Swine Flu Vaccine Manufactures Glaxo Smith Kline’s directors list

For those of you who are interested in the company behind the swine flu vaccine have a look at Glaxo Smith Kline’s directors list (please scroll down to view). It makes fascinating reading and you can cross reference a few of the directors regarding some interesting events and positions they hold. If you can add anymore information to this please contact us at [email protected]

Even though Liam Donaldson is not on the directors list we feel you need to have some information regarding this man.

Sir Liam Donaldson – Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Department of Health

This man approved Mercury & Squalene to be in the injection to be given to pregnant women & children, he is also the chair of the WHO (World Health Organization) Patient Safety Secretariat. Please click on the image for more information.
Now on to the directors.

James Murdoch – Son of Rupert Murdoch
CEO of News International Ltd who is ideally placed to control propaganda regarding the swine Flu & the vaccine. James Murdoch was appointed to the board of directors of Glaxo SmithKline PLC 20th May 2009.

Sir Roy Anderson (Scientist) – sits on the governments SAGE committee and is a director of Glaxo SmithKline the purveyors of the swine flu vaccine to H.M Government with a nice little pay packet of £116k a year, at least a quarter of what he receives from his shares ….hold on surely this amounts to a ‘conflict of interests’.
SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) recommends that everyone should have the yet untested, unsafe and toxic Swine Flu Vaccine.
Please click on the image for more information.

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