Myrtle Merryweather, The British Transport Police, One Brave Briton and Freedom Part 2: The Detention; The Impossible Charge

In the van, PC 4509 was filling out his forms. I started really laughing because i realised something. The laughing unsettled the officers, they’re used to people being fearful at this stage, or angry, not in hysterics- laughter is very good.

What I realised was this- I’d been warned that I would be charged with obstruction but had been arrested for public order section 5. In Westminster Magistrates I had been tried for public order section 5, so I knew about this particular charge. I proceeded to explain to the officer that, under that charge, even if I went along with admiralty law, he had to have given me a warning re: public order specifically, otherwise the charge is invalid. He replied that this used to be the case, but it hadn’t been so for about two years.

So I further informed him that I had been charged with public order section 5 previously and that less than a year ago, District Judge Tubbs, Westminster Magistrates, Horseferry Rd., had informed the officers concerned in that case, that there was no breach because I hadn’t been given a proper warning.

I then laughed lots more which unsettled them further, but lightened the atmosphere quite a lot as far as I was concerned- it was all so absurdly ridiculous that I couldn’t help it. I knew ultimately that, even if they held me for twenty-four hours, they could not make statutes or acts stick to a human being, HAHA.

I asked where they were taking me- they said Holborn Police Station. I reminded the driving officer 2238 that I was indeed cuffed, in case he had forgotten and that he might consider this fact when he went around the corners. He said, “OK.” We arrived and I was taken into the police station. As we walked, I asked PC 4509, PC 2272 and PC 2238 whether they thought that it was fair not to tell humans their rights. PC 4509 replied that they’d told everything that they were required to. He also said that they didn’t have to tell anyone that they weren’t required to give their details.

I then told them about a young black Briton, that I have been helping, who was stopped and searched under the same anti-terrorism laws, just before Christmas. The incident occurred at the Centrepoint subway, Tottenham Court Road. I told them how he had been willing to comply, but didn’t want the humiliation of being searched in such a public place and didn’t wish to reveal his destination as he didn’t believe that this was a concern of theirs- he had done nothing wrong. How he was told that it was inconvenient to do this privately and that he either complied or they would cuff and search him. How this lead to him being cuffed down on the ground and arrested, suffering the sexual abuse of a full strip search, 7 hours detention and a charge of public order section 5. An ordinary young man, coming home from playing his flute, potentially having a criminal record! For what? We were now in the cell block.

The WPC said, “But we wouldn’t do that!” I replied, “That is not the point! If the statutes and acts are enforced in such a way that human beings are not familiar with their rights, then they are open to abuse if an officer has a mind to.

We were now at the desk in the cell block, or custody suite as they like to call it. I proceeded to explain to the custody sergeant EK37, that I was not a person and that they could not apply the statutes to me, as I was a human being. I also told him that everything that they did to me was under protest and duress. He said that he didn’t know why I was there yet and asked me to let PC 4509 explain.

PC 4509 then explained his version of events. His statement of fact was erroneous and incomplete- not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We hear what we want to hear, when we want to fit someone up, or pass the blame. So maybe he was just mistaken. He said that I had been arrested for, “…obstruction of a police officer exercising his lawful duty and racially aggravated public order section 5.” This because, in his version, I was meant to have said, “They only do this to black people!” I laughed hard at this point and said, “So for saying, “Black,” it’s racially aggravated, when I was sticking up for a black, Afican guy?! That’s going to be a laugh in the court!!!!” The desk sergeant wrote down, prisoner’s response, “That’ll be a laugh in court!”

He then asked if I had been searched and under protest and duress, the wpc patted me down,checked my rucksack, detailing everything on a computer property sheet, which the deskman asked me to sign, I refused. I told him that signatures are worth money and explained how a govt bond is set up with the fraudulent birth certificate.

I then asked if I could use the toilet, before we continued and the WPC escorted me to one of the cells. She asked if I wanted to wash my hands and took me to a handbasin- they don’t have wash facilities in the cells. As we walked, she was talking to me.

She said, “You should have waited and talked to the young man afterwards. You saw he was happy to give us his details and was complying with our requests.

“As it was, he didn’t know what you were on about, you made him anxious and confused. As well as not being happy with us, he wasn’t happy with you. So what have you achieved. If you’d talked to him afterwards, as well, you wouldn’t be going through this!”

I listened to what she had said and replied, “For one thing if you’d told the man his rights there wouldn’t have been a problem would there. So you caused the confusion and anxiety. I believe that everyone should know their rights and I also don’t believe in random stop and searches. Actually, could you tell me, how many terrorists have you intercepted that way?” She replied that she hadn’t stopped any.

So I said, “What have I achieved? Now I’m talking to you and hopefully, you will start to question what you are asked to do!” We were now back at the desk.

The duty sergeant then asked for my name, I told him that I was a human being not a person, that a person was a corporate legal fiction. He said that if I wouldn’t give my details, that I would be detained for a very long time. I told him that I had done nothing wrong, that I merely wanted justice to be done and for ordinary law abiding human beings to be told their rights. I explained that there are two things on the earth; land and water; and that the police are operating under admiralty law.

He said, “This should be fun, I know about admiralty.”
So I asked him did he know that, a certificate of manifest for a ship, was the same as a birth certificate! I explained about ships sitting in their berths, the birth canal, the mother being the merchant vessel, the issue of title ownership thro’ the birth certificate, and the creation of the person so that acts and statutes can be applied through it oppressing the human being. I told him that the ‘acts and statutes have the force of law with consent of the governed’ and that I did not consent to operate as the person and that as human being I did not consent to them trying to apply the said statutes to me. I also told him that his mortgage, loans, credit cards did not have to be paid because of the banks not having any proof of consideration and that to understand all the corruption he should look at tpuc.org. PC 4509’s ears pricked up at the last bit of news and he stated, “Now I’m interested!”

There were a lot of people at the desk, prisoners, police officers, as well as civilian employees. Most were amused and interested. The duty sergeant said, “So I’m to put that you refuse to identify yourself?” I thought for a moment. He said, “Just give me your name, otherwise you’ll be here a long time” I told him, “Under protest and duress. I will only answer your questions as a human being though, NOT as a person. I will give you my name, but I have no legal title, not Mrs, Miss or Ms., and you must write my name in lower case, because I’m not entering into a contract with the corporation, British Transport Police.” And I revealed my given name.

He asked for my postcode. I said that “….under protest and duress, I will tell you where I live, but I won’t give you the postcode, as the postcode is fiction and again puts me into contract with you.” He said it would make it so much easier and quicker if I just told him the post code. I refused. There atmosphere was fairly convivial, at this point in spite of, or perhaps because of, my peaceful non-compliance.

Then PC 4509, speaking to the WPC, piped up, “She’s got zips in her boots. Maybe there’s a pocket..open it up!” I couldn’t believe it- everything had calmed down, everyone was smiling and he had to start again. I said to him, “What is the matter with you? Everything’s nice and friendly and you have to start picking again. What for?” He insisted that I took off my boots.

Then I became annoyed! I raised my voice and said, “OK then! You want to look everywhere? I’ll take off all my clothes!” I began to undo my zip and take off my jeans. They were all saying, “NOOOOO,” Then the desk sergeant asked for my date of birth. I said, “I’ve already explained to you that I am not an admiralty maritime product or a merchant vessel and therefore do not have a berth or a berth date. I”ve had enough of all of you now, I don’t want to speak to you anymore- take me to my cell NOW!!!!!!” I walked away towards the cells. The sergeant said, “I can at least do that for her! cell 12.” I walked to the cell and pulled the door behind me and went in to still my mind!

Next instalment: The Detention; Mental Health Team

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