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A belated subject as always, but one I am sure you will agree that is better to write after the fact and not before it – well, parts of it anyway. As always, I ask you to enjoy this little article which is in fact my last ever post on TPUC, which very soon will be privately locked, I haven’t decided on a date as yet, but most probably will be around the 12th February 2015.

Well it’s that time of year again where the shops hype their prices’ up and then put them down to normal prices in January pretending they are bargains and the gullible fouls rush to take part in this farce that is a work of marketing genius. Blissfully unaware or unconcerned of the miseries many human beings suffer, not just at this time of the year, but perpetually. In total disregard of any thought of such, caught up in selfish desires only unparalleled by their blatant refusal to let themselves be free of apathy, or even understand they are so infected with it. 6ut I hear it is for the kids from everyone and I say to you, then you curse them as you were cursed by your parents, fool them as you were fooled, as this was the church’s greatest marketing slogan, as for within a certain story it talks of presents and expensive ones at that. Do you not see a pattern emerging here and can you not now realise how much these events of pretence and the stories that illuminate them are used as nothing more than a money making distraction for the masses? A distraction sold on a concept of family times, presents and merriment designed as a process so the masses do not realise exactly how they live, to bypass the stark realisation of this so obvious fact – lost forever in one distraction or another.

Ok so let’s get the bar humbug comments out the way which is another way the infected try to mask their utter disregard for the problems we all face. Please remember pain is pain regardless, as is hunger, fear and sadness and suffering goes on worldwide and not just in certain countries, even here in the un- United Kingdom. United Kingdom? What a fucking farce and I don’t know which part is more farcical United or Kingdom? But you can ponder that one for yourselves as I have more important things to write about. And so henceforth comes my most interesting if not most irritating trait some have said, the arrogance I carry and the contempt I hold humanity in and justly so. An arrogance that helps me appreciate and understand that whilst those who slumber in comfort, offer up expensive inadequate solutions to those who cannot afford anything other and carry a complete disregard to this fact. To make others live in situations that by any stretch of the imagination are nowhere near acceptable, tolerable or adequate just as long as they can turn a coin and make a handsome profit to fund their comfortable slumber. And even at this so called special time of year of supposed love, caring and companionship for all, the facade letsway to show the truth behind what humanity has become and gives reason to why the majority of humanity must change or be laid waste to? Strong words some might say and ones that in another time or place a man could be ostracised for or, even face greater punishment for suggesting that this archaic hierarchal social structure we live in is a farce, an illusion based upon a concept that allows many human beings to be nothing more than slaves to others. Who prey off of their misfortunes, who slumber in comfort off the inadequate services they provide for the top price they can greedily gain and sleep at night without a care, worry or second thought as long as they are warm and comfortable – oh how the tables will turn as they are visited by destruction of their own making.

So in essence are we to blame for being so gullible and allowing this farce, which includes this fucked up time of year to continue? In honesty of course we are, or would we rather point fingers and try to divert the blame at certain institutions? Ultimately, even if this is true, which it actually is, we are still to blame for allowing these institutions to dictate how we should live our lives. To blame for how many die for the want and need of war, poverty and crime that these institutions make a handsome profit off by the second.  We are still to blame for allowing those who slumber in comfort off the misery of others that we never voice opinion against. Especially when it has to be considered that we and I do mean we are allowing them to do this daily. As in the creators of this we allow them to have power in the first place, which they only took by the point of a sword, or with words that have the literal power of a sword. How? They played on humanities greatest flaw, our stupidity! We are, without any doubt, totally and utterly fucking stupid, which in all honesty knows no bounds or limits. All we ever had to say was no and mean it! 6ut unfortunately stupidity ruled as many became trustees just to get a bigger piece of the pie, who would even steel from their own families (to use a tribal depiction). Maybe one day you will all realise what the word family actually really means… as they do say wonders never cease, or there again maybe not, well not without one monumental kick up the fucking arse first! Ask yourself this if you dare, who is ostracised in your family and for what reason? Then ask yourself is this justified and within that justification do you not suffer in some way the same trait as what they have been ostracised for? Then maybe and I mean maybe you will truly understand the extent of the word family and what it truly means. Or would you rather not contemplate the mirror of reflection saying mirror mirror on the wall who’s the dumbest of them all? Is it so much easier on you to not contemplate this as it is to not contemplate that you could actually make a difference if only you could find a voice and a back bone to boot? And if you can’t as you have so eloquently proven, then to be honest, you have no right to moan, so shut the fuck up, keep quiet and live in the pit of misery you haven’t even got the balls to be free of and as usual leave it to those of us who are prepared to rock the boat and even sink it if needs be. Arrogant? Yep, but nonetheless this does not distract from the fact what I am saying is correct!

So who do I blame for this shambles of biblical proportions? Well the clue is in biblical as it is in the title of this article and if I have to spell it out for you then, look forward to the destruction that will be visited upon you, so you will once and for all understand that this situation was never acceptable and will never be acceptable! Oh and whilst you are at it go look in a mirror and one of the culprits will be staring back at you. Possibly staring back with a very vane reflection for is this not truly what we use mirrors for? In fact too stupid to realise or even recognise the true reflection and what it highlights, it insinuates, nothing more than a true depiction of what a selfish cunt you have become. Cut deep? And so it should do. And the irony is I only say such things because I love you, but just because you love someone does not mean you have to like them, or more aptly like what they do. Toleration is not a rubber band that can stretch forever and sooner rather than later it will fray and eventually snap and that my friends is just about to happen and thus messages must be delivered. Things have to be said. Institutions must be held to account as the rest of humanity must be and with that in mind I have a message for the Queen, HM Government, the Church in entirety (all denominations) the Bankers and anyone else who thinks they sit upon high.


I, as many others, was told from an early age that this is the only way that life can be and that you are there in your positions for our best interests. That is to be honest with you the biggest and boldest lie ever to be told, along with your stories that enslaved humanity in a social structure of legal slavery. You still profess to be the servants of humanity, to guide it and care for it, to protect and love us, when in fact all you ever do is profit from us, profit from our misery. Whether that be by taking the food from our mouths, the roof from over our heads or our ability to look after our near and dear, you profit and sleep well at night, heartless and without regard of the misery you have caused. A heartless commercial monster that will allow children to starve, the elderly and the young to freeze in their homes unable to afford to heat them, some to die on the streets homeless, some to commit suicide because of your parasitic demands for money upon them, innocents to die at the hands of your murderous soldiers, the list of your failings is endless and knows no bounds as your greed only illuminates your total and utter disregard for life you deem lower than yours.

So I say this to you and take heed of these earnest words as they are not said in jest. In time to come my title will be proven and I will turn you social structure upon you and bring my domain to your door. I will visit hell upon you and you and your ilk will be immersed in the flames of reflection. I will use your understanding of what hell truly is to allow you to form an image of what I will visit upon you and you will know what it is like to suffer at the hands of another, and you will know your victims pain. To not have the privileges and positions to hide behind for in entirety you will burn in the flames of realisation of the heinous crimes you have committed against humanity and continue to commit. I will lay waste to you and all you have stolen and return it to those you stole it from as I sit and watch the buildings of your institutions burn as the flames purge your foul malignant stench from this earth. And you might say who am I to issue such threats? And I would say to you, but these are not just threats, they are promises and I say to you look long and hard into my eyes and you will see who I am. You will see that no matter what you do you cannot stop this from happening, but your saving grace will be if you just hand things over to me, but of course you are far to complacent to do something as simple as that. And that complacency will be your downfall as you will fall; it is just how you will fall? You can either fall with an aspect of dignity or fall as you have treated others, the choice is yours but ultimately your time is up – m6rk my words and see my mark… x

Know this, my brothers, sisters my trusted companions occupy all the positions needed to be able to illuminate and direct your downfall, to make it as hard or as easy on you as you so wish, but be careful what you wish for as all wishes have consequences. I will then set the world free from your persecution, your boundaries, your borders, your belief systems and you’re most poignant slavery and hence the world will know that they can live in equality and do not have to suffer stifled by your status driven legal enslavement. That all children that you have so denied and enslaved will be free to live as they should without hunger, sadness, fear or perverse sexual persecution, protected by a guardian that will allow them to model the future in their wonderful eyes. To allow their foresight to benignly dictate humanities progression into a new era, bound by the rules of love and not the love of rules. To allow them to show us that it is in fact the children within us we need to set free, for us to truly find our way out the darkness that is conformity that has buried the children we once were under rules only needed to keep us malignant and not benign. In essence life will so dramatically different in the most wonderful way. This is my vision, hear my voice

And if you truly cannot see who I really am then I suggest this to you…

My name is John James Ebenezer Issachar Peter Henry Zachariah Harris (Ha-iris) which means…

‘Given by god to take the place of the twelve tribe’s reliable/dependable home ruler whom god remembers’ in other words the true Duke of Cornwall… or as others would suggest especially the church… I will let you figure that one out for yourselves… but I will say that some of my friends do call me ‘Luci’ :)

In this instance the word god does not at all insinuate a being of any sort that frequents a place in the sky, it solely and utterly means who is seen as a god on earth! To give you a clue this is about power and the tool used to gain power i.e. money! And my point is exactly that as I will use as you have, your money and power of position to reverse everything you have done, to illuminate you, to cast light on the corrupt shadows you hide in and I will use YOUR money to do this and there is nothing you can do about it… sit back and relax and think nothing more of this mad mans ramblings, as it can be assumed I am mad!

But let me enlighten you. I am not mad, oh no, I am fucking furious and I finally and once and for all say ‘NO’… and that fury is the fire that flows through my veins, drives me to ignite the flames of recognition that will allow a re-birth born from the embers of the fire. A new beginning based on the old ways, long before the temple (church) got its dirty disgusting depraved hands on humanity, selling them malignant stories, making them as they are and reaping the profit from doing so. Where you are concerned I have no remorse, no conscience and there will be no escape for any religion, belief system and the petty needs of those so lost up their own hierarchal arseholes they wouldn’t know remorse unless it bit them on the fucking nose. You, your buildings and your books will burn! …  I will see you in your dreams ;) … x

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