The corporate worlds of religious and political make believe part 2 – the never ending play called ‘the world’!

As in any play there is of course the most important elements; the actors/actresses, the characters, the stage, the props, the costumes and of course the most vital of all elements: the script. So let’s start with the script, the words needed to be said by the characters within the play for the obvious reason, so everyone knows what the play is about. As in any play, depending on how complicated it is, some will under-stand the play, whilst others won’t. They may perceive the words mean one thing, when in reality they actually mean something completely different. Most will not admit they don’t know what is going on and will smile and acknowledge every act pretending they do, just so they do not look stupid, or worse still uneducated. A very simple fact of life I am afraid if we care to admit it. The script will be written down upon paper or even within a book, simply lies written down in the form of a story and given to each actor/actress to learn the ‘lines’ their character must say during the act within the play that there character is acting out. What this amounts to is the actor must learn the ‘lies’ his character will say within the act, because the play is make believe and even if the play is based on a truthful account of events, the actor is only playing the part – so in effect they are actually lieing.

All theatre, television and films are nothing more than men, women and children practicing the art of lieing, the more convincing they are, and the more accolades they receive. With this comes a rise in status, more monetary benefits and generally a bigger dressing room than anyone else of lower accolade. Their name appears first on the list of liers who acted out parts as characters within in the play above everyone else and they are seen as ‘stars’ by their confused and deceived adoring public, who have been entranced as if a spell had been cast upon them. The actor/actress will then go to any lengths to maintain their deluded need for ‘star’ status, helped along by many events where they can be seen strutting their stuff upon a ‘red carpet’ stopping to pose for the media – and low and behold anyone who tries to knock them from this deluded perch of self-importance. Along with this delusion comes the fact they think themselves to be more important than anyone else and because of this their needs must always be catered for no matter what. They believe this also allows them to treat, speak and act in any way they desire towards anyone else, demanding respect and dignity without actually giving any in return – a delusion of grandeur maintained by their own deluded self-importance trapped in a cage of their own making.
The actor/actress always needs a stage to perform upon to be able to play the character to the greatest effect, to be convincing in their ‘role’. Along with this is the need for costumes to make sure they are as convincing as possible. The costumes are very varied to accommodate and allow for any situation to be put over as convincing as possible helped along with the use of props. The script, props, stage and costumes allow for the actors/actresses to be able to carry off the play in such a way it almost would seem it is reality and not a pack of lies – and it is done in such a way that most watching the play and listening to the script are completely fooled and sucked in.

So let’s look at the greatest stages in the world (commercial construct) where actors and actresses lie daily, acting, playing characters dressed in costumes to a script; every church, chapel or cathedral; every government building including the houses of parliament, downing street, buckingham palace, the white house, the american congress and many more; every police station, every court of artificial law, temple bar, the law society…. the list is endless. Filled to the brim with actors, actresses who are acting as characters in costume using props and quoting from ‘corporate scripts’ on a corporate stage? No you don’t agree, oh well lets break it down a bit.

No matter where you go in the world you will find that all artificial law (lies) is delivered to the men, women and children on the planet via ‘acts’. The men and women who are doing this are the actors, as we are when we agree to follow or adhere to such acts. They wear all manner of costumes….are but I hear you say “MP’s don’t wear a costume”. Well actually….pardon the pun…. they do it is called a collar and tie. The collar is fastened tightly or neatly around the neck by doing the top button of the shirt up and then a tie is tied around the collar. The tie signifies they are tied to the corporate world, which in turn is tied around your neck via a collar – bit like a dog. Then they wear a suit, which again is a corporate symbol worn by men and women all across the world; the commercial construct. In a church a ‘dog collar’ is worn, which represents the same as the corporate collar, but has an invisible tie around it that is connected to an invisible man in the sky – that is why it is invisible, but the collar is very much still present around the neck – oh and don’t they wear lovely costumes that seem to get grander the high your status becomes even leading to you being able to wear Prada shoes (whatever they are) as part of your costume!!

The main thing the actor or actress i.e. mp, lord, lawyer, barrister, doctor, civil servant, judge, magistrate police officer….there is to many to list….worships is there status, deluded power and the life style that status allows for – and the most important element: self-importance. As in the actors and actresses within the play, movie or drama, their aim is to get more accolades to be able to get a bigger dressing room, and admiration from everyone, because of the status they have reached. With all I have listed above there is no difference, they require and demand the same. And of course the most crucial of all elements they actually believe they are better, relating to the rest of us as the ‘ordinary people’. This delusion also, for whatever reason, allows them to believe they are above their own artificial law, allowing for the same rules they try to force on us all, not being applicable to them as they have their own set which are unique just to them – the church has something very similar, being a so called man of the cloth allows you to get away with practically anything, as recent and past history has shown. And as in the above any actor or actress suffer from ‘paranoia’ – a constant need to know what the media or their so called friends (associates, there is a big difference between the two) think or are saying about them, a constant urge to keep checking the press, to see if they still shine like the deluded star they think they are. What also comes with this is pompousness, self-righteousness and the favourite, they can never be wrong. So where do you fit in within this play?

The play cannot continue without a stream of actors to keep playing the characters needed to keep the play alive and without saying, quoting from the script of the play – the problems start for the writers of the script when you start to not follow it and ad lib. This is why it is said you have a personality….now at this moment I could dive head long into the artificial legal/law systems and write about that for hours, but it really is far simpler than that, so I will deal with the word personality in another way.

Your personality is the social mask you present to the world as an actor, because it is not really you it is a mask, a character you wear, as the definition of persona says. The script of the play applies to the character and you are acting at being that character, thus you are wearing a mask. The social mask we wear is the way we would like the world to view us all the time, no faults or imperfection’s, as in the cosmetic adverts you see daily on the TV with the perfect looking actors and actresses, or TV shows with men and women covered in makeup, perfect hair, nails, teeth and clothes etc. This is how we would like the world to see us, so we adorn the mask daily becoming the character (personality) to take part in the play and follow the script; the norm as the deluded would call it. All the acts/law (script) are scripted for this character called a person, for they are as artificial as the character is, created by even more actors playing characters, but all following the same script. When you question (ad lib) you are not following the script and this is not allowed. So the play has characters that are there to make sure the script is adhered to at all time i.e. the police, magistrates, judges. All of these characters are actors/actresses who are acting wearing costumes carry props, but they need to get you to their stage to make you conform to the script i.e. police stations or courts, or even in the case of the police their police vehicle….do you not find it funny that if you say the word police slightly differently it actually says polic(e)y, created by policy to uphold policy. Even when talking to you on the streets they will apply the script to you and everything is ok as long as you bow to their status, in them being an officer an all and as long as you stay to the script. Any deviation from the script creates confusion in the actor (bit like a computer being given the wrong data) resulting in many cases you being carted away to their station; a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose, that purpose being to deal with personalities, characters in a play. The courts work on the same principle and again you must conform to the script and woe be tide you if you don’t, or so they say. Very strange things start to happen when you don’t and the actors and actresses in their costumes start acting quite strangely and threaten you with contempt; a wilful disobedience to or disrespect for the authority of a court or legislative body performing from a script.

This is why for time in a moral you have had the word person rammed down your throat and you still do. What is even more amazing is that most men and women including children believe they are this character, this mask called a person and cannot relate to the fact that this is actually a character that is needed for them to act out within the play called ‘the world’, to benefit from all it has to offer, but in return you sacrifice freedom to live in a farce, that if you do go against, you must face the penalties for doing so written in a script called law. The trouble is you believe you are this character and in doing so are to ready to comply with the script no matter how ludicrous it may seem; conformity that you will not question because of delusion – oh boy what a perfect system. All this is achieved by politics and religion by its corporate hierarchal system based upon a script and this has been employed in every country in the world which is nothing more than a commercial construct, requiring all the corporate actors to play their characters, which includes you.

You may laugh and shrug off what I am writing and call it the ranting’s of a madman, all I ask you is who really is mad – am I the one living my life as a character in a play to a script? Can you tell me honestly that your life is not controlled by paper work – do you not live in the ‘tick a box nation’ where ever you live? Is not everything controlled by forms, documents and someone saying “you need to tick a box where it is appropriate”? Is not everyone and everything in the political world, financial world, legal world all the world controlled by procedures, criteria, rules, legislation, laws and the need to follow such that amounts to nothing more than a script? Go to a church service, wedding or funeral and what do they follow procedures scripted out to be followed that they will not deviate from….are you starting to see the light of reality or are you still blinded by the stage lights?

I don’t blame you you know, in its simplicity it is perfect and it sure does take a while to realise what is actually going on. Imagine playing a game of monopoly on a giant scale. You play with a character, of your choosing. I bit like your personality also of your choosing. Remember the aim of the game. Can you see a reflection of this in your own lives – is this not the basis of all education to create the new characters for this game?

One word stands alone against the script that causes more problems for the characters within the play than any other; the word ‘NO’. Maybe it is time not to be the character anymore – maybe it is time for you to be yourself? But remember there is no place for you in the never ending play called the world, only a place for your character, by refusing to be this character (person) and remembering the power of the word ’NO’ maybe we can create a place that is far removed from how the world is now, no script, no actors or actresses, no characters and no costumes just us as we truly are, living how we should truly live free from the corporate worlds of religious and political make believe.

Much love to you all without exception

john x

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