Magistrates Court

Silencing a Free Man

Darren had been out and about in Birmingham City Centre, using a loud hailer to speak to the people of Birmingham about the law, and freemanship and about lawful rebellion. He was accosted by two policy enforcement officers and his loud hailer was unlawfully taken from him.

Shortly afterwards, he was arrested and charged with Breach of the Peace. This despite the fact that he refused to stand under their statutory law or give them jurisdiction over him.
Darren had his ten year old son with him at the time, but the officers did nothing to ensure that child would be safe and looked after.

Here is the video footage of the events of that day –

Subsequent to his arrest, Darren was bailed to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 20th July, 2009.

He arrived early and served his notice on the Magistrate in court 11, where his case was to be heard. The court decided to move the hearing to court 7.

Court 7 contains a sealed dock – that is, the dock is surrounded by perspex on all sides – (if you wish to understand the significance of this, then research the ‘four corners rule’. Darren expressed his concern about entering a closed dock and asked that the case be moved back to court 11, as originally specified. He told the court he would wait outside whilst they took care of it.

Darren was then arrested outside the courthouse by the police under a warrant issued by the court.

This time he was arrested for ‘non-appearance’ at the court he’d just come out of.

Here’s the video of Darren’s second arrest –

The nearby police station that he was taken to is connected to the Magistrates Court via a tunnel. It was along this tunnel that Darren was led back to court 7, where he was place in the sealed dock and from then on ignored by the court.

At this point the magistrate apparently confused by Darren’s assertions that he is a human being, not a person, remanded him in custody whilst the court ascertained that he was the ‘person’ they wanted.
Darren spent that night in prison.

The following morning however, Darren was released and ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

It is still unclear as to why Darren was initially arrested, and the actions by the ‘authorities’ are certainly questionable. There does not appear to be a breach of the peace – a crime at common law – which normally would require a complaint to be made in the first instance.

The policy enforcement officers on the other hand did breach the peace, they did cause alarm and distress.

The courts subsequently conspired to deny Darren his right to a court of record, his right not to be placed in a dock, his right not to enter their maritime jurisdiction. They ignored his notice to the court and they deprived him of his liberty!

The fact that he was released and all charges dropped should serve as fair warning to the officers of the STATE (capitalise, because it is a corporate entity) that they cannot make the law up as they go along. And it should serve as message to us all that, try as they might, we do not yet live in a police state. If we remain calm, and peaceful, steadfast and determined, hopefully we never will.

Peace, love, unity and justice to all.

Article by Kazz67

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