Taxation being used for a political ploy intended to destroy this country and resulting in a Police State we now live in

John Harris

Enough about the negative, enough about what they are trying to do, to our once great country. Now to employ the energies of positive thought and simple logic to prove once and for all that our great country cannot be destroyed and neither can it’s Laws. (Declaration of Rights 1688)

TPUC combining the power of unity and resolve, to unearth the evidence needed, to reverse our countries dire position. To prove without doubt that Britain has a Constitutional set of Laws that are still in force today that cannot be repealed or changed in any way. To prove the changes that have been made to our True British Laws and our entry into the EU are, most certainly, Invalid.

We know our entry into the EU is illegal but that’s not the point. The point we should all be concerned about is the fact of how it was done? and how illegal the process was?

So how was it done? When did it start? Let us enlighten you, to coin a phrase.

Let us now present you with Facts and the references to them. Afterwards please feel free to not take our word for it. Check it out for yourselves – a simplistic system being used on all democracies in the world to simply destroy them. To make way for what? Gordon Brown knows, he talks about it all the time. Do you?

In 1911 Herbert Henry Asquith (Fabian Prime Minister) altered the format of the Monarch’s Assent. He said it was automatic because Queen Anne was the last Monarch to refuse a Bill. (A Bill on Militia 1707). In fact this meant that the Parliament Act of 1911 went through because George V being a new king did not realise. In fact the Parliament Act 1911 had gone before Edward VII in 1910.

To make this enormous and treasonous step of subjugating the Lords to the Commons, putting the Fiscal Prerogative into the hands of the majority in power in the Commons, was entirely against the power of the Fiscal Prerogative. Why? Because we have a Christian Constitution under which the Prerogative works, which simply means this: “Taxation taken from all the people cannot be used in a one party way.

This has continued to this day and the Lords under the Parliament Act cannot make any amendments. So in reality Edward VII had refused to pass the Act, one year earlier, 200 years after Queen Anne and Edward VII said there should be an election under which the question of the powers of the House of Lords would be decided by the Electorate.

The Electorate gave Asquith fewer votes than before, so Asquith asked the Fabians in Parliament and Sinn Fein to help. Sinn Fein agreed to vote with Asquith if he agreed to destroy the House of Lords. So ever since then, due to the imbolance of the members of Parliament the laws that have gone through have been illegal. Because Asquith said the Royal Assent was automatic, far from it, the Royal Assent is an essential part (third part after Commons and Lords) to make an Act VALID. In the background the Fabians’ strategy, the Fabians are Globalizers, so they have used the Laws to destroy the Sovereignty of Britain.

All Laws that have gone through since 1911 are in fact Invalid and to subvert the authority of the Monarch is Treason. What successive Fabian governments (Labour and Conservative) have done, is to hand over our Sovereignty to Europe. They have filled our country with foreign people. Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, they have made it possible to remove the Constitution and Parliament. They have made Assemblies to replace Parliament by Brussels.

Under the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, Blair and Falconer took over the Prerogative powers from the Queen, which means the loss of the people’s power through their Allegiance and relation with the Queen.

The war with Iraq was not about oil but for globalisation and the main aim is to destroy our sovereignty and our independence. This all comes from Asquith’s lies and his treasonous gagging of the Monarchy. The Monarchy is the representative and the protector of the people through the Constitutional Laws made by the people. To complete their heinous crimes they are now going to make a Constitution of their own.

A simple question for you:  

Q. Where do they get the money to do this?

A. From you and me, Stupid!!!! (sorry but the answer is so simple)

Under the terms of the 1911 Parliament Act the Fiscal Prerogative no longer works for all the people. Under the terms of taking as little money from the peoples pockets as is needed for the Government of this country, the terms now are taking as much as possible in order to establish Worldwide Power. Every time a Finance Bill (all Taxation including Council Tax) goes through the Commons it is Illegal, as it is against our Christian Constitution. Resulting in the conclusion – yes you’ve guessed it, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY as the current Taxation Policy in this country is illegal. (Council tax was derived from the Poor Law Subscription – the current system is linked to Government Taxation, totally invalid)


Please be aware of this fact: In following the existing police state laws (and not true British Law) you are acting against the Constitution.

Because of all the above, the Queen believes she cannot go against a Bill. The sad thing is she has been fooled, resulting in Her Majesty being accused of being a traitor after 5 separate treaties have gone through, in an attempt to abolish England, with Her Majesty allowing this to happen. In her defence we could tell you such things as she was taught by Sir Henry Martin, a Fabian, in the act of Fabianistic ways.

She has been told that no Monarch has sent a Bill back – this is completely false. They have deliberately turned us against the Queen and the House of Lords, the very people who can help us save our country but they must know we support them. How do we do this? simple! STOP PAYING ALL FORMS OF TAX NOW! they will soon get the message!

The Fabian government, now in the control of the pitiful Gordon (Globalizer) Brown relies on one thing and one thing only MONEY! Our Money. So stop giving it to them. As we have just proved Taxation in this country is Illegal so why are you still PAYING? This is not only about Income Tax, this is about every Tax.

Asquith’s lies and Treasonous actions in 1911 have resulted in, an amazing find, amazing because, we can now prove without doubt every Act that has been passed since 1911 is Invalid. Entry in to the EU Invalid, Council tax is Invalid, Inheritance tax is Invalid, every law against our Constitution is Invalid.

Recently it has been reported in the main stream media that Blair has been bribing Scotland to the tune of £7 Billion to stop them from leaving the United Kingdom (Devolution). The fact of the matter is this: If Scotland leaves, our current entry to the EU (albeit Illegal) will become invalid, as we would default on the original entry agreement: As a whole or not at all.

The simple fact is this: If Scotland leaves, the Fabian Globalizers have to start all over again, hence why Blair has been bribing Scotland. The people can only be fooled for so long and they know this. And guess who has paid all this money to Scotland? You got it! You and Me (Let alone all the money being paid to the Regional Assemblies). £7 BILLION OF OUR MONEY!! just to keep us prisoner in something that is completely Illegal in the first place.


Examples of Acts being sent back available in the House of Lords records office and various other books for your reference.

(1) Queen Victoria returned a bill on Commission in 1867 Quoted by Walter Bagehot, volume one, section D, number XLV (B) Page 395.

(2) William III sent back the reform act 1832 causing an Election. (Ref Governing Britain since 1945 by Nigel Knight)

(3) George III sent back a number of Bills about the American Colonies causing William Pitt to resign. (Ref John Bingley privately published and the House of Commons records office)

References to Asquith.

(1) Constin and Watson. Laws and Working of the Constitution 1784 – 1914

(2) How Parliament Works. Rogers and Walters (Available at all county Libraries and the Speakers Office in the House of Commons)

(3) Halsbury Law States Sir Edward Coke 1615 ….the prerogative power cannot be removed from a monarch even by an act of parliament…

(4) Halsbury law – Birth Right of the English People. (Available on the internet)

(5) Jowitt Dictionary of Law.

(6) The Acts at the Stationary office.

The Felony and Treason Act 1848.

The Treason Act 1351.

The Treason Act 1795.(*)

(*) Supposedly repealed by Blair in 1998. Couldn’t be repealed as it was made permanent in 1807.

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