Common Law

John Harris, Freeman on the land under common law is summonsed for not observing Statute Law

John Harris has received a summons (invitation) from the private corporation listed on Dunn & Bradstreet  known as CULLOMPTON MAGISTRATES COURT for failing to observe a Statutory regulation, specifically regulation 5(1)(a) of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 1993.

This corporation is inviting a man known as John Harris, not within Statutory but rather Commercial Law to attend the court invitation and appear as MR JOHN HARRIS, DEFENDANT, within the courts’ Jurisdiction and have prepared paperwork disguised as ‘Reply forms to save you time and money‘ to cement Johns’ legal standing (effectively none) within the case.

John is currently preparing a reply which will be documented shortly on TPUC. In the meantime enjoy a brief audio commentary as I attempt to explain what I understand about this confusing, unhelpful and downright deceptive system which we are all subject to… if we consent to it.

And of course your comments on this subject are welcomed.

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