New messages from the ‘Police’ – interesting!!!

We recently asked; have you got these in your Town, Village or City?

Well it turns out it is a nationwide campaign, not only using bill boards, but also in newspapers.

You can check this campaign out here at: http://campaigns.direct.gov.uk/policingpledge/

Mike one of TPUC researchers has recently been telling local people in his village Banber Bridge Lanc’s, that you are not obliged to answer any Police officers questions, basically informing them of this simple fact after having this confirmed recently by a Chief Inspector.

Driving down Banber Bridge High Street today, Mike stumbled upon these two signs, newly put up, with another further down the High Street.


ANYTHING YOU SAY ‘MAY’ BE TAKEN DOWN AND USED AS EVIDENCE– As we now know the word ‘Must’ is synonymous with the word ‘May’; usually they are used the other way round, but because we know the Police (POLICY ENFORCERS) use the language of LEGALESE to deceive people, this message reads quite differently, when you change the word ‘may’ for ‘must’.

If you see anything like this in your area, please let us know and send pictures if you can.

What interesting times we live in!!

The image below is posted on bus stops along the length of Oxford Road Manchester!

The image below that is an advert in the Lancashire Free Post!

Thanks Mike and Dave!

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