British Constitution

Recourse is ours in any eventuality regarding the real truth

With the simple understanding of the 1911 Parliament Act and the two crucial elements changed within this Act namely;

  1. The presumption that the royal assent would always be presumed to be automatic- no Sovereign would be allowed an opinion nor could they act as the Constitutional safe guard with this presumption.
  2. The removal of the Lords powers of Veto against all taxation bills with subsequent effect of the full destruction of the Lords powers.

You quite simply come to the understanding, without the need of men’s lies to the simple recognition of the truth, that is;

  1. Her majesty has never actually signed any Act or Treaty nor has any Sovereign from 1911 onwards, the last to sign being George V; The Parliament Act of 1911.
  2. That the power of the Lords to Veto any bill has been destroyed including the actually destruction of the true Lords being from hereditary peers to life peers.
  3. That the true power in this country resides with us the people, we have Sovereignty, and we only lend the power to be governed properly, so to destroy our Sovereignty, you first must destroy the very element we invested that power in.
  4. Parliament has claimed Sovereignty illegally after removing the elements that stood in its way, by way of the 1911 Act; the Lords and the Sovereign.
  5. To use the lies of men to destroy the need for our Sovereign by getting the people to believe in those lies so they do the job for them; exactly what our government have achieved by way of the internet and the main stream media and with a relentless series of gatekeepers to shroud the truth.

Her Majesty, I feel, is in Constitutional prison with two elements of fear being used against her; two elements are as thus;

  1. The fear of abolishment from a Sovereign Nation to a Republic which is educed by the governments control over the people and the relentless propaganda to force the peoples will into destroying their own Sovereignty, by simply removing the Constitutional safe guard; remember we have Sovereignty, even though people are deluded, they could do this, without even realizing what they are doing, with the pressure applied by the traitors.

  2. And that she now truly feels her people have deserted her.

Our Sovereign, true Law; no Sovereign, true Law cannot exist.

We need our Queen and our Queen needs us; for without this, our Sovereignty, our Nation and our Law cannot survive, for these are the most crucial elements needed to be in place, for our Constitutional Law to work, for without this it cannot work, as is most evident in any court of law, and subsequent legislation being imposed on us as a people.

I know from that fateful time in 1911 that all Sovereigns of this nation have not only believed they have lost the ability to protect their people, they have lost the respect of the people, not through their own doing, but through the lies of men and the peoples inability to see through those lies for what they really are. We have allowed ourselves to be so conditioned by these lies, that we as a people are destroying the very element that can save us in a stroke of a pen and have allowed for the destruction of two crucial elements that would have protected us from the dictatorship that now resides not only in the Commons of this country but also in the Lords.

The truth is we are to blame for the destruction of this country and all that is happening now and all that will happen. Why? Because as a people we have failed ourselves and allowed this to go on for so long and have allowed for two very crucial elements of our Constitution to be destroyed. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the lies of men and men’s knowledge, portraying a reality we all seemingly believe, based upon our own inability to see the faults in ourselves and rather to continually see the faults in others and then blame them faults in others for something that has only resulted because our own failings.

In reality true law must have a attribute that is based upon the only real true divine rule of law; no one, without any exception is above the law. Law must be built upon morality, an absolute, our Constitutional Law stands for that attribute, although not worded, but in clear concise morality, when understanding the Wisdom of those who penned it. Any law built upon the attributes of control and fear lacks that one crucial attribute, which amounts to only one understanding; it is not law at all, but just a system of control in the guise of law.

Our Constitutional Law holds recourse for any eventuality that will be forced upon us as a people . It allows for the people to use their sovereignty to enter into Lawful Rebellion to assist our Sovereign and help them use our strength as a people, to bring about the change so few seek and so many are completely unaware of, to return back to the true rule of law and a true governance based upon our freedoms, or quite simply it allows for us to remove our Sovereign, to be replaced by a new English Sovereign of the peoples choosing, who will govern this country and the people of this country based upon the morality of our true Constitutional law and the freedoms asserted by our Law.

The 1911 Parliament Act was Parliaments first grasp at true control of this country, the Sovereign and its people and it will be their undoing, when the people quite simply understand what it actually achieved for these traitors and successive traitors, and what has resulted from the biggest , most blatant act of treason committed against this country, its people and its Sovereign.

On a personal note:

In sending my Affidavits to Her Majesty I used our Constitutional Law and used Constitutional documents (Affidavits invoking article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 the founding document of our Constitution) to deliver a clear and concise message to my Sovereign and to the traitors in Parliament. The message to my Sovereign; I am here to help, the message to the traitors; the games up.

Her Majesty, the traitors in Parliament and myself fully understand what recourse the people of this country have at their disposal, through the use of Constitutional Law, in any occurring eventuality regarding the truth that will be known. Simply this is what the traitors fear, they fear you actually realizing the truth, that you have true law at your disposal, as you are the ones who have Sovereignty and once the British people realize that by using their own Constitutional Law in their defense, they can rid themselves of political diversion, subversion and suppression of the true law of this land and those who have illegally and treacherously done this, along with their legislation, rules and control, and actualy stop their obsessive desire to destroy this country.

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