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Scarborough Council Has Multiple CCJ’s Registered Against it!

“…those entire bodies of people who walk the halls of Public Service seem to have forgotten they are Public Servants of the people. They have never been, or shall never be, the people’s masters. Let us remind these people of this fact and endeavor to allow these bodies of people to return through humility to their duty to serve the people of this island and allow them to return to the communities they abuse that they also have forgotten they belong to…” JH
After Nick had his little chat with Ian Anderson Head of LEGAL services for the company known as Scarborough Council about the PCN issue, Nick decided to invest a little time and money and get company reports on Scarborough Council via
What Nick discovered is quite evident in the images of the reports below.
Scarborough Council have two company numbers UC4117872 / UC2315264 that are both being used by this company including a least 3 different postcodes. It also turns out that according to SBC that their head office is the Town Hall when in fact it is shown as being 18 West Pier, Scarborough on a different business reference agency. Nick has confirmed with this agency that their information is factually true and correct.

If you look at the ICC U Score for both companies you will find that;
1. Is set at only U13
2. Is set at only U0
As you will see from the reports that the ICC U Score has been deigned to predict the eventuality of the BUSINESS becoming bankrupt within the next 12 months. Needless to say the future does not look very bright for either company. But hold on a minute this is Scarborough Borough Council we are talking about – none of this makes any sense – or does it?
After studying these reports please come to your own conclusions and if you can give us any explanations for this information being in fact, then please do not hesitate to contact us as we are most interested to find out;
• Why Scarborough Council is quite clearly a company trading and doing business denying the fact they are a
• Why they have CCJ’s registered against them – why are they are still unsatisfied?
• Who sued the company and for what reason?
• Why two numbers and multiple addresses?
• If it is not a company as they suggest then how it was possible to get CCJ’s registered against a local
government body that would have no legal personality unless it was in fact a company?
• Please could you clarify why a business reference agency lists Scarborough Borough Council head office as
being 18 West Pier, Scarborough and not the Town Hall?
I would like to openly invite anyone from the company known as Scarborough Council (especially Ian Anderson) to please contact me at their earliest convenience to arrange a meeting in a convenient location to discuss the above with Nick and myself. If you could let me know of a time and place to suit you I will travel up to Scarborough especially for this meeting. I am without doubt most interested to listen to the explanations to be given for these questions and just a few more.
A link to this article is being emailed to Ian Anderson’s email address at Scaborough Borough Council.

Please note: we are endeavoring to find out more about all the councils that exist and would like to ask at least one of you to start to research their own council/s in their own areas as we know that this corruption, deceit and fraudulent behavior is without doubt going to be found to be going on in all of these business masquerading as Town, City and County Councils.
With reference to these please find your local council in your area here;…
City and County councils can be found here;
If anyone can provide better links please contact us regarding this. Thanks.

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