The corporate worlds of religious and political make believe

When I first entered into lawful rebellion I was not sure what it would lead to, or even how my life and my opinions would change. I entered into an arena of peacefully going against the political status quo and all it forced upon me via its artificial law, whether that be common or civil. I entered this arena blind and soon learnt that the further along I went, the more blinded I have become, feeling the need to reply to their artificial law, by quoting more artificial law. Over time I have come to the realisation that what I was doing was nothing more than a trap and quite a large trap as well. This trap was to keep me in the lawful, legal and political arena and oh boy did I get trapped there. Just recently I realised that the reason for this is quite simple, as the only place I can be controlled from is within these arenas and as I have said before no controlling aspects can be placed upon me outside of these arenas. When this happened I started to question lawful rebellion and what it actually stands for and more to the point what it means to me. My views changed; something that is not acceptable in the political and religious world we are caught in. I now see lawful rebellion slightly differently. Am I rebelling lawfully or am I rebelling against the law? As I now realise that all law, common or civil, is nothing more than artificial legal systems in the name of law, then I now know I am rebelling against the law as a whole – I suppose I am an outlaw.

I am watching everything and everyone moving more and more each day towards political agendas, with many of us being sucked in by its processes. I see recruitment going on and I ask to what ends will this recruitment lead to? Political parties recruit, a process that is needed to convince the people that they have all the answers, or at least have some good ideas. In reality no matter what their intentions are in the beginning, they will be swallowed up in the See of power and will be just left kicking and gasping for air until such time they circum to the flow and go with it. Politics is a mask of falsehood, an illusion, the land of hope that leads to nothing more than hopelessness, a disguise, an apparition needed so the few can suck the life force from the many as is done by its creator: religion.

TPUC and many other websites are classed as a movement, a truth movement. A movement is exactly what it says it is and will never stop moving, thus must continue to recruit – so in more cases than one it will eventually move past the truth at some point, but because it is a movement it cannot stop – this can happen many times. As in a revolution it will just keep revolving dragging all those that subscribe to it along for the ride – and generally the hardest way; against the flow. Everyone involved is being eaten alive by the egos of those who have circum to its pecking order as I was at one time, always maintaining that they are right and no one else can be, always grasping and trying to reach the mirage being presented to them as the truth in whatever form they see it, trying to recruit constantly, so they too can be brought in line to view the mirage. What has been missed is the little fact that the truth does not require anyone to recruit for it, as it is simply the truth and will always maintain a footing that is stead fast and true, it has no need to move anywhere, it is simply the truth, so in reality all that is needed is platforms for the truth. The platforms are there only for everyone to find when they are ready and they will climb upon the platform when they are ready to and not before….well as I see it anyway. TPUC is one of many platforms and I feel we will all know what to do and when to do it when the time is right and it is far from being the right time at this moment.

So we have the elections coming and this is a big reason why many websites, organisations and there spokes men and women are spiralling off into the political agendas, believing this is the only way change will come about. So what will change? Nothing, just the cogs of the political machine will change and all their good intentions, if they had any in the first place, will be swept aside and they will become what they are against. Why? Because this is what power does. Everyone no matter whom, will circum to the benefits that power delivers in return for subscription to it. Many have said they will not circum, but alas it happens and when it does it is very hard to escape its clutches, as everything it offers and returns is everything the mind requires, in the world of the corporate mind set some call the ego. And of course you have the ultimate lures to contend with: money, status, position and standing to name but a few, with the most powerful element being you actually start to believe you are better in some way.

I also see that politics is trying to protect its foundation stone, the very element that gave it life, by bringing in new legislation/doctrine to say it is against the artificial law to go against religion, to utter such words of blasphemy like ‘the myth of jesus christ’ or ‘the invisible man in the sky’. To stop men and women like myself from telling the truth, because in reality they fear only the truth as everything they have built, said or concocted is nothing more than lies, based on a book of lies and false artificial law. Will it become more evident to all when they see the name jesus christ mentioned everywhere – will it become more evident when the religion built around the ‘myth of jesus’ christ is protected under such things as its own form of anti-Semitism? Are we to be subjected to all our children are subjected to within their schools every christmas time, every easter time and any other time they feel appropriate? A tirade of never ending attempts to keep the lies and the myth alive and kicking, so that all that emanates from such can maintain its existence as politics does? Am I wrong? Then let us see. Let us sit back and watch what occurs from this point on. Let’s sit back and watch religion try to regain its foot hold and spread its lies and endless need for subservient men, women and children, for domination and destructive processes it needs to employ to maintain its existence, its hierarchal deception and it’s never ending tyranny against the non believers, non conformist and those of us who choose a different way via the inspiration choice brings. How long before politics does the same, or does it already, having adopted the techniques of its masters. Have you never questioned why you are electing ‘ministers’ – do you feel this is by chance?

We are certainly in for interesting times and I for one shall be watching with interest as things unfold before our very eyes, as the truth is reinstated for the lies that have existed for thousands of years. A truth that cannot be denied any longer, that has been covered up or locked behind the doors of corruption. I will watch as more men and women who walk the halls of this corruption realise through their own morality exactly what they work in aid of, to realise what they are doing is wrong, to resist the temptation of the commodity they receive weekly or monthly and the benefits it brings, against the morality in their hearts to stand and say ‘NO’; no more – no to fear and no to non moralistic conformity. I will watch the corporate structures such as the government, police, NHS, armed forces and many others collapse under the weight of all those refusing to comply with the non moral policy, where they down tools and stand their ground with a resounding ‘NO’, knowing in their hearts there has to be a better way, a way that is right for all and not just a select few at the top of the chain, a way that will eliminate corruption forever. I will watch the engine and those who make up that engine stop, grind to a halt as they decide for themselves ‘I am not playing this game anymore’. I will watch as the morale amongst the men and women who work as the engine of all these corporate business falls to an ever increasing low as it will in every church. I will watch as these men and women realise who they are and remove the shackles of worth applied to them by their corporate masters and the conformity that goes with such.

I will watch as I have realised there is a way that all of this can be achieved, but what is actually needed at this time is patience, the ability to wait until such time as the point is reached and everyone realises the same. So what will I do? I shall wait, I shall watch and I will write and when all I need to write down is written, then I shall wait and watch some more.

I find it ironic that through writing a book I have made a discovery, the most un academic man in the world writing a book is a laugh in itself, but the realisation I have made is beyond this, so stark in irony that all I can do is laugh. I discovered that the most intelligent men and women in the world are actually the most stupid, gullible and easily led – so is this in itself the true measure of intelligence? I also discovered that when we leave one belief system behind we crave for another to replace it, because we cannot truly live our lives without something to believe in and that is where the receptacles such as alternate religions, politics or movements step in to fill the void, when in fact there is no void just one that we create because we cannot rely on the moral truth that resides within us all, for to do so we would have to turn our backs upon this world and all it has to offer. We enter the unknown which is the biggest and most powerful fear within us all; the fear of the unknown the place of no control, a place the mind knows nothing of, far removed from the corporate worlds of religious and political make believe.

All my love to you all without exception

john x

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