One man’s opinion…

Please take into consideration before reading this; you may disagree entirely with what I am about to write. All I ask is that you hear me out and read and digest what I am suggesting.

So, as the world seemingly heads down the toilet taking all who reside here with it, I wonder what the ratio is of human beings that is, who actually realise what is happening to those who are totally oblivious? This is without doubt an impossible thing to deduce, unless you look at the logical factor involved. The fact we are still spiraling downwards ever seemingly on a path that will result in total destruction. By using this simple logic it is more than certain that the ratio is un-healthily balanced on the side of the oblivious. In all honesty though is this, such a bad thing if the only solution that could work needs this to work? An interesting conundrum indeed that calls for four elements to be talked about, although many cannot be bothered through simple applied apathy resulting from complete non-interest and the rest… well let us talk of this.

It seems to me, although I could be very wrong about this, there are four categories human beings can be placed in. Although called by different names across the world I will use how I term them world wide, you can apply your own regional names, but they still amount to the same.

The groups/categories are as follows.

  1. Monarchists
  2. Parliamentarians
  3. Non-conformists
  4. The Apathetic

To be honest I have approached one of these subjects once at a talk I did in Leicester some years back and I was met with a torrent of abuse and for the first time peer pressure was washed to the side as they fought for their say on the matter. What I approached was Monarchy without a perspective of my own I just threw this as bate and oh boy did they bite that bate. I found this most interesting as all four elements where present in the room described above. The devoutly political (democracy is the only way through debate), the devoutly royalist (albeit for the wrong reasons in my view) the non-conformist (who want no rules whatsoever and just want to be able to do as they please) and of course the apathetic (who basically don’t give a shit). I stood there silent and just listened and was to say the least amazed at the aggression (said to be passion) that was on display regarding the mention of the subject matter. Then they turned on each other when their conflicting opinions did not match and it took some time for this to calm, but eventually I could speak again and carry on.

On that day I didn’t really know what I’d un-covered to be honest, until much later on when I was reflecting on what had happened, which is actually whilst I am writing this. I know that sounds strange, but that is how I write – of the ‘moment’ some say… I would like the chance to explore this again and will have through the new talk I am doing, but this time I would like to add a perspective of my own – should prove interesting and something I am about to explore within this article/blog. Please be aware though I find it difficult to explain myself with words written and find it far easier when I can do it vocally, but I will try to get my perspective across nonetheless.

So lets step back in history for a minute and explore what created such concepts as monarchy, parliament, non-conformity and last but not least apathy. Well the simple truth regarding three of them is that they were simply an idea at one time that received agreement and is it not the ‘agreement’ that is the most powerful aspect. The other one is generated from the lack of understanding or simply because lack of interest is created via helplessness, hope or distraction. Three elements have the indoctrinated in them, who cannot see past their own noses as all perceptions they have are marred by belief in that element. So are the apathetic just as indoctrinated? Well the answer can only be yes as they believe or have accepted that life cannot be any different, absorbed by all the distractions life presents as it is. Purposely it would seem, if you look through the eye’s that suggest someone could of course benefit from this, which is without doubt shrouded behind a label called ‘conspiracy theory’ that hides the true intent. Another ‘buzz’ word that creates a separation and a turn off switch within the receptors of life in decadence, who cannot plainly see that what this results in is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and those in between don’t give a shit until poverty comes a knocking on their door.

So has it always been this way? Well yes it has, with the world revolving around a monumental worldwide ‘pyramid’ scheme, which maintains the separation exists. Master slave syndrome or god complex that exists through position or class division deriving from the belief that something can be lesser than you and because of this, the higher up you become, the more you can demand serve you and your self interest. All four elements in one way or another are affected by this, even though the way it is demonstrated is slightly different, but the essence of problem is the core that drives this obsessive need to better one’s self, which is propagated daily through the media, education (children and adult) and parents. Sorry I am distracting from the essence of what I am talking about, but I am sure you will agree/disagree that these elements exist.

So let’s look at the groups/categories in more detail, albeit very brief descriptions and in some ways a little bias – but opinions are like arseholes we all have one!

Monarchists. This is an interesting group that have been labeled Royalists in history and it is suggested they serve the needs of a king or queen and feel that they should be the ultimate point of power. Monarchy actually means ‘central point of administration of law’, so it is interesting that even though they may not know this, they recognise the essence of a king or queen being that point of power. Unfortunately they do not recognise that no king or queen has ever done their job properly and they are quite happy for them to sit in grandeur above the rest of the people – a loyalty that is quite misplaced. But they are happy to be subjects and subjected to the whims of a human being who believes they have some kind of divine rite. Also this is a breeding ground for ‘nationalism’… I will come back to this directly.

Parliamentarians. This is a group of individuals who believe in the power of debate (essentially arguments) and that those arguments are settled by the majority vote. Shame it is not realised that this allows for the wrong thing to happen, if the wrong thing gets the majority! – Or is this very much relied upon in the rich rich, poor poor syndrome (god complex) that created it in the first place? They believe the people’s power should be invested in an assembly of men (now also women) and not just in one, although their assumed power derives from that one position. Under what they call the ‘mandate of the people’ that is created via elections (a process nepotism can hide behind and to elude to there being some form of choice) they derive policy for the political regime they create and control in the name of the monarch. In essence they take on the role of Monarchy as being the central point of administration of law and the true monarch is legally castrated to prevent this from occurring. They may express disapproval, they may give a warning and they most certainly have the right to be informed (within reason that is) but without the will of the people lost in apathy and stolen by parliament there is nothing they can do. Another trick they can use is to pass a bill and modify it if it is called for by the monarch under warning, pass it and then add to it, modify it and enact each part under statutory instrument without the monarch even knowing. Basically they are self-important, self-serving parasites bleeding the people dry (well certain elements whereas others have a protection) under the illusion that is representation and law. Moreover this is another breeding ground for ‘nationalism’… again I will get back to this directly.

Non-conformist. Another very interesting group deriving from the need to go against conforming to what they believe is wrong. Mainly known for their denial of the recognised church, but also for their refusal to accept repugnant laws (their words not mine) be that from a king or queen or a parliament of liars. (Sorry couldn’t help myself, but nonetheless true… how did your dad come about that 30 mil Dave?) Nowadays that has manifested into a group of people who call themselves ‘freemen’ who would like no rules at all – a nice sentiment indeed although, at this moment not a very practical one. I was labeled one of these for a while and still am, all to do with my affidavits I served on Elizabeth the CEO of UKPLC but that story is for another time and possibly might be something I talk about in the talks. And it is not in context regarding the subject matter of this article…

The apathetic. This group makes up the majority by all accounts. They are the downtrodden element the rest rely on for their existence. Without their apathy none of the above would exist, as they are the engine that drives the commercial machine (religious and political that are in fact one and the same) the rest cannot be without for the benefits they claim whether that is by privilege or necessity and to do the jobs that keep the machine running effortlessly. Without them it stalls and that is why they are kept in the daily struggle that is life, so they don’t question and obey without exception. This group, in essence are the most powerful, even though they are very unaware of this fact, even though to many of us it is obvious why this has been deliberately done, as in essence their power is most certainly recognised and feared. They have been divided through history, racism (but it is the human race, is it not and not the human races?) religious and political segregation, nationalism, wealth, style, fashion, trend, technology, class, position, status, and education… too many to mention, but by that little lot you get my point. Maybe they just need reminding of this and reminding of what power they really hold and of course how to wield it  – correctly that is. For one minute realise the power of what it means to be a ‘consumer’ and the power of one action ‘to depose’!

So now I have separated the four different groups we now have to bring them together, so we can try to advert the destruction that is most certainly looming over us all. This to many is an unthinkable challenge that results in another form of apathetic approach when it is presented in real terms and of course you must get past the ‘nationalistic’ approach, which creates a most powerful divide, up there with religion. Nationalism was ultimately designed to cause and re-enforce the concept of divide and rule via segregation and separation as who created it do very successfully. It works via pride in what is called ‘your country’ which is a political debtor’s open prison controlled by a devoutly insane political regime where you have no real freedom and no say in the rules forced upon you, but have liberty that they allow you to have via their policy. You are confined to an area of land that has been legally defined on a map and called a country and if you leave you will generally go to another prison with political rules. To do this you must be a good little serf and conform no matter how heinous the policy becomes and to look up to your masters and be thankful for the scraps you are thrown from their table of abundance. You must recognise they are better than you and in being so they have the ‘right’ (divine or political) to do this. If they say you must have pride in your country, then you must do so, even though in reality you must have pride in a political regime that takes your money and murders people in other countries with it, allows for poverty to still exist in this day and age and last but not least… I will leave this one for another time, as you probably have got the point I am making by now. If you haven’t well the point is nationalistic pride allows this to happen as it creates a point of segregation from the rest of the world, as religions create segregation from other religions. History re-enforces this notion and renews it through education processes, remembrance, monuments and statues that litter cities across the world, the media, documentaries about war, films about war, video games and of course books. This is then related to immigration through lack of jobs via political nationalist parties that segregate on two levels, the former and of course against other political parties.

What is forgotten is that the earth doesn’t belong to any one institution, organization, or even us individually, it actually belongs to no one, and we all should inhabit the earth equally really, or we should do! What has obviously occurred is that areas have been claimed under assumed ownership by empirical enforcement, which then created a divvy up of the land mass under what is known as ‘legal ownership’ primarily done by the devoutly insane under a god complex. (monarchies and parliamentarians) So it seems obvious to me that to bring about a reversal of this process you first must eradicate the god complex and devoutly insane legal system built from it. Once this is achieved it would be possible to unite the human race and please note I said ‘race’ and not ‘races’! It is not right to be abusive full stop let alone use the colour of some ones skin within an insult (mental abuse) but it has to be recognised that this does only work one way for a very specific reason. Again it causes anger and a point, nationalism can rise from within that anger that leads to a nationalist mindset. In reality it is impossible to be racist as there is only ‘the human race’ and we are not called ‘the human races’ thus you simply cannot be racist if only one exists. This alone demonstrates what twoddle the legal systems of the world are and in reality provides ample evidence of why such in accuracies exist and clearly for what purpose. Please, don’t use the colour of someone’s skin against them in an insult; in fact don’t insult anyone at all if you can help it. It is not big and it is not clever and it is not nice, so stop it and stop the legal systems making money off of your stupidity. Also, don’t confuse being told the truth and being insulted, because they are distinctly different and ultimately done for completely different reasons, but sometimes seem so similar, it does add to confusion.

So back to history for a second, religion and politics have been at the helm of things for little over two thousand years and nothing has ever changed except get worse (I commented on this fact in another article/blog recently) and still the monarchist’ and the parliamentarians want to do more of the same. The devoutly insane are the same and still feel that reliance on ‘books’ (doesn’t matter what religion your talking about here) is the way forward. The foundation of these concepts (monarchy and parliamentarians) are you will find the god complex instigated by the devoutly insane, even the fact that the concept of ‘divine rite’ comes directly from the god complex. The workings of the parliamentarians are exactly that of the church, as the oppressive law they force upon the people is Cannon Law, or church law derived directly from their religious book ‘the bible’, which in reality is, in my opinion, a fictitious storybook. The contributing factor to take into account within this is that this storybook is the foundation of law that allows the people to do the heinous things they have done in the name of a fictitious character in a book you cannot question. I am sorry but that to me is a little too convenient when you fully appreciate what has been built from this and how it affects us everyday.

For their law to work properly under the god complex someone upon the earth must be seen as the highest representative of the that god. In this case it is the queen and everyone else falls into line under her. Now lets say just for one minute that was the case and the queen had overall power, or lets say she was ‘deposed’ and who replaced her did. (And because it is a man’s world they would almost certainly have to be a man, even though, again in my opinion, more women need to hold positions of responsibility – another story for another time) Now they hold the ultimate point of power (the central point of administration of law) and for many (relying on historic records) this would be a very bad thing to happen, but we have to look at the optimistic view point as well as the pessimistic one. If this did in fact happen with the right king on the throne, then everything under that position would change as well by default. If that king decided to create a kingdom based on equality no one could stop him doing it. If he decided to erase status, position and standing and the privileges gained from these positions, again no one could stop him. If he decided to re-distribute the wealth and eradicate poverty and give everything that could be given for free, actually for free no one could stop him. All that fall under his power would have to do as he say’s and they could not argue. In essence no one could stop him putting things right and no one could stop him eradicating the god complex that is responsible for the problems we now live in daily. In essence it would be the case of using the god complex against itself.

So the new king would need a group under him to help ‘him’ run the kingdom and one already exists, so why not use that one. (It makes compete sense to do so) It has a central point that can be used to a regional one and also a local one. All that has to be removed is the god complex and its influence. Just because they have always done the wrong thing, again doesn’t mean that can’t be directed to do the right thing. Of course in losing the god complex they would become an equal to everyone else and their wealth, as anyone’s would be re-distributed. They won’t like it, but if it is the law, then they have no choice. Thus, all the changes that are needed, to be applied and put in place can be via a process that everyone knows and recognises. All that has to happen is the new king directs without question what those changes have to be. Forming a kingdom based on equality eradicates the use of the god complex (The privileged) and with its eradication, segregation and separation through political, religious and social divides becomes a thing of the past lost in the past forever – the kick start our children need. Capitalism, monopolisation and corporate greed would become illegal as the whole legal systems do an about turn and revert back to a principle of equality and not equity. Of course there is a whole lot more to go in to regarding this subject, but by now I am sure you get the principle. Everyone, in one way or another, abides by the law daily. To make the changes needed, simply change the law. Make it law that you have to do the right thing as an equal on parity with every other living thing, on the principle of inhabitance and not ownership. To change law to such a degree you need the founding position of that law to change and that by default means only one position needs to change.

I know that many of you would find this suggestion quite alarming and I know you will express your concerns, which by default will cast yourselves into one of the four categories by your own comments. I understand this completely and have been at times where you are, trying to solve what would seem an un-solvable conundrum. All I suggest here is a simple idea, a notion of logical outcome that cannot be denied as the very opposite of what I suggest is the world we live in. If one side can exist and work, then by default the other side could exist and work.

If this were to happen then the four groups would be united in one common goal in the end, which is equality, as they would not have a choice as the law would dictate that this must be so. Human beings adapt very quickly to new surroundings, we know this from our own experiences life has thrown at us, so we could adapt to this. Yes a chance must be taken and yes it relies upon the will of one man, which to many is an un-thinkable thought. I suggest to you, from my heart this is possible and this can work, when you realise how much power you possess and realise how to use it. You are consumers and hold the power to bring anything ‘corporate’ to its knees and that means anything and all you have to do is ‘not buy their products’. No one can force you to buy anything. This is a freedom that can never be removed from you. Governments, companies and all things corporate (including the church) rely on you for their existence. If this is the case, which it cannot be denied it is, then realise who really holds the power. If you in this country decide to, you can demand a new king and new laws, because it is your will and your freedom of choice being a simple consumer that can bring this about. If the queen is not willing to listen, then she can be none violently ‘deposed’ and you as a people can chose your own king. Her government would lose its power in an instance and thus it would have to fall under the control of a new central point of administration of law. It is that simple!

This does not only effect here, this affects America and the rest of the common wealth and Europe. We are talking about creating a situation of equality across two thirds of the world’s population. For this reason alone that is why this island is so important. That it is why you as a people are feared so much. That is why we have to do this, not just for our children, but also for the children of the world. I call upon you to unite; I call upon you to unite together as a community to serve the world, as a community that will not tolerate war, poverty and the god complex any more. That will stand together side by side and say ‘no’ we will not live this way any longer. We will not let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, this will end, as we will make it so. We are the people and we hold the power, a power in reality that can never be taken from us.

I know in my heart someone out there can do this and is the ‘king’ we seek and i will support them if they do what is right. If they don’t, then I will be the first to voice objection as I am doing now and I will continue till the right man is found. As always this is just one mans opinion, nothing more, nothing less and please take it as only being that.   x

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