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Our Constitution is very much alive and well – John Harris a Carpenter’s views

Far too many devious politicians and far too many corrupt judges are making repeated claims that the UK does not have a Constitution and that Parliament is Sovereign: Before saying anything else, I have to say that I am very very tired of this ‘Spin’, which is properly labeled as Lies!

Lies are being used by very dishonourable people to hide the very simple fact that nobody at all is provided with a lawful ability to avoid the rules that are provided by our Constitution and putting it very bluntly, I find that the Lies about the non-existence of our Constitution are both tiresome and insulting to my own intelligence.

Because of my own research, I can say that Our Constitution is very much alive and well and is set out very clearly in documents that can be seen by anyone at all who, like me, is prepared to spend a very small amount of time in looking at the Constitutional Provisions that appear in Common Law and in Statute Law.

I can agree that there is no single document that can be described as ‘The Constitution’, but this is very far from accepting The Lie that there IS no Constitution: The evidence of Our Constitution lies all around us and is very plain for everyone to see, if they take the trouble to look.

The relevant documents that exist in Common Law & in Statute Law include:-

1. The Magna Carta/s of both 1215 & 1225;

2. The Treason Act of 1351

3. The Act of Supremacy given effect by Henry VIII in 1534,

and restored by Elizabeth I, in 15– :

4. The Declaration of Rights, created in the period 1688/89,

& formally accepted by the Crown in February, 1689;

5. The Bill of Rights published as a Statute in December, 1689;

6. The Treason and Felony Act of 1848.

All of these documents form part of our great constitution, which is still the envy of the world, and the Law that is contained within these documents cannot be removed by any parliament, or ignored by any judge who is blessed with the intelligence to think. These documents were provided with a full & binding legal effect long before the existence of any parliament (&/or were created and given legal effect by the Crown & by The People, acting together directly and without the involvement of any parliament).

The absence of any break in the continuity of English history, from 1066 to the present day, serves to explain the ‘size & shape’ of our present-day Constitution, which was built over hundreds of years to the single purpose of imposing the Rule of Law on both Government and People: The end-result of the hard work and bloodshed of the past is The Constitution of the UK, which now serves to provide all of us (from the highest to the lowest) with a guarantee of Freedom from Oppression, wherever we live and wherever we operate within the borders of our country.

The Existence of Our Constitution is confirmed by the Law, and this Constitution exists in spite of all and any claims to the contrary now being offered by Politicians &/or Judges (&/or by misguided people who are now telling lies for Evil and Selfish purposes of their own). .

The Constitution makes no provision at all for any ‘Sovereignty’ of Parliament and makes a real and very clear provision for Our Sovereign to Govern the Nations of the UK, in accordance with the terms of the Coronation Oath (which now requires our present Queen to Govern the People of the UK, in accordance with their own laws & customs which customs include the Right of the People to be heard by the Government of their Queen, whenever the representatives of the people are speaking within the assembly of a lawful parliament).

Clearly it is intended that the Voice of The People should be heard via the mouths of their elected representatives – and it is equally clear that these elected representatives are required to use all of their time in speaking only for the communities that have elected them: There is no lawful provision for these representatives to speak &/or to vote only in support of the very temporary & often misguided people who just happen to hold the leaderships of the various political parties.

The present-day attempts of the House of Commons to misuse the Authorities & Powers of the Sovereign herself (in breach of the law, I might add) are nothing more than attempts to avoid the legal restraints that are imposed on both Houses of Parliament by the Constitution. . At this present time, the true & lawful functions of Parliament are being hidden and corrupted by people who are afraid of the Law that serves to oppose the illegality of their own behaviour.

It is now very clear that this fear of the Law of the Constitution is in fact an absolute recognition by our MPs that they are performing unlawfully & dishonourably (and at great public expense), by failing in their sworn duty to represent ONLY the wishes of their own communities, and equally failing in their sworn duty to maintain the Supremacy of the Sovereign (and therefore the Independence; Safety and Security of the United Kingdom) at all times.

The Law of the Constitution provides that Sovereignty belongs only to the Sovereign, and the Law of the Constitution requires the Sovereign to act as the Supreme Defender of the Rights & Liberties that belong to the People. The Law of the Constitution providing that the Sovereign Has A Personal Duty to Uphold & Defend the People is ultimately expressed by the giving &/or the withholding of the Royal Assent to proposals of any kind that come from parliament & that have (or could have) any adverse effect on the safety and security of the People.

Present-Day Terminology used by MPs, such as ‘No Parliament May Bind It’s Successor’ (whatever that may mean) represents only high-sounding rubbish that is without value of any kind, because the Law of the Constitution makes no such provision.

The Law of the Constitution provides only that Laws given effect by the Crown remain Absolute, until such time as the Law is Changed by the Will of the Sovereign – and further provides that the Sovereign may NOT give legal effect to any proposal that is suggested by ANY parliament, if any such proposal serves to breach the terms of the Coronation Oath that the People Will Be Governed in accordance with their own laws and customs.

As examples of the dangerous nonsense that is now being practiced by deceitful politicians & self-serving Judges in their unhealthy scramble for Powers that do not belong to them –

a) Trial by Jury is being denied in far too many cases of State Prosecution, and the British People are being abandoned to the mercy of magistrates who are not trained in law, &/or the mercy of so-called District Judges who are only magistrates with a high-sounding title and with the benefit of a pay-packet that is provided by the taxpayers.

Who is it that has dared to remove the safety provisions that were made by Magna Carta?

Well, of course, responsibility lies with the people sitting in the House of Commons, who are entrusted with the duty of representing the people, and who claim to have ‘the mandate of the people’ for the removal of the legal safeguards that belong to the people.

What nonsense!

b) The Treason Act of 1351 clearly states that ‘it is Treason to encompass the death of the Sovereign’ (and – by extension – to ‘encompass’ the death of the Sovereign’s Authority).

In spite of this clear Law of the Constitution, our present-day politicians are now attempting to give Supreme Power to the European Union – and are thus attempting to remove the Supreme Power of the Sovereign, who has the Supreme Duty to Uphold & Defend the Rights & Liberties of The People.

Once again, the People are being ‘robbed of a lawful defence against tyranny – and the robbery is being conducted by deceitful representative of the people, who are, once again, claiming to have the ‘mandate of the people’.

It is clearly time for All Politicians; Judges & their Agents to be firmly reminded that their lawful authority is restricted by the Law of the Constitution – and that if they continue to exceed their lawful powers in pursuit of their own devious purposes, then the British People Will Act to Remove Them from Power, under the provisions made by the Magna Carta of 12l5, which provides The People with A Lawful right to enter into Rebellion.

We have the right to withdraw our obedience to a corrupt Government, until such times as we are again governed in accordance with our own Laws and customs. Wherever possible withdraw your obedience to this Government deny them the right to govern us and wherever you can cut them off from the use of your money, and reject their laws.

John Harris – A Carpenters views.

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