it not. So the world caters for all the mind would like and delivers such. You are not going to like this but are you stupid? Well sorry it does seem that way….ok maybe that’s a little harsh for now, I will rephrase that question – are you gullible? Well you certainly seem very naive and easily deceived or tricked because of one thing mainly, because you are too trusting – and what do you trust: your minds. But what if your minds are deceiving you – what if your minds are being fed a commodity that keeps another commodity alive? You have been fed lies from the age you could comprehend anything by the ones who actually love you the most. Why? Because they were gullible, they trusted as their parents did before them. Then you go to school and are fed more lies and you in turn learn to become a repeater of those lies so you can do it to your kids. All you do is accept hearsay for truth because you are gullible or are you stupid.

I know I have been stupid for most of my life and in some respects I still am, when I let my mind take over any event or situation. So how do you correct this? You can’t correct this it simply just has to stop and in time it will. Your acceptance everyday that life can only be this way maintains life stays this way. Your stupidity or gullibility perpetuates the construct and your reluctance to look at yourselves maintains the root of the problem can exist, because you are the problem. Your denial of who and what you really are is because you cannot face the painful truth from within you, to be honest as I said before you would rather live in the world of the mind masking the truth, keeping it well and truly hidden from view in case you are seen and deemed as weak….and you can’t have that can you.

Now I have the niceties out the way let’s get down to some basics as harsh as they may seem. You live in a world that you allow to be apparent and it certainly seems you like living it this way, you indorse it even if not directly, but certainly indirectly. If you didn’t, it wouldn’t be this way it would be completely different. But as it is this way, we have to presume you like it. If you were eating something that you did not like the taste of, would you keep eating it or spit it out? Would you then eat it again? If you live in a world you do not like then why do you put up with it? If you were to eat the same thing you did not like the taste of again, then it can be presumed that you are being stupid. Then surely you are stupid to put up with a world you do not like? Or is it the case you do like the world and are willing to put up with the odd bad taste in your mouth to be able to experience everything else on offer that you think is good? It is like being in a cage, but as long as the food is ok, you have a big flat screen TV to watch, you are warm and comfortable and you are given reality masking products i.e. alcohol and drugs you’re willing to put up with it….and you don’t feel this is stupidity in its essence? So in reality all that really has to change is you. When you change and face the truth your acceptance of the odd bad taste becomes intolerable and suddenly realise how many bad tastes there actually are, not only do you realise they exist, you start to refuse to taste them again….once bitten twice shy. But at the moment it’s many times bitten never shy.

You may feel stupid is a harsh word to use, but have you not got a poor ability to realise or to gain realisation from experience’s even if it is plainly obvious? Surely that amounts to the purest form of stupidity and as a whole is the number one problem with humanity bar none. You see, life does not have to be this way, you allow it to be this way because deep in your mind you enjoy it. You enjoy lusting after life’s pleasures, even if it leads to someone’s or something’s disadvantage, death or torture. You won’t admit this as I didn’t, but I do now. In seeing this within myself, knowing what my mind is capable of and what morals it can override, I know see it everywhere being perpetuated by everyone daily. But I also see a lot of us who are realising, and maybe it needs to stay as it is right now to allow the rest of us to realise, that humanity as a whole has for hundreds if not thousands of years been going in the wrong direction. A sort of self destruction if you like, allowing us to devolve away from ourselves to act as characters in a play of our own creation for our own satisfaction.

A friend once said to me in a chat we had, not so long ago, that he had a problem with the so called teachings of jesus christ within the bible. Although in essence this man was a very holy man at one time a monk in fact, before in his words “he saw through the myth”, he told me something that day that has stayed with me. He said to me “if jesus did exist he would have had one message for the whole of humanity and that would be; ‘you are all fucking stupid’ and that is all he would have said and anything else that is written that they say he said is bollox”. And do you know what I tend to agree with him on all accounts and a harsh reality to me was he’s right – we are all fucking stupid!

Much love to you all without exception

john x

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