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Protecting the Innocent

In today’s Britain, where we so often see Politician’s and others more interested in pursuing the solitary goal of unjust personal enrichment instead of representing, asserting and protecting the freedoms and liberties of others, we find a public hero….
We learned today that Christian publican, Hamish Howitt, who has been pursued relentlessly by Government Officials for allowing the old, sick, disabled and blind to smoke protected from the elements in one of his two pubs has just won his appeal. His only crime to continue to allow the public to exercise choice.

The officious Council had determined to revoke his premises license and such action was yesterday deemed unlawful by the Court.

In my previous articles Smoking bans kill and Listen Up ASH! We Have Questions I point out how the legislation applied to innocent law abiding subjects of the British Crown is fatally flawed.

In failing to listen to the voice of the public the Government has shown itself incapable of performing its duty under the Constitutional law of this Country. This Government has quite clearly shown itself not to be acting as Representatives of the People.

At a local level Council taxpayers will be asking if Council’s are making the best use of public money by pursuing cases against business owners like Hamish Howitt.

The good news is that we the people will shortly be holding them all to account!!

Martin Hensman M.Inst.L.Ex, LLB (Hons)
Link to article and news report. Howitt wins licence appeal Click here to view pre-trial news coverage

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