Sometimes something’s just have to be said…

Oh how the social divide increases at an alarming rate being evidenced daily in the rags that should not be read, but put to a better use by wiping your arse on them – for that is all they are truly worthwhile for. Then the daily aspirations spewed across countless televisions stations that in reality are all controlled by one group who also have control of all music and any other media tools their grubby little insidious hands have hold of. Messages of hope and aspiration ‘that you too’ can reach the heights of social grandeur and you too can frolic about with a smile like a daisy on acid in total disregard, in a £4000 Versace dress, whilst children starve in this country England and the rest of the political hospitals/prisons across the world. Oh but that’s ok because having a position of status means you are morally void of the burden that it is to realise how sick and degrading it is to wear such a dress in public, when so many have so little and the cost of that dress could quite possibly feed three families for nearly a year – it’s nothing but lewd!

Oh and by the way it must be noted; England; a country; a solitary and complete political psychiatric hospital/prison for the criminally insane where the staff are actually more insane than the inmates! Or more to the point do you, yes you, realise what I am actually saying, or is this allorgorisation (yes I know it’s meant be a Z but I like S’s, so just get over it, or you could just get a fucking life instead) being lost in non apparent translation that does not latch on to any past memory needed to understand such pontificating. Do stories of past events elude you when trying to understand what the fuck I am actually talking about… ‘Oh I don’t like it when he uses obscenities it’s so uncouth…’ Ok here’s a new obscenity for you and I will write it in capitals just so there is no mistaking what I am saying. Are you ready? Well here it is POVERTY! Oh and here’s another one FAMINE and just one more for now PEDOPHILIA! ‘But they are not swear words there just words’, but they are obscenities and it is even more obscene that not only do these atrocities still exist, but that they ever existed in the first place…. Oh no he’s writing shit again TPUC has really gone to the dogs!

‘Onwards and upwards’ as they say, as we have to continue to make successful progress do we not and keep reaching for the sky and looking to it with gratitude as we strive for positions handed down from that on high. Whether that is from some supposed invisible mush called god, or from a man who thinks he’s a god, sat at the top of his skyscraper or house of duplicity. The only difference being one’s an illusion and the other an illusion combined with delusion.

Statistic Delusion Syndrome; A mental illness brought about by an infliction called status; an infliction that the weak minded suffer from resulting in an apparent need of grandeur and the need to be seen to have some sort of power. This results in a god like syndrome where the patient believes that others should worship them because of their position, or by their estimated monetary worth, the car they drive and/or the house they live in or clothes they wear… Is there any more of an explanation needed, or will this suffice?

‘Now wait one minute’ I here you say,’ wait right there and how dare you describe our wonderful country in such a way’ (let alone anything else I touched on) and I say to you how dare you deny my description in any way and what’s more how dare you sleep at night knowing that more and more of us are being forced into degradation because of all you aspire too and more and more kids suffer needlessly because of this. And that, as they say, is my point. Children suffer needlessly worldwide because of our selfishness and nothing more…. shame on you all! And may there be bucket loads of it you excuse for human beings. Or am I wrong and all you are is the exact of what a human being really is, a selfish self obsessed cunt…. and when I say all, I mean all, myself included. And we sit and wonder why our children end up being like us, as the truth is with us as leaders and guides they are basically fucked with a capital F and that does capital.

All I here is ‘what can we do?’ as the money power hungry automatons strive for even more wealth and power shown recently by Lizzy and Charles agreeing to divvy up the profits of gold dug out of the ground in Cornwall, instead of sharing it out amongst all that need it to survive. MP’s claiming they need even more money (even though they get £160.00 p/w shopping allowance on top of their wages already) another £10.000 in fact, when half the members of that insidious house of fucking liars are already millionaires! The list is endless of these morally void blood-sucking (poli-tic) parasites that prey on us all hidden behind law of their own invention to allow them to do what they do without restrictions – priceless!

‘So what can we do?’ And if you have to ask that question, then there will be no end to this until it implodes on itself, resets and starts all over again as the power base do again what they have always done and simply build a temple. Because the answer is so simple, it is pure and utter stupidity not to see it. For to gain power all you have to do is build a temple and then create stories regarding it purged in wonder at the monuments built and the positions derived from lies that are told as stories that stupid gullible human beings believe, so to reverse it…? Its funny, if you were to define humanity by the use of only one word, then that word would have to be stupid! Oh and my word for today is; Provocation…

…And so the world stage is set and the fall guys in place as the power hungry strive for their final display of supposed power built from human stupidity. And as they fall, so down will come others, as bacon is sort to be saved by the illumination of past deeds. And thus, the hang mans noose tightens around the necks of those who have been fingered at the top of the pyramid. But because the pyramid and what it stands for must be saved in the eyes of those lost in delusional stupidity, they will encompass an archaic rite striving to gain twenty-one years of total legitimate castration within republication where the senate sits on high. And all will be happy as the pyramid still maintains the eye, even though this is an eye of a child who will be stricken to be lost in a hopeless cause they have no knowledge of as the teachers teach out any virility to do different. But acceptance will be hard sort to gain as many will realise how stupid they have been and they will be persuaded, with means so heinous, whilst the rest walk by undeterred and oblivious locked into a world of the new god of men in their hands. Moreover the deceived will fight to protect the order they have accepted as being the only way and agree with all their masters say just to keep their new god. All this will happen; as sure as the sun in the sky is worshiped. The time span has already started and the clock is ticking, as all must be done before the hypnotist is revealed, for when his mark is seen, all most heinous and obscene will be purged, regardless… x

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