Myrtle Merryweather, the Treasury Committee, Dastardly Darling and the Dodgy Bank Deal


After the court case; City of London Mags, against my person, charging it with being drunk and disorderly; because I, human being, made a speech on the steps of the Bank of England, about the Birth certificate fraud; I spent a lot of time studying the various Menard films, listening to Jordan Maxwell and reading many of the articles on this site. I also re-read Mary Elizabeth Croft’s excellent ebook, ‘How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash- Confiscatory Agency Known To Man’. Having jumped down the rabbit hole, I recognised that this info had power- the power of understanding and thereby standing over the info. This to my mind offers the sublime possibility of change; for which I, as a human being, loooong (and have, in my life, more and more of the time).

It was 10th December, the bank ‘bailouts’, read theft, had begun and repossessions seemed to be in full swing. It felt like a visit to Parliament might be in order. So there I was, at Parliament Square peace camp, when it was revealed that Alistair Darling was having a pre-budget meeting with the Treasury Committee. I always like to take opportunities as they arise and so, at 2.25pm, I mooched on down to the visitors entrance. There was a bit of debate as to whether I was allowed in or not (the reason given- because I was a friend of Brian Haw) and the sergeant at arms was called for advice. Over the first hurdle, then searches, which I offered to strip for (they assured me that this wouldn’t be necessary so I kept my clothes on). Finally I was being shown to reception by one of the PCs that I know quite well. I told him about tpuc quickly and how the bankers had defrauded him on his mortgage.

When I got to reception, I asked where Dastardly Darling’s meeting was being held and was informed that I was in the wrong building The meeting was across the road in Portcullis House. Now I was late, which worked in my favour as it turned out, because no-one was forewarned, least of all Dastardly. Being late, I ran as fast as I could through the halls of Parliament, (which is probably against their stupid house rules) out through the main gates and round the corner to Portcullis House.

By the time I had gone through the security checks a second time, three police officers, PC Steff, PC Keen and plainclothes officer David Parry, were waiting for me at the Wilson Room, “What are you doing here?” I cried, “Waiting for you of course!” PC Steff smiled back and told me that this was my destination. (Barbara Tucker, of Parliament Square Peace Camp, later told me that after she had waved to me, as I ran out the Parliamentary gates, she had seen my three minders running as fast as they could about two minutes later. She had thought that I was already in trouble and had run away) hehehehehehee. Not.

Anyway, I was pleased that they were there to protect me, as the place is full to the brim with dangerous criminals….. shhhhh, who will do anything for power and status. PC Keen told me to take off my top hat, but I didn’t as it’s against my religion. I have previously informed him and the others of this. (In my religion it is against my beliefs to do as I’m told, unless I want to or it makes sense).

I went into the room and sat at the back of the public gallery, checking how the meeting was set up. The committee members were sitting in a semi-circle, Darling and the two witnesses were sitting, facing them, with their backs to the public gallery. I stood up and walked to the front row of the public gallery, behind Alistair Dastardly and to his left. This caused much consternation and a clerk came in and appeared to be briefing some of the other clerks about me. This caused a lot of waving and smiling by me, as the clerks looked around to see who they were being informed about. Just so that I could help them to see me quickly, you understand. For some reason this made them embarrassed and shy, so they looked quickly away, pretending that they hadn’t been talking about me at all. Very funny.

Anyway, Darling was talking about how they were going to get the high street banks to resume their lending- it was literally all about credit and a little bit about the fact that new duty on whiskey had decreased its price in public houses- lots of that funny laughter they do, “phwar, phwar, phwar,”. because they were all going for a drink after the meeting, which they said Dastardly could pay for. At this point it all became very tedious, as all public consumption politics is designed to be, so I went to talk to my friendly minders.

I hadn’t seen PC Steff, PC Keen and David Parry for some time, so there was a of catching up to do. PC Steff and PC Keen have, in the past, committed perjury against me but they were just misled into acting as Police Officer persons. Fortunately I was able to show that perjury had been committed, when I was still defending myself under admiralty law and the case was dismissed. This was in the days before I knew that I wasn’t a person.

Many people said that I should have sued their chief inspector through small claims for wrongful arrest, but I’m not interested in money, I’m interested in change. The arrest has given me the opportunity for ongoing communication with these policemen, who I believe are basically nice guys, doing a job that they don’t understand, because they bought the story somewhere along the line- as we all have.

PC steff asked me if I was going to behave- he always asks me that. I said that I always behave, “it’s the MPs that don’t”. David parry asked me what I’d been up to and so I filled them in. I explained to them about the law of the land and the law of the high seas. How admiralty maritime law has been imposed upon human beings, through the creation of the person, with the birth certificate. I explained how a ship is female and that when it docks, it ‘sits in it’s BERTH’. I told them how the ship, has to have a ‘certificate of manifest’ which gives temporary ‘title ownership’ to the harbourmaster; how your mother is the merchant vessel and that the baby being carried in water, born through the ‘birth canal’, legally (not lawfully) has to be provided with the equivalent of the ‘certificate of manifest’, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which gives permanent (usually) ‘title ownership’ to the government corporation. I told them that the banks have no ‘proof of consideration’, and that this means that they are owed no money on mortgages, credit cards, loans etc. I finished with the fact that, statutes and acts only have the force of law with consent, as stated in Black’s Law. And that, as I am a human being, not a person, they have no lawful power to arrest me. It was all very nice and friendly.

The committee meeting was now over and the MPs were coming out- so I got ready to ask Alistair Darling a simple question. When he came out he had been informed that I was around and they were trying to bundle him away as I said, “Alistair Darling, I want to ask you a question!” I had several people now trying to prevent me from doing this by blocking my way and Dastardly Darling was running, with others, down the corridor- but still looking back at me. So I raised my voice to ask the question, at which point, both of my arms were grabbed by Steff and Keen. By the time I got the question out, I was being pulled away by the officers and so had to shout after Darling, “How are the banks going to lend more money when they have no ‘proof of consideration’?” I then turned my attention to the police asking them what they were doing. They informed me that I had broken the house rules by shouting and was being detained under house regulations. I replied, “I don’t even know the house rules and how is he meant to hear my question, if he is running away, if I don’t raise my voice? He’s meant to answer my questions, he’s supposed to be a public servant!” The chairman of the treasury committee, John Mcfall and Nick Ainger MP were now outside the room and I shouted out very loudly, “MONEY IS FICTION”. The police were pulling me and so I went limp. PC Steff said that he didn’t want to drag me, he was being nice really. I laughed and cried out, “Drag me!” It is so ridiculous and hilarious, that one cannot ask questions without breaking the rules.

I was taken to the police room, (this room is in the Houses of Parliament) where, when asked for a name, I informed them that I was not a person and that I did not have a name that day. I had gathered policemen along the way and by the time we arrived in the police room, had gathered an interested group, including a sergeant, who wanted a bit of truth. So I gave it to them, letting them know about tpuc etc.

After less than 10 minutes, PC Steff, who had been on the phone, told me that I was free to go. There then ensued a disagreement over whether I was actually free to go, because I hadn’t been searched yet and the paperwork hadn’t been done. But apparently, the Sergeant at Arms had said to, “get her out” (plus I think they didn’t want any paperwork! Probably because they knew that they were on dodgy ground by detaining me at all). As they resolved the dispute, I stated, to anyone that was listening that, I didn’t want to go yet, as I was having such a very, jolly time with all of them. They weren’t allowed, I don’t think, to let me stay and I was escorted, by PC Steff, to the gates. As we went he said to me, “See how scared they are of you? They don’t even want you searched!” Funny.

A week later, on the 17th December, I was again detained for 10 minutes. This time for asking Alan Duncan MP, a known arms dealer, a question about the House of Commons being a corporation. The police said he looked harassed, alarmed and distressed, (public order, section 5) and detained me while they ascertained whether Mr Duncan wished to have me prosecuted. Can you believe. That day I didn’t get detained for speaking to Roy Hattersley, who just denied the veracity of my information, and dismissed all of my questions as ridiculous, re: the person and statutes and acts. I also didn’t get detained for shouting out my questions to dismissive Peter Hain; or for walking with Douglas Hurd- who, after denying the fact that the Commons and Lords are corporations, said that he had never been a friend of the late Saddam Hussein. This despite being pictured smiling and shaking hands with Hussein, over the arms deals between Iraq, BAe and Thatcher’s government, at the onset of his (Hurd’s or Hussein’s) bloody rise to power.

All I do is speak the truth as I see it and ask questions. If MPs want to maintain the illusion that they are public servants, the least they can do is answer our questions. TRUTH not SOPHISTRY.

(Treasury Committee: Members present; John McFall (chair); Nick Ainger; Graham Brady; Colin Breed; Jim Cousins; Stephen Crabb; Michael Fallon; Sally Keeble; Andrew Love; George Mudie; John Thurso; Mark Todd; Sir Peter Viggers)

(Witnesses; Alistair Darling; Mr Dave Ramsden, MD Macroeconomics & Fiscal Policy; Mark Bowden, Director Tax Strategy & Delivery)

Love, truth and natural justice for the whole earth,

Myrtle Merryweather x

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