My question is a simple one that probably encompasses all sorts of possibilities when first read, but then ultimately has one clear and very defined answer. An answer that most of you at this time I am sure would agree with, especially if you are not one of the inflicted! A harsh word to use, which insinuates that you are imposed upon from a force you feel, bound to comply with. A force outside of your control that implores you to follow its decisions whether you agree with them or not. A sort of social acceptance if you will that removes your will to do any different! They do say that the truth is stranger than fiction!

Do we just follow and adhere to? Because we know no different and feel compelled to disregard the obvious that stares us in the face because of this, Even though it is so plainly obvious? Do we feel safe in what compels us, to a point we would be lost without its reassuring net to catch us when we fall from its graces? Are we that oblivious to the obvious that the obvious is swept into oblivion never to be in our grasp, as we feel helplessly alone? Does the fear of being socially ostracized by our peers and family keep us in the realms of conformity and apathy – never do we speak out? And if we do it is only with those who we know think along the same lines as us. Is it now time to face the truth of what we have become and feel the strength from within us to voice this? Is it now time to turn and face and ask for complete transparency of those who make the rules that we have to adhere to daily? Is it now time to break the shackles of conformity, release ourselves from the chains of degradation and break free from the manacles that prevent us from helping ourselves?

Through an educed gullible state of stupor it seems, those at the helm of this controlled environment forced upon us have run amuck with rules that suit their needs very nicely. And it seems there is no exception to this rule, none whatsoever! And as the rules and regulations, legislation’s and by-laws get more ludicrous and crass by the minute, still we just comply, still we adhere to and still we accept. Yes we may voice our concerns from time to time through the vessels of anger designed to soak up such, but then we return to our apathetic lives void of concern. As our concerns turn to the needs of the few namely us, me and mine and I!

Are we really that frightened to stand and say what we truly feel? Are we truly that frightened to step out of the line as humanity walks aimlessly over the cliff of certain destruction? Do we stay silent as all we hold dear is slowly destroyed around us for the need of greed of the few? Do we not now recognise what has caused this heinous situation and what heinous institutions are responsible? But still are we frightened to speak out and realise that there is strength in numbers that is counted on, not just by one side, but also by both? Is it now that intelligence is the greatest mark of stupidity, as is stupidity the greatest mark of the intelligent? How long do you honestly feel this can go on for? Well? How long before it implodes upon itself and takes you with it, all because you would not step out of the line of conformity and ask for the one thing that could reverse this?

Do you in all honesty trust our government? And if you do not, then ask yourself this? What is the only element that exists that can relieve them of their positions and can reverse every detrimental decision they have made – and if that element were to do this would you support them? For they only have power through you and you only have power through them!

As a great story tells ‘it is not through lineage that kings are born and employed, it is through the people’s choice and ultimately their will’! And please remember they ultimately are your employee, as their job is to serve you and that is what you employ them to do. They are your voice when you cannot find yours.

And for all of you that are pessimistic regarding such things I talk of, then please remember just because it has never happened doesn’t mean it cannot happen.

And if you do trust our government and can deny all I have said – well!!   x

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