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Regional Government via the backdoor

Since 1986 – When the Single European Act was passed ‘Regionalisation became the central policy of the EU’. In the link below you will find the evidence of treason and a catalogue of attempts to regionalise the UK.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott admitted his plans for regional devolution had suffered an “emphatic defeat” on Thursday night. The total number of people voting against the plans was 696,519 (78%), while 197,310 (22%) voted in favour.

Official figures showed 47.8% of the region’s 1.9 million voters took part in the all-postal ballot.

“The North East public have answered in an emphatic way. I am a democrat and I accept that he said.

This was an attempt to regionalise a part of the UK and the people said no, what people do not realise is that it is EU policy to regionalise the UK Prescott was just doing what the EU government had told him to do.

The people where asked if they wanted an elected regional assembly they said no, so the government just set up regional assemblies via the back door. The proof is here, the North East voted no and the government gave them an ‘unelected’ regional government. the government office for the North East.

The link below shows that the whole country has been regionalised and guess what not only did your elected representatives keep quiet about it the government did not think to mention it, what were they afraid of then.

The House of Treason as that is what it is, must be reformed, the people deserve more, we deserve to be consulted we deserve to be respected as we do count, we do matter after all it is us that have the power of the vote.

Tom Linden

Public Defender


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