Morality and machines in the corporate world of the mind

May I ask you some questions? You might not want to answer them, or at least be honest with yourself when answering them, but nevertheless I am going to ask….there again you don’t have to read them – nor do you have to answer, do you? So in reality you have a choice. So if this is the case regarding these questions I am asking, is it not exactly the same no matter who is asking – or is it the fact they might look official and that is why you would answer?
Question one;
If someone came to your door that you did not want to speak to would you;
Answer the door?
Answer the door and tell them to go away?
Answer the door and enter into a pleasant conversation with them even though you do not want to?
Ignore the door?
If your answer is (1) please reread the question and start again, or are you like this in all aspects of your life? If your answer is (2) your mind has taken over and your ego wants to play. If your answer is (3) you humanity is shining through but you are not being true to yourself. If your answer is (4) you are being true to yourself and showing the greatest form of humanity.

Question two;

What if that someone was an official of some sorts would you;
Feel more compelled to answer the door?
Answer the door and enter into an argument regarding the lawful/legality of why they are there?
Answer the door under some form of pre imposed fear you have to because they look official?
Ignore the door
If your answer is (1) ask yourself why you feel more compelled to answer the door? If your answer is (2) to what ends will this truly achieve? If your answer is (3) why do you fear officials? If your answer is (4) the myth is broken.

Question three;

If someone phones you that you do not want to speak to how would you deal with this would you.
Be rude and put the phone down?
Inquire who they are and what it is about?
Lie about who you are?
Be polite and kindly ask them not to call you again?
If your answer is (1) do two wrongs make a right? If your answer is (2) Curiosity killed the cat. If your answer is (3) nothing good ever comes from a lie. If your answer is (4) your on the right track.

Question four;

If someone calls that you do not want to speak to and you have caller ID would you;
Pick up the phone and be rude and put the phone down?
Pick up the phone and politely ask them not to call again?
Pick up the phone and lie?
Ignore the phone?
If your answer is (1) if you knew who it was it compounds the fact that two wrongs do not make a right. If your answer is (2) you’re not being true to yourself once again. If your answer is (3) no matter how small a lie is – it is still a lie. If your answer (4) you are being true to yourself once again.

So most will be asking what is my point and then argue about the literal points I have raised and in doing so will suppress the truth from within, that nagging feeling that the mind cannot stand. That nagging feeling inside that says; ‘this feels wrong’. I suppose now some will go on to say “what is he talking about I don’t get anything like that occur”, Are you sure, are you very sure, would you like time to contemplate that one for a while longer?

What we are talking about here is something of simplicity and beauty, something that occurs in everyone without exception, the very thing that makes you human and not a machine – its called morality.

Some of you might not know that one of the definitions of a machine is an efficient person….hold on a minute an efficient person? So let’s break this down from its root definition. So we have an efficient mask or character. I suppose an efficient mask would be a welding mask….hmm yes that is quite efficient when protecting you from arc eye when welding, but not really applicable here as many other efficient masks are not – so it must be an efficient character – an actor and as a machine the actor (character) does their job without morality, whether it be right or wrong is in material (generally on paper), they both just follows orders regardless. How many officials can you name who do this?

Whoever calls at your door or calls you on the telephone with an official reason is doing so because some form of policy says they have to. Whether the policy is from some corporate basis i.e. banks, credit card companies or from a form of government basis i.e. a council, Inland Revenue, the vat office the official will be using and basing what they are doing and saying from this perspective. Some form of policy will direct them, enforce them and dictate what they have to say, which will in turn not allow for any sort of morality to enter into the conversation they will try to get you to enter into. They will dictate to you what you have to give them, what you have to answer and what you have to do regarding what policy dictates is the solution to the problem. They cannot stray from this and must stay within the policy parameters at all times. This is when you are dealing with a machine that has a program to follow and cannot do anything but follow that program. When you take the situation outside of the parameters of what the policy dictates they become confused and frustrated resulting many times in anger. The operative is also closely monitored by a supervisor or a manager to ensure the operative only engages into conversation that the policy allows. I have known exceptions to this rule, but not very many and in most cases has the innuendo devised to get you back on the policy track. Even at your front door the same procedures are followed and adhered to.

They will tell you, politely most of the time that you have to answer their questions giving all relevant information they require from you, trying to maintain you stay within the policy directives. If you fall outside of these directives by not answering the questions the way policy says you will, this creates a situation they cannot deal with and subsequently an argument of sorts will take place. To avoid this situation the simplest answer is; don’t answer the door in the first place or the phone if you recognise the number and if you don’t recognise the number be as polite as possible simply stating you do not want to talk to them. They won’t like it but in reality there is nothing they can do and they know this – they really on fear to get you to conform.

Always remember that whoever rings you is on the end of a telephone as you are, so how are they actually going to get you to do anything you do not want to do? When you answer the door just politely say ‘no thank you’ and shut the door and if you can see who it is don’t answer the door. They are on one side of the door and you the other so how are they going to make you answer? None of this is rocket science; it is all very simple and in fact is nothing more than common sense.

Just because someone wishes to force some form of non moral corporate policy upon you does not mean that you should react without morals, to do so, you in turn become a machine. A machine does not question what is right or wrong it just does regardless and will continue to do so.

I have talked many times about the fact that we know what is right and wrong, you do not have to be told, it is inherent, a natural yes and no from within. Because we live in the world of the mind our minds hate this process, the ability to override what our minds are telling us. Basically to do the opposite of what the mind requires you to do. Morality is this natural yes and no and this happens to all of humanity without exception, but in the process of gaining some sort of delusional perceived power over someone, the mind seems to win and the human becomes a machine (an efficient person). This is the reason we live in a world of status, standing, position and power with all the preamble symptoms being elements of such, elements that maintain the political status quo, with everything and everyone being controlled within and by some form of policy (contracts). Nothing more than characters in a play acting out the policy wearing costumes to reinforce the illusion and to maintain the delusion of those who are acting, a delusion of power and a need by their minds for that position of power.

I have spoke many times about the person, a fictional creation of the mind created by words upon forms, resulting in nothing more than a piece of paper with words upon it. The people who act as the machines within the parameters of the corporate policy are the characters created by the piece of paper, as a script creates the characters for a play and as such dictates what the character will say or do, as the corporate policy does for the efficient person, there is no difference. As in a play the character is only convincing if they believe for that moment that they are who they are acting to be, so if the play never ends, they continue to be the actor. This I feel is why the person was needed and was essential for the world to come under a political policy regime with a corporate basis, a hierarchal system based upon deception and delusion manifesting from the ultimate original deception, based upon artificial law laid out in the words of man, created by man and upheld by man. As the person all words of law scribed by man are artificial, creations of the mind to stop us resorting back to the truth of morality inherent in our hearts, to maintain the system of control and positions of power so lusted for by our minds – in a literal world.

If you really want peace and the change this brings then first you must be at peace within yourself. If your mind has the over ruling factor, then you cannot be at peace. Your mind knows nothing of morality, it is a machine and works on the principles of such, always putting itself before others and dictating what it has been told to dictate, ensuring that the world of the mind survives. If for just one second the whole of humanity was to override their minds for morality, the planet and all that dwell upon it would change in that instance forever.

If you are asked to do something that you know is not morally right, then try not doing it and see what outcome this brings. Why enter into the world of the mind if you don’t have to – is there a point to doing so? If you have to think about this answer, then I suggest you go back to the beginning and start again.

Am I right or am I wrong. What does your heart tell you?

All my love to you all without exception

john x

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