Myrtle Merryweather, The British Transport Police, One Brave Briton and Freedom Part 3

The Mental Health Team & Police Interview

Cells are horrible places. There are some opaque, small, square, glass windows; such as you see in the ground over basements in offices sometimes. The walls are tiled in cream and in the corner, opposite the door, a narrow concrete bed with a thin, blue plastic mattress. There were also two blue, scratchy blankets. A toilet is situated to the right of the cell door, as you enter. They are lit with two fluorescent tubes (which you can have switched off at their discretion). On the door there are two windows on the right as you face the door, a small, circular one and a bigger, hatch type one to the left. Above the bed on the ceiling are messages from the police, so you can’t even lie down and look at the ceiling without your mind being invaded unless you cannot read. I lay down and closed my eyes.

After a short time, the circular window opened and then the door was unlocked. A civilian worker appeared and told me that he had to take some fingerprints and photographs. I said that it would be under protest and duress. He said, “Oh don’t be like that I am not a police officer.” I explained that it wasn’t personal and not to take it that way. That I had to follow this line because I wasn’t going to contract with the authorities.

He had been at the desk earlier and had been listening intently to all that was said. I explained some of the facts about the person, admiralty law and said that John Harris was doing a talk on the subject. He wanted to flirt with me and asked me to meet him somewhere to take him to the talk. He wanted me to comply with him, be my friend etc. He  said to me, “You’re a very clever lady aren’t you!? Where do you find out all this stuff?” I explained to him my mission since my campaign re: The Middle East began. To bring down establishment built on lies and have an emergent society built on truth and love.

That on my journey to find the truth myself, I had come across tpuc, John Harris and Robert Menard etc. He told me that I should believe in God!!!

Then he started to fill out his paperwork. I told him to make sure that he wrote on it taken under protest and duress. He said “Oh, don’t be like that,” again, then started to try get me to comply again, asking me if I ever just had fun etc. It was actually quite offensive considering that I had just been attacked by police officers. But I couldn’t be bothered to take it that way, he was just ignorant of what he was doing. I asked him again to please write on the form that it was under protest and duress. I don’t believe that he was really interested, he liked his job, wanted to help because he was a Christian, but not really. He wanted me to need his help and for that I needed to comply, Oh and flirt back. I didn’t comply except under protest and duress.

We then did have a laugh at my mugshots- I made sure that they were ridiculous. My mouth was wide open in the shot to front and my hair was flying around in the side shots- he was laughing his head off and asked if I wanted to see them.

Before he had chance to take the fingerprints, someone came in and said that a doctor was there to assess me. I said, “I haven’t asked for a doctor!” I was told, by EK37, custody sergeant, that they wanted to interview me and had to see if I was fit for interview. I said that this was under protest and duress. My minder said, “It’s just to make sure you’re alright! He’s a doctor!” Like being a doctor somehow makes it alright and gives him authority over me.  “What because he’s trained? Who by?” I replied, “I’m quite capable of going to a doctor if I think that I need one and I don’t need one. I’m a qualified nurse myself, I never go to doctors.”

I was taken to see the doctor. He told me that he’d come to assess my health. I told him that I shouldn’t be there, that I had done nothing wrong and that his assessment of me, was therefore under protest and duress.

I was quite stressed at this point and upset. We were only at the beginning of the detention and it had been full on. The procedures are designed to intimidate, but even though I know that, it is still difficult for me to maintain equanimity occasionally.

I asked the doctor what qualified him to do that and what right had he. He looked taken aback that I would question his authority and said that he had seven years training. To which I replied, “And how does that qualify you to have authority over me and to force me to have a medical against my wishes?”

He asked my name. I told him that I was a human being not a person and explained what I had previously explained to the police officers and that I wasn’t entering into contract with anyone at the police station, including doctors. He wanted to take my blood pressure. I asked him what for. He said that he was there to look after me. I told him to tell the police officers to let me go then. I allowed him to take my blood pressure which at this stage was high 139 being the systolic or higher reading. Throughout there were entreaties from my minder to me to comply and reverences to the ‘doctor’.

The doctor wrote down, that I was ‘talking fast’ and did not believe that I was a person and that he recommended a mental health assessment. The civilian minder told him that I did know what I was talking about with regard to the person. Heyyy! He was taking something in. The doctor said that it didn’t make any difference, I was to be seen by the mental health team anyway. He really didn’t like the fact that I did not revere his authority because he was a doctor an’ all. I walked out, stating that they were all stupid and ignorant and stormed back to my cell. I was at this stage very stressed. Someone that I loved very much died last year, after many sectionings into mental health units, so this was all too much.

The minder came after me anyway and said he had to finish taking prints. I was very indignant. Not peaceful at all! I wanted him to understand that this was an abuse of me as a human being. He told me that if I’d just gone along with the doctor I would have been out of there quickly. He told me that if he met me on the streets he wouldn’t listen to me either. I burst into tears and was eventually taken back to my cell.

At some point quite quickly, I realised that I needed to calm my mind and so I did. The man in the next cell was drunk and constantly banged on his cell door until he fell asleep; at which point someone would go into his cell, shouting, “Brian! Are you alright? Wake up! Answer me Brian etc….” and the whole thing would start again! I decided to be amused by the whole farce and this helped.

The cell minder opened the hatch after looking at me through the round window and told me that I didn’t have to see the mental health team. That a psychiatric nurse had looked at the paperwork and decided that I didn’t need to be seen. He said, “See I told you you’d be alright!” He brought me one of the several cups of tea that I drank that day and some biscuits. I ate no other food. Yuk.

A little later, I asked to make a phone call to John Harris. My minder informed me that I could not make any phone calls until after I’d had the mental health assessment. The assessment that he’d just told me that I was no longer being subjected to. God if you were having mental health problems, such as paranoia etc. this would be torture.

The shift was then ending- it was seven O’ clock in the evening and my detention so far had lasted five hours and five minutes and I had done nothing wrong. My next minder was a lovely Nigerian lady, who got me endless cups of water and tea and was really helpful and nice.

I got undressed and went to bed. I didn’t care if it was on CCTV, it’s only my skin and I didn’t want to be sleeping in my clothes. I put my jacket in between the blanket and my skin, because it was so itchy otherwise. Through the banging and the shouting I went into a deep, relaxing meditation and was suffused with peace and love, which I transmitted to all beings.

Just before 23.00 hrs I was disturbed by the cell door being opened and an unfamiliar face. It was the social worker arriving with the mental health team. I told him that I would get dressed.

I was then taken to a room just off the custody desk area. There were two doctors, the aforementioned social worker and my lady minder. They asked me my name for their documents. I explained that this was the detail that had caused the problem in the first place and told them why. Explaining again about the fact that I would answer their questions under protest and duress; about the person and admiralty maritime law; about so-called public institutions being corporations; that I had no date of berth therefore, that my name was to be written in lower case without legal title and so it was done.

I described the incident that had led to my arrest and that I had been on my way to meet friends. I explained that I, and others are acting to bring to an end a system that is corrupt and that I am a peace campaigner. They asked me what had led to me starting this and I told them about how I’d seen pictures of babies born with deformities, caused by depleted uranium and that this had led to me camping outside Parliament with Brian Haw and co. I explained that I hadn’t wanted to ineffectually protest, that I wanted to generate understanding and be able to look at the structure rather than be caught in it, thereby bringing it to an end.

I told them about tpuc, Dunne and Bradstreet, several films including Kymatica and suggested that they might have a look for themselves. They were very nice. When they heard that I had not be allowed to make a phone call one of the doctors offered me the use of his mobile. It had no signal and the social worker was concerned that they might be breaking the rules anyway.

They asked me two questions:

1) “Do you ever feel suicidal because of the state of the world?” Well I think that it would probably be natural to feel suicidal if you had no hope. I not only have hope, I know that the stormy winds of change are whistling their truth through many a cobwebby hall and so I answered, “No! I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I was dead would I?” (Maybe I would- who knows)?

2) “Do you ever feel like hurting anyone, such as a police officer, for example?”
I replied, “No of course not- that wouldn’t achieve peace would it? I believe that the police just don’t know what they are doing and they need education!”

They all shook my hand and one of the psychiatrists said that it had been a pleasure to meet me. He said that he hoped that they would let me go soon. I told him that they still wanted to interview me and the social worker confirmed that to be the case.

I was taken back to the cell and told that I would be interviewed soon. Then I was told that I was staying until the next morning and would be interviewed then. Then I was told that I would probably not be staying the whole night and would be interviewed soon. This is usual in my experience of arrest, maybe it is done to unsettle the prisoner but I wasn’t going to let it unsettle me whether that is or is not the case. I realised that it was better just to wait and see and again settled myself into bed. At one point during the night an inspector of the station came to see that I was being detained lawfully??! I told him that I was not, as I am a human being not a person and that I did not agree to statutes and acts and as they only had the force of law with consent of the governed, I was therefore being detained unlawfully. He said that he was nothing to do with my case and that he was just checking, as he checked all prisoners periodically. He seemed to be satisfied that my detention was lawful for some reason. He didn’t reference a law dictionary though, so I guess he was operating under the requisite ignorance. He went away.

At about 01.45 a police officer opened the door of the cell and told me that he had come to interview me, then he left me to dress. I was taken first to the custody desk. I was taken to another interview room, fitted with CCTV and tape recording equipment.

He asked my name for his written records and I told him that these questions were designed to put me into contract with the police authority and that I could not speak to him as anything but a human being, not being a person. He took me back to the desk and took my person details from the computer records. The new woman custody sergeant, who I recognised, but knew not from where (there have been a lot of demos/ police encounters in the last couple of years), said that she didn’t want him on his own with me. I’m scary! Another officer, who was working at the desk, now accompanied us back to the interview room.

The tapes were started and the interviewing officer said my name, date of berth, for the benefit of the recording equipment. I said, “Before you begin this interview, I would like to state something for the record. First, if I speak to you, I will speak to you only as a human being, as I am not willing to operate as the person and enter into contract with this police corporation. Secondly, Acts and Statutes only have the force of law with my consent; you can check this in Black’s law; and I do not consent to this act or this one. I pointed to the two potential charges written on their piece of paper, obstruction of a police officer and racially aggravated public order section 5.

They then began asking me questions. I said that I had nothing to say about the incident, that no-one had been harmed in any way and that I had done nothing wrong. They then began reading out the statement of the arresting officer. To get me to react and answer questions about it. It worked, I said that they only had police statements, so therefore only the testament of my accusers. I also stated that, in my previous experience, police statements, are copied, one from another, to avoid story discrepancies. (This is what happened at Parliament, when I was arrested for banging on Gordon Brown’s car window to attract his attention).

I also asked, whether they had a record of the name and address of the elderly man who had seen the incident and wanted to be a witness for me, or was there to be allowed no dissenting voice to that of the police authority. They muttered something about CCTV and seemed a bit fidgety.

They read out from the three police statements, which in fact weren’t copied and all contradicted each other. I didn’t answer questions, but was amazed at the bullshit being stated to justify the arrest.

They asked me whether I thought that the young man that was being stopped and searched had been made alarmed or anxious by my behaviour. I replied that maybe they should take a statement from him as I could not speculate about what he might have felt. They said that they would have to do that.

They asked me if I thought that I had caused an obstruction of the police officers in performing their duty. As John Harris said afterwards, “Duty to whom?” I then asked them, “So am I correct in my understanding, that you not think that we should be told the small right that we do have, under stop and search, not to give our details, even though it is a right detailed on the Home Office website.  That because you are not compelled to tell people their rights no-one should tell us?” They both looked like they didn’t know what to say.

The supporting officer said that we had to stick to the facts of the case, that we could spend hours talking about the rights and wrongs. I said that I just wanted them to give right and justice to all. That I want it to be different. I explained that they are there to enforce statutes, not to uphold justice, as they work for a corporation registered at Dunne & Bradstreet. They have to make profit. I told them, “If you came into the police force for the right reasons then you’re in the wrong place.” Enforcing statutes is basically against the police oath, it is also against the law of the land. I explained the law of the land and the law of admiralty to both of them. Told them the whole ugly berth certificate scam. Mortgages and loans. Banks and riverbanks, current and currency, births and berths. I said, if they were really to tell people their rights they would have to say, “Excuse me, drunk and disorderly human being, I have a statute that says that, if you agree to be a person, that I can charge you for being in this state, you’ll go to court and then you’ll have to pay and have a criminal record. Do you consent?” And all this so that the powers that be can continue to live in the exploitative manner to which they have become accustomed at the whole of nature’s expense, through our enslavement and subsequent labour. NOT ME FOLKS, not any more.

The interview lasted just over 48 minutes. I was taken back to the desk and the interviewing officer said, “I’m going to have to speak to someone! I don’t know if I can……” he tailed off. I was taken back to the cell. I got into bed, then at about 3.30am I was brought out of my cell by the interviewing officer and again taken to the desk. I had my property returned to me and then was told that I was “free to go, no further action, not in the public interest!”

I looked at the custody sergeant and said, “You look quite stressed. Are you alright?” She replied that she had spent to long down in the custody suite, I said she should get out (I meant of the police force). For the first time she smiledand said that she agreed. She then told me where I’d seen her before- at the George Bush demo. She said I was talking about law then as well.

I had a short conversation with the officer as he escorted me out. He understood, they all did. The truth is loose at Holborn Police Station.

I was released at 3.40hrs. I was happy about this as I like wandering around London at night. But it is a bit of a contradiction on the police authority’s part. London is supposedly ‘such a dangerous place’ that we all need to be stopped all the time and yet I was released when there were no trains or tubes to get me back home! Stop and Search….. just another money making scam. If you get arrested remember they cannot get you with statutes/acts unless you agree-DON”T. If they can’t do it they’ll have to stop! Yea!!


Funny thing! Have been back through St. Pancras International a few times since this incident. Prior to this there have always been at least a few police officers visible. I have seen one since, quickly disappearing through a door and I know it’s just coincidence but it amuses me to imagine messages being shouted through on their little radio’s, “EMMERSON’S COMING!! GET OFF THE CONCOURSE!!! GET OFF THE CONCOURSE!  GET OFF THE CONCOURSE……. then I imagine them all running and disappearing through various secret doors, terrified of education. “NOOOOOOO!!” HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!

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