The Ballot Box

The general election – why are you electing a new general – a general over what you might ask? It is very simple. Maybe you are electing a new general over the legion(s). The truth is you are not electing anyone and it has all been sorted out in advance, because it would never be allowed to be down to just CHANCE!! The election is nothing more than a stage show to make you think you live in a democracy and you think by voting you are taking part. Sorry complete rubbish! Only those of society ‘citizens’ live in a democracy and they don’t even get a say, they just do the bidding and the mp’s have the lowest status within that society that is why they are called the ‘commoners’. As for the rest of us, well we are just slaves who are not asked, but TOLD! When they come up with some new crackpot law are you asked if you would like to comply or are you forced to comply by the lawmaker’s private political army called the ‘police’? It is a very simple question that only has one answer!! When they come up with some new tax or regulation again are you asked or told – are you ever asked if you would like these new laws, taxes and regulations or again are you told? And after knowing these facts as everybody does, as it is obvious, I am still amazed at how many people are still hood winked by this sham and actually believe they have a voice through voting. How can you have a voice in something that is completely orchestrated before it even begins? They even make you think you are a ‘citizen’ by calling you this and giving you agencies such as the citizen advice bureau, but when you cut to the chase you are nothing more than a slave to them as the above points prove. A citizen is a member of a political community and that is why they need you to believe you are a citizen, to maintain you believe in politics, to maintain things stay as they are. Slaves did not nor will ever have citizenship within a political community unless; you are of standing, position or status and work in a certain position within the ‘state’. Again citizens are asked, slaves are told, are you asked or told?

I have covered the formulation of the senate called parliament within my book so I wont go into this in great detail within this article, but I would like to point out a few facts that you may or may not find interesting.

When Rome backed out of Britain they took the legions of soldiers with them. Some years later they re-legioned (this is where the word religion comes from) with a different type of soldier armed with different types of weapons. Before they could do this they needed to conquer some German tribes 7 so history records, which they would then use to achieve what they could not achieve the control and obedience of the people of this island through violence, but not just the people, but their kings and queens as well. This new type of soldier was to be armed as I said with very different types of weapons; legal words, two legal systems and a book of law called the bible. Before this happened they installed the Sees (cathedrals) and created cities that contained that seat of a bishop by incorporating towns by their own names. These were the eyes needed to keep watch on what was going on. Even to this day there are 26 lord archbishops that sit in the house of lords. Later they would create a commune to control everything from, a city (a See), and a separate state that even has its own unique set of laws, customs and even its own private political army called the ‘city of London police’. From this point in the shadows they needed a building called the palace of Westminster (west monastery), separate from the commune, but within the country they needed to control. Then they would need ‘ministers’ to force the rules of control using one of the legal systems allowing them the privilege of the other legal system for protection if they got found out. This was also done to give the people someone to blame far removed from the real culprits when their greed and need for power got out of control. Ring any bells!! (Pardon the pun). In essence the most perfect of all self-defence systems.

The ‘con’ speaks for itself though when you realise you supposedly elect people called ‘ministers’ and a ‘prime minister’ (general) that go to work every day in a building that looks remarkably like a ‘church’. The legally defined area you know as a ‘country’ is actually called a ‘state’ (political community). This state has secrets that are kept by ‘secret-aries’. Secretary; someone to whom a secret is entrusted i.e. secretary of state. Keeper of the secrets of the state. Ask yourself, if this is all being done in honesty as they profess, then why would you need secrets and people to keep them? If it is not a secretary, then it is another general such as the ‘attorney general’ a position required to maintain the sectaries keep the secrets, done by legal mechanisms called statutes. Each minister has a ward and is known as a ‘warden’ (the chief officer in a prison). The open prisons (a vessel to which people are legally committed) are cities and boroughs that include all villages and hamlets. A borough being a town with a corporation and privileges granted by royal charter that can only be issued under the strict control and the advice of parliament ordered from the commune (city of London). This would allow them to create their own by-laws through legal mechanisms to force upon the prisoners, with the ones at the top of each council receiving privileges via ‘liberty’ nothing more than a lead role in a cage, a better type of slavery. Ask yourself this if you are not a prisoner why do you need a passport to leave the legally defined area to go to another one? The reason you are allowed is because you have conformed to the rules and are classed as a ‘trustee’. A trustee is a prisoner that has received the privilege of liberty through conformity, but is done under strict rules and conditions, but nonetheless is still a prisoner! And what do you need to get a passport; a birth certificate!! You are without doubt a prisoner in a political community and this fact cannot be disputed!

Poli-tics (many bloodsuckers) has the same hierarchal set up as the church as it is an extension of the same. The policy (contracts, because you will agree in the end!) is enforced from a church by ‘ministers’ and is enforced by either of two political armies. One being the police and one type of court system and the other by the advocates i.e. barristers and lawyers and another type of court system, all bound by legal policy and all of this is forced upon you whether you like it or not.

This is why everything within government (govern-mental) is called a ‘ministry’ another word for monastery. The word ‘church’ comes from the word ‘kirk’ which in turn comes from the word ‘coercion’. According to Greek mythology this was a Greek goddess who would temp you to her house and then feed off your mind – exactly what religion does, feeds off the mind in ‘gods house’ aka a ‘church’. The new soldiers were of the mind (legal words) not the body, but if you reject the control of the mind then they attack the body to make you comply. Prisoners in slavery mentally governed by legal words made to conform.

Look back in his-story and you will find all censuses emanated from the church (parish records) and were stock takes of the assets (us). In 1857 they just made recording the assets easier with a certificate of registration thus so they could legally control the movements of the slaves within the legally defined areas. They use the law of the fear of the lord(s) (god(s)) and the laws of oppression (statutes) from the word status, which again comes from the church and its hierarchal system. Because these people believe they are gods on earth. They even adopted the word ‘lords’ as a higher point of status, exactly what those of religion are told that there is a lord that is better than you. Now you know what the word lord really means, your lord, your slave master and you really know what the word god means Gold Oil Drugs the true material external elements these people worship; from the word worth-ship; equity; external value. They just needed to fool everyone into believing (containing the word ‘lie’) in something false called ‘god and the laws of god’ to make it all work, based upon the ‘the myth of jesus christ that earned them and served them well’. Because you are told that you must serve the lord and anyone who does his work and in so they are entitled to a better life off of your backbone and they always require ‘money’ and until such time as nothing can be bought in any shop with any kind currency people will believe in money.

One of the things that has always amazed me is that the richest corporation in the world is always asking for money and pleading poverty. But the leader wears £700.00 plus shoes?? – Also whether a ‘house of god’ needs a new roof or you pay for a marriage, funeral or christening, they always want you to pay. This is where the most powerful abuse has happened, the abuse of ‘trust’, because so many trust in a ‘lie’.

My advice is do not vote for anyone; do not take part in the hoax. Anyone in politics, in or entering into it, are only doing it for one reason the power overcoat and their need for status fooled into keeping the myth alive.

The big secret…. first install the church’s then the law followed, forced upon the slaves from the church, there is no difference today and it is all masked behind a sham to hide the fact being called ‘democracy’. The concept of liberty forms the core of all democratic principles and societies, yet as a legal concept it defies clear definition. Why? Because it is slavery.

Some of you might be relived that this is my last article for a while and everything here I have written about will be expanded on in my book. I now feel everything I can I have given you and truth be known I have very little else to say. I know that many lies are now being spread about me and tpuc as some people do not want you to know these facts as they know their world that they are addicted to, will come to and end when you realise how simply this has been done and who really are the culprits – and how simple it is to undo. What I have talked about here does not only effect this island, it effects the whole world and can be seen at work daily if you care to look. In the next few months the rules (laws), regulations and the precautionary principles will go beyond the point of ludicrous and you will accept this as you always do and I will just watch. I will watch as many of you take part in a hoax believing this is all you can do accepting a lie as the truth, as you always do. I will watch until such time as you realise how simple it is to stop this once and for all, until the point is reached that you cannot fail to realise. I will watch you support the vessels of anger called political parties (and there is no exceptions to this no matter what one, or what they are called) set up to maintain that you never realise what politics and democracy are really about and to always maintain you will accept a lie over the truth.

You can never win a game using the rules of the game that the inventors of such rules can change at a whim to maintain they always win the game.  x

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