John Harris – why my Affidavits support the Queen!

One thing that I possess as a man is the ability to change my views which is something nowadays you are not allowed to do, but it is simply called evolution. Because of the amazing amount of information I have received over the last two years, some good, some not so good, my views on our situation, how we got here and how things can be sorted out have changed dramatically.

My views have evolved and as a man I am entitled to do this and I will keep doing this, for this is simply about having a choice, my choice, to decide how I feel and not to be told how I should feel or what I should feel.

Through all the stages of this constant endeavour to find the truth, I have always done what I believed to be right, sometimes not actually knowing whether what I was doing was correct or not, but nevertheless following my heart and allowing my heart to guide me. For many years of my life I allowed my head to rule me, and this caused me incredible pain, sometimes physical, but mostly mental anguish, a sense of foreboding, a sense of worthlessness. Along with this pain came a destructive element called anger and boy have I been angry, and, truth be known, when I live in the mind I am still very angry.

If I make a choice, a decision, when I am angry, it always turns out to be the wrong decision. The people around and myself suffer because of this. Anger makes me want to control everything and everyone and this is simply about control, the ego. When I do not get my own way, in every aspect of the word, disappointment sets in which causes more anger. Thus I am in a never-ending circle, created by my mind, until such time as my heart steps in and guides me away from my ego and the tears do flow.

Just because I have made a decision based upon information I have received does not mean that the decision is final, for if this was to be the case how could I possibly evolve? As the information I receive changes, a lot of the time becoming simpler in its complexity, then the decisions I make change as well. However, because of the way the world is your past, decisions are held against you, simply because you have decided to change the way you feel about something and that is not allowed. You are told you must have a plan and you must stick by it and your ego tells you that you are right and everyone else is wrong and your plan is the one everyone else should be listening to, a pecking order. ‘ I am better than you for I know this and you don’t ‘, measured upon the amount of knowledge you might think you have about a certain subject. I fight with this daily, sometimes I win but most of the time I lose, especially when I try to control things or simply try to plan ahead, the ego ruling the heart.

So what’s my point? I suppose you are asking yourself. This is it, in the simplest way I can find to explain it.

Without even knowing in my mind what I was doing, I served affidavits upon the Queen. Why? Because my heart said it was right, it felt right and this was not for my mind to comprehend the reason why. Unbeknownst to me my heart guided me to create something, a path for me to follow, to allow me to know when I was ready and not before, the relevance and importance of what my heart had guided me to do. I have been told so many times not to listen to my heart, formulate a plan of action in your mind and stick to it; this is what my ego wants, fed by other egos, but when I listen to my heart it always says to me this is wrong, I will let you know when you need to know and not before and I am quite happy now to allow this to happen, for I now understand the affidavits were the best thing I could have possibly done.

I now realize I was given that situation to deal with so a greater understanding of me (the man) could be achieved and I could simply see that the way the heart deals which each situation is with kindness, compassion and peacefulness, where as the mind wants for anger, control and the ultimate destruction of any opposing threat it perceives. When I was turned away at the gates of Buckingham Palace by a very friendly Policeman (a true Policeman in fact), I did not retaliate by saying I am right and you are wrong, which without doubt would have ended in a battle of the egos. My heart simply accepted his position concerning the matter and allowed me to realize that what he was saying was the truth and another way of serving these documents would have to be found. Subsequently a way was found that anyone wanting to do the same could utilize without any hardship whatsoever.

So I suppose the big question is why do I support the Queen with my affidavits? My affidavits simply said NO! And in doing so gave the Queen my will to do the same.

The world we live in is like a wheel spinning incredibly fast in one direction, spinning so fast that if it was to just stop, it would smash into a million pieces. We need the wheel to spin in the other direction to undo all that has been done and to basically stop us all going in the wrong direction. To do this you must first slow the wheel down until it stops, then the wheel can start to rotate in the opposite direction and slowly pick up speed till it settles at the correct speed to rotate at, which is comfortable for everyone.

A stark reality hit me a little while ago that 98% of the people on this Island will fight to keep the system that is in place, rather than fight against it, for they actually believe in it, depend on it and they have always been told that it’s always been here and always will be here. With history as it’s been wrote, the biggest reminder of this fact, most people believe that any change is impossible. What I have found interesting is the fact that most people I talk to know there is something very wrong, they just don’t know exactly what the problem is. When asked for an explanation they will nearly always pick a symptom and not the disease itself, for in reality they do not know what the disease is.

The point is that most people know there is something very wrong, that means they are naturally ready for some sort of change. Even though we men and women do not like change and sometimes slip back into the comfort zone we are used to even though we know there is something very wrong with it, if the change is a good one, in time, we will accept it.

So what is the disease that this island and many others are inflicted with?

As I see it we suffer under something that is incredibly simple and is an absolute act of genius, because of its simplicity. When looking back at the history of the world, no matter who wrote it, or whether what was recorded it is actually true, one very clear fact stands out; the socially dominant have always tried to maintain their social dominance by any means they can conjure up.

By murder, lies and deception and the most important – the enslavement of people – they actually believe they are better than everyone else. There is no mistake that the word Statute comes from the neuter of the word Status and that Acts of parliament become Statutes. Shakespeare said that “the world is a stage we are all acting”, or words to that effect and no truer words have ever been said. The whole world revolves around this word Status, which is an affliction of the mind, the ego, for the people who actually believe they are of better Status are the ones who are truly Acting. In reality there is no one better or less than me and I am no better or lees than any other; no one is of greater dignity than any other and that also includes the queen.

Most of us are acting out a part to maintain our Status, which is the food the ego needs to be the social mask (persona) all men and women wear. In simplicity we act out a part trying to make others around us believe we have this social status and that are individual status is better than an others. This is so evident in the society we all believe we are part of, but no one seems to know its name, apart from those who have realized the monumental con trick being played on people all across the world and the fact that a man or a women cannot be a member of this so called society, for they are actually classed and described as things.

At the basis of this is the ultimate infliction that the socially dominant suffer with; greed, but greed is like a fire and when a fire has consumed all around it there is only one thing left to consume – itself. What I have seen in the history I have looked at is evidence of this happening and the end result is always violence, anger and destruction to create a new beginning, which actually turns out to be the beginning of the same.

Ultimately if you end something with a violent act, then violence will always ensue, as the victors over the dictators become the new dictators, inflicted with same greed and the same need for status.

Looking at the history of England, you will see one very simple battle going on the royalists against the parliamentarians; those seeking to destroy a sovereign nation to create a republic.

But why?

The answer to this question I feel is again one of simplicity as we the people of this island are sovereign, every man, woman and child are sovereign, we bow to no one and no one bows to us, again including the king or queen our representative. We invest our sovereignty into a sovereign, for we cannot be truly sovereign unless we have someone to invest it in, a representative, a guide and the people’s ultimate protector, to protect the people’s sovereignty to ensure the people of this island always stay sovereign.

So with this comes the true meaning of being sovereign; the power within the country always resides with the people and if the sovereign fails in their representation and protection of the peoples sovereignty, then they can be removed, the people can withdraw their sovereignty, as I have done with my Affidavits and the people can choose another representative, this is why a sovereign is so important, but more to the point this is how true sovereignty works, the only way it can work. (I will elaborate on this point a lot more in a book I have plans on writing but for now I hope this explains it enough)

What the parliamentarians (who were about a long time before parliament was created in 1253 under a very different name) knew was for their plan to succeed in removing the power (sovereignty) from the people they had to attack the keeper of that sovereignty by the means of war, threats, religion and of course a legal system that they could convince everyone was law. For this to succeed there was the need for a treaty forced upon a weak king and then a legal document called the Magna Carta that succeeded in creating the devolution of power away from the sovereign to a group of socially dominant Barons Parliamentarian’s)

In 1253 a revision of the same document was used to force another king, Henry 3rd to form a parliament of these Barons which succeeded in this devolution, a simple separation of power, but not from the sovereign, but actually from the people, but as now the people were deceived by this legal document, as we are deceived by the legal industry now. In 1297 the full separation was in place with the official start of legal contracts in the guise of law with the start of the liber (statute roll) with another revision of the same document Magna Carta 1297.

Parliament was fully instated under this 5th revision of the same document where Edward 1st tried to reinstate his dictatorship by modifying the 1225 version, but still the separation had succeeded. This only succeeded because Edward 1st managed to banish the bankers (who were funding the parliamentarians) from the country in 1292 for the monopolization of the countries money exactly the same process used against previous sovereigns, until their return in 1655.

With Cromwell’s (Williams) antics in parliament in 1653 the bankers regained full control of parliament, but still had a major problem. Because Williams attempt at a republic for 11 years had failed, the parliamentarians knew they could not remove the sovereign yet with the people being royalist and the sovereigns not playing ball, so a simple revolution was devised in 1688/9 and again the people were fooled with a so called common law document that actually was a legal document, so as such, could not be part of common law as its predecessor Magna Carta 1215 was not; for legal is not lawful and never the twain shall meet.

Because the parliamentarians could not destroy the sovereign they knew they would need a dynasty of sovereigns they could control. Using a number of Acts (legal contracts) such as the Bill of Rights, the Act of Settlement, the Act of Security and the Act of union the parliamentarians managed to legally settle the succession of the crown to the Stuart dynasty, with Scotland maintaining control of the English throne.

If this was the case the ultimate control would lay with France under papal influence, what seems to have happened to king John in 1213. If the king went against papal control under pressure from the barons as in 1215, then it would seem that pressure was coming from the same source as the influence. Simply the king would not play ball, so they separated the powers from the king, but maintained control of who the powers were separated to.

Also what was needed was for the sovereign to become known as a Constitutional sovereign, so the people believed they have no power whatsoever which is exactly what has happened. Bound by the legal industry under legal terms, allowing parliament to make all the decisions on their behalf, this in no way overrides the common law powers held by the sovereign on behalf of the people. They can be used by the will of the people at anytime, one of these being the power of dissolution, the power to say NO!

Evidence of the common law power of the sovereign is that the civil contingency act 2004 cannot not be enacted without a royal proclamation from the sovereign who has to declare a state of emergency.(Note) Oxford Law dictionary 2008

What we have now is the final stage of devolution, the devolution of powers away from parliament to the 3rd sector (Private Companies) a corporate republic. We are told that the sovereign’s role within parliament is one of only ceremonial tradition, which again is another of the parliamentarian’s legal lies. No one on this island can have any sort of authority unless they hold an oath of office and pledge allegiance to the sovereign who gets her authority from us the people. MPs, Police and the Judiciary amongst others all have to do this to hold office to serve and protect us.

This is why we are now seeing this oath being eroded away, with more calls for the oath to be abolished. The new enforcement officers walking the streets (PSCO’s) hold no oath of office, that is why they have no powers at all, but they were given a warrant card and a copy of PACE to keep safe, being told you don’t need them now, but you will do in the future, this is the parliamentarians corporate republics take over as evidenced by the recent announcement that Devon and Cornwall police are being taken over by a private company called Southwest One, which is part of a group of companies headed up by none other than IBM.

This is the final attempt to remove the people’s sovereignty and destroy the keeper of that sovereignty, something that has taken little over 800 years to complete, for this is the only place that can undo all the problems in the world if the people of this islands sovereignty is maintained by a true keeper of that sovereignty.

Someone recently suggested that the queen is not the legal sovereign, well in fact the queen is. The queen knows she is not the lawful sovereign, for to be so she would have to come from the line of Cornish Dukes and not the Stuarts, a very much-kept secret. As I have said before lawful is not legal and never the twain shall meet, but legally the queen is sovereign as laid down by the legal contracts (Acts) I mentioned before. But as my affidavit states I fully support her and the queen has all my support for she is doing the best she could possibly do right now for the people of this island by keeping that throne from being handed over to someone who would allow for its destruction.

Have you ever imagined what it is like to be her?

The queen is eighty-three years old who suffers on a daily basis from insults, lies, ridicule and a constant abuse from parliament. Her family and herself have suffered extremes of abuse from the Internet with stories that are mind boggling plus constant abuse by the BBC. I feel she honestly believes that the people have turned against her stirred up by Tony Blair and his spin doctor during the time of Diana’s death; I feel what that woman suffers on a daily basis is unimaginable and I truly believe she is very frightened for she feels even her armed forces have turned their backs on her.

Would you want to be in that position? And what is more amazing is the fact that no one realizes just what she could do if she had the will of the people, for the parliamentarians have succeeded in destroying the one hope we truly have, by using all the elements described above, to stop the one woman who can say NO Saying it!!!

To defeat this corporate takeover world wide the sovereignty of this island is paramount and so is having a sovereign. Yes I concur that the sovereign should be the rightful heir and I know in my heart that the queen will step aside for that heir when the time is right, for I know in my heart, that she cannot stand to see the abuse of the people of this island and of the world go on one second longer as I cannot. I have seen the way the people of the world has been divided by borders, language, colour and politics and now a freeman movement; ever becoming a mirror of what it was originally designed to be against. I was sucked in by this and labelled myself a freeman when in fact I have always been free as I am a sovereign as every man, woman and child is the wide world over.

There is no authority over you unless you grant that authority first, unless you consent to it, but I had to make this mistake to understand where I had gone wrong, for we only truly learn from our mistakes, for we need both sides of every story to enable us to differentiate between the two sides to come to the greater understanding. I have never asked anyone to follow me and I am certainly no leader for the world is abound with leaders all going in the same direction, leading mankind to the edge of its own destruction, because that is the only time we really change, when we are presented with no other choice.

What I am is a line in the sand that will never be crossed for I have said NO! I will never bow to their authority and they will never get a single penny of the lifeline the corporations need from me. For they may have designed a product called money to enslave the people, but that same product enslaves them for they need it just as much as everyone else does – it is simply common sense, something this world seems to lack as the ego cannot comprehend exactly what it is, as this is truly what wisdom really is, and wisdom and the ego are like lawful and legal; never the twain shall meet.

As I have said I support the queen as I would a true sovereign, but things have to change. The changes needed must be slow as in the description of the wheel above, first we change the rule makers, and then we change the rules to benefit all the people. Everything that has been done against the people of the world must be undone, this includes all the land claimed given back, using Ireland as an example; it is a country in its own right and we had no right in stealing part of it and claiming it, this has to be given back and shall be as will all land we have claimed.

The true sovereign of this island shall want for no greater dignity than anyone else, no big houses, no millions and certainly no pomp and circumstance in fact the complete opposite. They would place themselves in the hands of the people as their representative saying “I want for nothing more than you feel I deserve and I will live where and how you see fit and I will truly represent you until such time as you decide it is time for me to stop”, this is the only way it can be. The houses and palaces would be used for far better causes, maybe museums as testaments to our children on how not to do things.

I will finish with this; have you ever considered even for one minute that, with all the technology at our disposal, why anyone in the world should have to pay anything to live? And, as they are doing so, why?

Much love to you all


(Foot note) I have been in talks concerning a book that I may start in July
when I plan to take a month out. Within this book I will expand all the
points of this article in much greater depth and I am planning a one off
talk around the content of the book later this year, news of the book and
the talk will be forth coming on the site as soon as the arrangements have
been made.

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