Brexit Europe

Question: What is this evidence of?

The United Kingdom became a member of the European Communities in 1973. The original Communities – European Community (European Union) – has its own constitutional structure as defined in the Treaties signed by all Member States. The Court of Justice of the Communities (EU) has, since the 1960’s asserted the supremacy of Community (EU) Law over the Laws of any Member State. The Laws of the Community (EU) – the Treaties, laws enacted by the Commission, Council of Ministers and the European Parliament together with the judicial decisions of the European Court – are binding on all Member States. In the United Kingdom, the acceptance of Community (EU) Law is under the European Communities Act 1972 – an Act of the United Kingdom Parliament – Accordingly, all Community (EU) Law derives its force and authority under this Act. The sovereignty of Community (EU) Law must, according to the European Court of Justice, have supremacy over the Member States Law, because through accession (signing of all Treaties) to the EU, Member States have ‘surrendered’ their sovereign power, in relation to those matters now regulated by the Community. (EU) Referenced from – Constitutional & Administrative Law – Forth Edition. Hilaire Barnett, BA, LLM, Queen Mary, University of London 2002
I answer with the word Treason.
Ask yourself how you would answer?
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