Maybe I am wrong who knows, I guess we will just have to wait and See!!

Many who work in the realm of politics now, as they did in history, are completely delusional and total believe that this is the only way life can be and any other way would result in chaos and mayhem. Transfixed by the illusion of such things as status, wealth, standing and position they will do all and everything that is needed to maintain these elements, even though they know in their hearts that what they are doing and aiding to exist is beyond any form of morality. They are blinded by the fact they truly believe they have a master and they are subservient to that master and no matter what is done in the masters name, it is ok, as long as it is seen to be maintaining the status quo as it exists – as they really truly believe this is all that can exist, sorry to say that again, but if you don’t feel I am correct on this, then why don’t you ask them for yourself? This ideology was created and installed by the Roman Catholic Church, for without it, they could not exist and nor could they continue to exist. This is why it is imperative to convince everyone in the importance of politics and of course the church, because without the coercive techniques of either, neither could exist.

The system works incredibly simply by means of simple coercion. They first created an overall master (god), and then they created representatives of that master (the church). They coerced everyone into believing that the created master exists and it has a set of laws you must adhere to wrote in a special book (bible) – dictated to you via the representatives, even though the laws, as they are, are completely artificial and fictional and nothing more than the words of men repeated by actors wearing costumes. They built temples in the name of the created master – theatres to act out the play, then coerced everyone into believing they must worship this fictional created master at these theatres – these theatres would also serve as ‘courts’ to punish those who have ‘sinned’, a created word to describe a form of a moral violation, created by an institution which is in essence and is evidenced as being the ultimate antithesis of moral, a total contradiction in terms as they are the biggest violators of their own created word. They then distributed and enforced the artificial law using the terminology ‘fear god or ELSE’, with the biggest lie being, ‘you must do as I say, or ELSE’. To make this work efficiently another artificial fictional entity had to be created to use as a threat and of course something to lay the blame on to cover up their own mischievous endeavours and this was certainly an earnest and conscientious activity to create this. What I find interesting is that this institution which is definitely an organization founded and united for a specific purpose, which they say is to bring the love of ‘god’ to all, professes that this love comes with conditions – since when did love in its true essence come with conditions and if this is an undisputable fact, which it is, then the creation of this alternate entity was simply for coercion and would become the ‘or else’.

The ‘or else’ suggestion is the catalyst that makes it all work using basic fear and intimidation techniques that result in a never ending fear in the believer of the ‘what if’ syndrome, in other words a precautionary principle, or simply ‘the laws of oppression’ – a disease of the mind that causes disease which results in stress, anxiety and fear being suffered to maintain obedience and control. This is done by simply creating a caution in the mind of the believer and then creating a precaution to counter this, requiring certain rules, conditions and sacrifices to be adhered to by adding the lie ‘this is the only way the precaution will work’, when the truth is that the caution is no more real than the precaution – as I said the object of the game is just to gain conformity, control and obedience through fear by using basic intimidation techniques…. oh and also they made up words such as ‘blasphemy’ to prevent anyone ever questioning and if they did question they were labelled this to cause a division between the believer and the non-believer, to simply stop the coerced communicating with the non-coerced, which to those of you that don’t know is called ‘excommunication’, which creates a perfect self-defence mechanism to protect the coercive doctrine (lies) from questions…. oh and do you not find it funny that from a child you are told that the two subjects that you should never talk about are ‘religion and politics’! And the excuse for this that it will only cause arguments, when the real truth as I see it, is they do not want you realise through ‘communication’ that they are one and the same, a fact that all recognised history disputes, but It is obvious they are. They use exactly the same techniques for exactly the same reasons – to convince through coercion that you have always had and will always have a ‘lord and master’ (temporal and ecclesiastical) that you are in servitude to, including the representatives of that lord and master, who are ‘entitled’ to a better life than you off of your backbone and of course certain privileges and discretions that you are not ‘entitled’ too…. oh is not evidence of this coming out right now!!

Once the basic theatrics were set up using the prescribed procedures for conducting religious ceremonies, in other words the ‘rituals of coercion’, they then applied the ultimate stealth coercion in the form of symbolism and of course the power of myth; a traditional story accepted as fact on nothing more than hearsay or manipulated history normally involving non-explanatory occurrences. The symbolism works on two levels but again the outcome is the same – coercion. On the first level the symbols continue the coercion even though no words are being said, as certain symbols are only associated with the created master (god) or his supposed son, or the son’s mother locked up in myths. Examples of this are the immaculate conception, the resurrection and of course the myth of jesus christ himself. All these occurrences defy any form of explanation except for, according to the dogma, that they are a marvellous events manifesting from a supernatural act of a divine agent called god, in other words – lies. The symbol of the man nailed on a cross of wood has a very simple message if you set aside the dogma (coercive laws of man) and if you remain within the dogma there is a sort of get out jail free card that comes with it as well. The first message is quite simply evidenced by the method of torture on display – ‘do as you are told or this, or something like this will happen to you’, a very simple threat on show in every temple showing how active the coercion is without the need for words. For obvious reasons that type of torture could not be seen to still carry on, so the torture would have to adapt to fit its circumstances and became ‘legal torture’ via ‘torts of conversion’ an adaption the church would have to go through as well to maintain it is the biggest corporation in the world and would always maintain control of the believers and the none believers. The second coercion again is very obvious when you listen to the reasoning being offered by those trapped in the coercion, when they offer explanation for the need of this symbol. I have been told by many members of the church that the symbol symbolises that ‘jesus died for our sins’ and this is why he must be worshipped. I find this most interesting for they are implying that someone has already paid a price, so in effect they can do as they please as the price for these actions has already been paid and as long as they worship and repent everything will be ok – oh and of course that he will return to save us all, well those of us who have accepted the coercion that is…. oh and also according to the Roman Catholic Church any sin can be forgiven if you have enough money to ‘pay’ for that forgiveness, isn’t it funny that everything always comes down to a commodity called ‘money’ in the end and that the richest corporation in the world is always pleading poverty, I ask you!

Because the church knew that they could not capture the minds of everyone with their lies and coercive techniques, they designed another institution to maintain control of anyone who has strayed and to make them obedient to a different type of ‘lord and master’ through legal mechanisms called policies (contracts). The plan of action adopted by the Roman Catholic Church was the action of coercion, which was developed policy coming from a book of policy and politics was born to create these very temporal lords and masters. They created an entity called govern-mental (government) on exactly the same principles of coercion using exactly the same terminology and techniques and of course the threat of violence or legal castration to ensure that everyone complies without question. They even set up temples called ‘the law courts’, the strange thing is, if you re-arrange the words ‘the law’ you get ‘wealth’ and what is even stranger is the fact that this is exactly what any court is interested in – it does not matter who pays as long as someone does as most of the work they do is regarding something called ‘victim less crime’ or to put it another way ‘precautionary principle’.

This allowed the church to use the original ideology of a created lord and master (god) and the policy of such to create a very temporal solution to solve an ever increasing problem. Where the majority of people were denying the controlling coercion of the original policy, the new system would maintain all were controlled and obedient, because with this element there was no choice. But to do this they needed to use those who were coerced by the original system, feeding off their minds being needed to play in the theatre called ‘politics’, by offering them external pleasures and gains, graded and depending upon what status they have reached – they were to be called ‘ministers’ lead by a ‘prime minister’ simply being controlled by ‘lords’ – lord archbishops working in a palace that looks remarkably like a church or cathedral…. and the funny thing is that these two ‘houses’ are set out just like a church as every court is. Another tool they created was ‘the police’…. want to laugh say that word differently from the way you would normally say it – pol-i-ce, isn’t it strange that it sounds just like policy (the policy) and what do the police do, enforce policy who are very happy to use violence against you if you are not obedient to some form of precautionary principle.

The police use exactly the same methods as the church and it’s govern-mental for exactly the same purpose – coercion. During my life I have been questioned many times by the police and have always noticed how good they are at putting words in my mouth, and writing things down in such a way that I convicted myself, because truth be known they have to get you to convict yourself and through intimidation you are coerced into doing so. If you don’t feel I am right with this, then I suggest, if you can find an honest copper and they do exist I can assure you, ask them about how they are trained in coercive techniques – if they are honest they will admit this. In reality they are not even bothered if you did or didn’t do something, they are only interested in statistics and having someone to make up those statistics and to make sure someone is sent to a temple to pay some sort of sacrifice, because someone has to lose and someone must surrender for their gain to be made.

I will be expanding on all of this in my book in far greater depth for I suddenly realised that I was not dealing with a conspiracy I was dealing with facts that cannot be disputed and the evidence of this is actually written in recognised history, if you care to read it properly and not just see want you want to see. To lock this down with the word ‘conspiracy’ is just a protection method when they do not want anyone to know the real truth, same as they have done with many events in history. The comical sham most of you recently took part in is just that a sham, evidenced by their constant need to ‘recruit’ to maintain the ‘core belief system’ stays alive, for without recruitment it would just die out and they know this fact. You have just been conned by salesmen, convincing you that you need what they have to sell, the true art of salesmanship, to simple maintain things will always stay as they are and for no other reason.
Religion and its counterpart politics cannot survive without your belief in them and they will only survive because of the lies they have coerced you into believing. I point the finger at the Roman Catholic Church that has manifested into many different types of religion engineered to do exactly the same, for no matter what you want from any church; in the end there will always be a price to pay without exception.

On another note you may find this interesting.

On the day that Gordon Brown applied to the queen for the dissolution of parliament to make way for the election of a new general, he said something that is on camera as he stood outside 10 downing street. Gordon said “we need to renew the contract between the people and those they are sworn to serve”. Some of you may have seen this and not realised what Gordon was talking about, but surely if everything we have been told via history is to be believed about the formulation of a ‘parliament’ then this statement is incorrect. The point is that this statement is very correct and relates to a ‘legal contract’ called the ‘holly alliance’ signed and sealed 797 years ago that did in fact make sure that ‘legally’ everyone on this island was sworn to serve the Roman Catholic Church then and now, and to serve the representatives of such as well. Sad to say but because of the coercion Gordon has received and believed hook line and sinker, he will just say what he is told to say when he is told to say it via a spin doctor.

Now let’s just say for one minute that this could show that the spin doctor is actually on our side and knew exactly what he or she was doing when creating this script for Gordon to repeat and they knew that certain people would know exactly what was being said and what it related to. I was told a long time ago that those who are needed to effect the change needed are already in place and will do what they need to do when the time is right. Infiltration is not just a method that can be used by just one side, this is a fact we need to remember.

I see things slightly differently now…. the average man or woman on the streets including us will not cause the change that is needed to happen, nor will any masses of such. Our job is not to create the change, but to help make the change acceptable to those who will not accept it, because they have been blinded by coercion, blinded to such an extent that they would actually fear the outcome if things were to change! To change from the vice grip the Roman Catholic Church has, using its coercive mechanisms called policies in a farce called democracy that keeps much of the women, children and men on this planet in permanent legal slavery.

Maybe I am wrong who knows, I guess we will just have to wait and See!! I would like to thank the kind man who sent me clip of Gordon Brown saying those words- thank you!

I love you all without exception or conditions

john x

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