Lawful Rebellion

Lawful Rebellion for a peaceful future: ‘Its an illusion’ talk at St.Annes, Lancashire

Traffic and rain aside, the journey to St.Annes was a pleasant affair. We explored the town (policy officers in full force, questioning some children), grabbed some fish and chips near the seafront before heading to the St.Albans Road community centre.

Familiar faces and new faces were showing up very early, and John, not being one to enjoy the spotlight kept low in the car park until James from New Horizons knocked on the car window. I unloaded from the boot in the rain whilst John chit-chatted (this is becoming a familiar occurence, I must have a word), and then joined Justin from the BC Group along with the New Horizons team inside.

The seating was being set up as people drifted in, and I noticed that more chairs were shortly required such were the numbers in attendance. There was a relaxed feeling in the air, yet a certain amount of anticipation. I put out some DVDs and T-Shirts and grabbed a coffee for the start. We had a short introduction, and then John was on – to a thundering round of applause.

At this point we had over 120 people packed into the community centre (which later turned out to be a comfortable record breaker), and the atmosphere was positively charged – John began the talk and seemed relaxed until the presentation didn’t want to play and refused to show the next slide. One quick technical investigation later and we were underway.

One thing that strikes me is how readily people are disagreeing with government today. In every talk so far, there has literally not been one voice which stands up for government when the question is asked ‘do you think the government is here to represent you?’. It is incredible to see also that everyone believes society is broken, and then realises that of course it is not broken at all – rather it is working exactly how it is planned to.

The talk flowed beautifully and many were visibly excited and chatting to one another about the information John presented. Lancashire County Council being the source of one of our more significant investigations recently meant people really could see just how serious the corruption is, and I have no doubt many in attendance will be asking some serious questions very soon.

We approached the halfway point extremely quickly and I was then quicly overwhelmed by the amount of DVDs flying off the table. We definately need more T-Shirts – Dan Hughes you are hereby on notice – ‘Non Conformist’ is out of stock!

Various people spoke to me as they browsed.. men, women and children from all walks of life are now buzzing with this energy: ‘Oh, I heard about you down at the G20 protests’ said one lady.. ‘There was someone shouting TPUC TPUC TPUC over and over’ said another. This is the power we have, my friends, the power of talking to other people and telling them that SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING! Do your bit in broadcasting TPUC over the public airwaves!

Back to the talk. The 2nd half was even more packed than the first as people kept on drifting in and standing at the back. The laughter from the crowd was so uplifting – in a world of media that bellows Crime, Poverty, Disease, Terrorist, Government, Crisis etc on a daily basis, it is a miracle that we are able to laugh anymore… but laugh we did. Mainly due to the simple illustration of the incredible deception that has been cast over us to make us believe that we are subject to the rules of this corporate government. John puts it simply and to be truthful, it is so simple – you can study all the clever bits and pieces of law and statute and contracting and commerce and EVERYTHING, but when the people simply say NO as one, what can be done?

By the end of the chat we had gone well over time but it didn’t seem to matter, there were a few people standing and cheering and all clapped heartily. Someone grabbed a bucket and began taking donations, people hung around talking and I was struck by the amazing feeling of community – of people who may not be family or great friends in the normal sense of the word – but still showed great caring and respect for one another. The energy flowing around that hall just seemed to invigorate everyone, it was a fascinating thing to see the smiles and laughter break out around the room – and I’m sure around the town in days to come.

It was about midnight by the time we were ready to go, and I would say I was tired but after a quick spell on James’ Tesla coil machine I was, once again, fully charged. You could almost see the sparks coming out of Johns’ eyes after his turn. We thanked James and his partner before Jen heading home after a truly fantastic night.

Here’s the full cartoon from daz in Milton Keynes – thanks again!

By Richard-John :Landry:

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