Many of us cannot distinguish what the ego is

I have been told in a recent conversation many of us cannot distinguish what the ego is, or have no form of understanding of this crucial element. Limited understanding or no understanding comes from the fact that we do not even realise the ego exists, or we cannot comprehend that such a thing could exist. We create a paradox in our own minds maintained by the illusion that we all live in which is only sustained by the ego of everyone who believes the illusion is real. When the illusion is shown for what it really is; an illusion, then the ego is shown for what it really is for the two rely upon each other to exist.

To give this a simple analogy a puppet and a master is probably the easiest way to understand how the ego affects, controls and maintains the illusion needed for the ego to survive. You believe you are the master, the master of your own thoughts and actions. But are you? What you actually are is a puppet, a slave to your thoughts and in turn that allows you to be a slave to the masters of the illusion. The master pulls a string and the puppet moves in tune to whatever string has been pulled; does this not sound familiar? Because it should do. You have a thought and you act or react to these thoughts, but are these really your thoughts – are any of them? E.g. you fear the dark and you are placed in a dark room. Being in the dark raises a thought in your head ‘I am afraid of the dark’. You then get the feelings and emotions of being frightened and all the effects of this. But this all manifested from a thought, the fact you think there is something to be frightened of. So your mind is creating the fear and your body acts it out; a master telling a puppet what to do by pulling the strings to effect. All you have to decide is when do you want to stop being the puppet?

Simply you are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not you, you just believe they are. All the fears you hold are created and maintained by your mind and all new fears are created and maintained by the same process. This is why the newspapers and the TV media work so well in maintaining the illusion all around you to suggest the new types of fear for the mind to create. Such fears are normally surrounding the effect on your status in some way or another, by creating the illusion they can take from you something that you deem valuable, make you do something they want you to, or simply the fear of the effect of such a thing as swine flu. They do not create the fear; they just give your mind the information needed to allow it to create the fear.

If you try and tell anyone about the presence of the ego they almost certainly deduce very quickly that you are out of your mind, for you are in fact talking about something they cannot believe exists. This is their own ego defending itself by the best means possible by denying its own existence. We cannot believe that we are controlled, as the puppet is controlled by a master, an invisible master that no one can see or relate to. Because of this most people will carry on being puppets to the ego, thinking their own thoughts are theirs and carrying on oblivious to the fact they are enslaved.

The world we live in is a reflection of what is created by our own minds and the reflection is maintained by the key elements of control we believe we crave for. Throughout our lives we try to control all eventualities and the formulation of all conclusions and we cannot be blamed for this in essence, as we are taught this from word go. We strive to be the best and nothing but the best and reveal in the fact when we perceive we are the best. Everybody is afflicted by this condition without exception and the ones who say ‘I am not’ are the ones who are generally most affected, for denial is a trait of the ego. Look at your own life and pin point how many times in a day you are in a conversation with another man or woman and you disagree with what they are saying. It does not matter what the conversation is about, if there is an element of disagreement then this is an argument. Most will argue that this is what a debate is about and this is nothing more than a debate. But to debate is to try and force your conclusion upon another to corrupt their freewill to make them except your point view or side of the argument. We do this because our own freewill has been corrupted and we feel inadequate if we don’t raise some form of objection to whatever the subject matter is being presented to us that we perceive to be wrong.

We deal with any threat exactly the same way in respect of we must be right and the outcome must be of such that it is something we have control over. This all manifests from the mind that you have no control over even though you believe you do. To argue, fight or attack anyone either verbally or physically is generally done because you require power over someone or something. Have you ever questioned why you require that power in the first place?

As whatever you really are do you really feel that there is any need to feel inadequate about anything – is this a quality of life or an affliction? All this is created by thinking. Thinking you are better, you know better or you have a right to be better and failure is not an option, nor is being wrong in any situation. Failure to realise the necessity to be wrong is again a trait re-enforced and maintained by the ego for its own protection, to externalise the problem. But failure to recognise what mistakes are is our biggest mistake; for we do not recognise them for what they actually are, nor do we realise we have to make mistakes. How can you possibly evolve if you cannot learn from your mistakes and especially if you are not allowed to make them mistakes in the first place – why are we so frightened to admit we were wrong? Are you really frightened – again how does that fear manifest? Is it the loss of some form of dignity or respect – why do you feel the need for these elements – is your life really better because of these traits or are they simply afflictions? I could ask a thousand questions of you to help you realise what the ego is but there is really only one; every day you wake, you breath and you move thousands of times, do you need to think to do any of these – so if you do all this without thinking – why do you need to think in the first place?

My take on the ego is quite simple now; we created it. The big question is why?

Even though the ego is the most destructive element that anything could possibly possess, it is essential in the development of what we truly are. This element allows us to make mistakes and without it we would never make any and in doing so could not have the ability to learn to remember. What you actually achieve when you decide to learn from any mistake is the ability to learn to remember what you all ready know. As a seed planted in the ground you are as this seed. Even though the seed may just look like a tiny crumb of dried up bread you plant the seed in the earth. The seed then grows to whatever it will be in all its splendour and beauty with no need to be told what it will be and how to be it. We are in effect that seed and already know all we need to know. In the process of learning from a mistake you allow yourself to remember what you have always known, so in effect you are learning to remember, not learning something you don’t already know.

We wanted to experience all we desired for whatever reason we desired it, so we were given a place to do this and an ability to do this via our egos. So we experience lust. Lust for death and destruction, sex, control and power for in our true form we could never experience any of this. Why we felt the need for this in essence is still not clear to me, for if we already know all; why would we need to make the mistakes needed to allow us to remember all? To do this I know we relinquished our own freewill, even though will still feel we have an element of freewill; the element that remains is not as it seems. The ego controls most if not all freewill in most of us, we just don’t realise this is happening. Constantly trying to control the un controllable, trying to predict the un predictable and trying to prevent the un preventable. I see that nothing happens by accident and all things happen for a reason and in doing so have entered on to the road of complete surrender, something the ego cannot tolerate. In complete surrender (to relinquish the need for control) the ego loses its constant battle to control all, as the means to control has been removed.

I now realise that you get exactly what you ask for in respect of how you allow your ego to control your life. In asking it is literal and if you allow your ego to control this aspect then you will be given the ability to experience the consequences for this. These consequences are to allow you to understand what is at work within your head. These consequences can be given the name tough love for it only really happens because you are loved in the only essence love can exist and the hardest thing to watch is what you love constantly hurt themselves over and over again knowing it must happen.

I understand how and why we need to do this but I do not understand why we ever needed to start doing this. Maybe it was a test to leave us to our own devices to see actually what would happen, not only to us but also the beautiful place we were gifted to share. We live in the product of this now and I have a clear understanding now that we cannot be left to our devices for eventually we will only destroy ourselves if not everything. Because I have now allowed for the start of surrender then I will not search for this answer and I know I will understand when I need to and not before. In asking I am only allowing for a conclusion to be made that my ego is trying to control that will again only dictate an outcome that it will devise for its own protection.
In surrender there is peace and peace is only achieved through the ability to allow for surrender a complete opposite of what you’re taught and told by the masters of the illusion. To understand the ego is to first realise what the ego is in its entirety, to realise that every action, reaction is a substitute for a peaceful response.

To understand the elements the ego needs to sustain its existence and these contributing factors that are played out every minute of every day. To understand the world we know revolves around every aspect the ego creates to maintain your existence within the world as it exists and to make you believe this is the only way life can be. Do we know an existence without the ego and if we don’t know this does that mean there is not one – or is this simply a self defence mechanism devised by the ego for its own self preservation – is this really the ultimate fear to think about life without an ego? Or is the ultimate fear the thought of death, leaving this animated vessel that actually is the biggest deception of all. Not understanding that what you actually are can never die but the vessel you occupy can and will; leaving the ego contained within in the vessel to become as the vessel. Maybe the ego can never die until this occurs and our only real quest is to be able to ignore its ability to control us by simply saying no. Have we not now experienced all we need to and seen all the hurt, pain and destruction we need to? I know this will only stop when we lust no more, when lust for the desires of the ego are relinquished.

In my life the time for change is now and I have made the choice to change before the fact and not after it. I am surrendering to this change for i know in my heart I do not want to live in the world of the ego and I know deep down in my very core i do not have to. I can change, I have the ability at any time to change my view and make a choice. I can change the way I treat all and in return I get treated better, what you reflect is what you receive in return in every aspect. I now know that a decision was made to allow us to undo all we have created and in doing so allow ourselves to create a world without the control of the ego, a world of peace. By embracing this element that resides in your mind you will see that you do not have to fight it, you do not need to control it you just have to say no i am sorry but this can no longer go on and nor do I need any of what you have to offer and in doing this I offer all I have to offer.

I feel a decision was made to once and for all save you from yourselves because in effect that is all you really need saving from. But in reality this is not you, it is something you created, you desired and you got exactly what you desired.

I ask you to remember one simple thing; all words are used for very specific reasons and there spellings. The personality is the social mask all men and women wear, this is simply the ego in one world and a piece of paper in another.

You are controlled by acts, played out by actors who are acting, wearing costumes, a character, a persona. What resides in your mind is a character needed to take part in the act.

john x

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