One freeman and his seat belt – John Harris

On Saturday 10th May 2008 I was driving back from Cornwall after completing a job in St Austell. I pulled off the M5 motorway to get a coffee at junction 28 Cullompton service station and was followed in by Special Constable 74224.

As I left my car and made my way towards the service station garage to get my coffee, I was confronted by SC 74224 who abruptly informed me that I had broken the law by not wearing a seat belt and could I park my car away from the pumps so he could deal with me. I obliged by moving away from the pumps and re parked across the way after protesting that he should go and fight some real crime. I also reminded SC 74224 that the law he was using has no basis in law in this country as it was brought in by a traitorous parliament and is basically a stealth tax used for the sole purpose of raising revenue for such traitors.

With a blank look he told me he was not going to debate with me over this issue and told me I had broken the law. SC 74224 first asked if the vehicle was mine and I replied no it’s my sister’s which is the truth, then SC 74224 asked me ‘do I have any ID?’ again I replied ‘no’ then SC 74224 asked me for my name and I replied ‘I am not telling you’ to which he replied you have to, so I replied ‘no I do not as I am a freeman’. This argument went on for sometime which resulted in another officer PC 5331 arriving in another car, then two more officers in another car who did not stay.

The two officers that remained, then run a check on me and my sister’s car and subsequently obtained the insurance details, who I was and who owned the vehicle. They then proceeded to ask me my name again, this time threatening me with arrest if I did not co-operate and I simply said ‘you already have my name from the details you have just got; so you know the car is owned by my sister, you know I’m insured, you also know my partner is a named driver and you have my address’.

At this point I was advised by PC 5331 that her car was video recording the incident and I again was asked to give my name to which I replied ‘you all ready know it why do you keep asking me’.  I was then arrested by SC 74224 and PC 5331 for failing to give my name and I was subsequently hand cuffed and a police van was called to remove me to a police station. Again I voiced my objection saying I have been a freeman since the 1st May 2008 and you do not have any authority over me which fell on deaf ears.

After a short time I relented and gave my formal name as registered with the society I had removed myself from and was de-arrested but not before the police van arrived to remove me. After a conversation between SC 74224 and the officer driving the police van, the van drove off and parked someway down from where we were standing and stayed there throughout the remaining entirety of the incident.

I was given a fixed penalty fine for £30 for failure to wear a seat belt (as above) by SC 74224 and was also told I would have to produce my documents at a police station of my choice, to which I replied ‘I will not be producing any documents at any police station and I will not be paying the fine as I am a freeman the fine does not apply to me and even if it did the fine its self is illegal under part 2 clause 12 of the Bill of Rights and is not valid’. I was subsequently not given the form to make me produce my documents.

I took the fixed penalty fine, got my coffee and drove off not wearing a seat belt.

In conclusion this proves the paranoia police at large suffer from and the amount of wasted manpower, at the tax payer’s expense, used to deal with a minor offence and someone refusing to obey their system. In total six police officers, four police vehicles to deal with this trivial matter, when on the same evening a young women is assaulted in Bristol in her own home and it takes the police over 3 hours to respond.

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