The Great Betrayal of the British People

Understanding the basic way a democracy is formed is quite important, as this brings to light the ways the betrayal has unfolded.
The simplicity needed for a democracy to work is this;
The very fabric of a democracy is the Constitutional Law it is built on
The very fabric of the Constitutional Law is the Religion it is built on
So how do you go about destroying the fabric’s required to keep a said country a democracy.
Many people now believe Christianity to be irrelevant in modern day life, because this is what they have been led to believe. That also means our Constitution becomes irrelevant, because it was built on the values of Christianity.
You do not have to go to church and be a stout Christian to follow the guide lines, the Christian faith was built on. This is not about what your beliefs are concerning God, this is just about following a very simple set of rules.
Look at the way life is now, people are more worried about sitting in front of the TV than the simple family values. The grass is always greener contributes to a divorce rate of 1 in 2. Children being removed to care because of failing family values. Children going off the rails because simple moral family values are being lost in a world of disillusion, must have bigger, better, more. Advertisers playing on the greed within us to fuel their own greed, more violence, more perversion, and images to drive the negative within us, and disillusioned church goers who believe in the fact that if they just turn up on Sunday morning they are still true Christians. When in reality you don’t have to even go to church to be a true Christian all you need to do is follow a simple set of rules. Ask anyone you know who does go to church, to answer honestly if they follow these rules;
Are you a good, sincere, pure of heart person?
Are you a person with sincere love for others, true family values?
Are you prepared to put others before yourself?
Are you prepared to do unselfish acts, for no personal gain?
These are the answers you will probably receive;
‘yes I like to think I am’, or ‘yes I consider my self to be’
‘yes family values where it applies and yes for my friends’
‘not if it’s going to cost me anything’
‘if it’s going to cost me, no sorry’
We are not saying for one minute you should stop going to church, but if you do go, at least have the respect to live by the values it set out. The sayings ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’ and ‘sod you jack I’m alright’ are very apt you might agree.
All of this has contributed to decline in the rules we are supposed to live by, but this is not the only problem. These rules were the very driving force of our once great democracy, as they decline the end result is clear, Why do we say this? because we are living in it.
Step one; So to start and complete the first step you need to, disillusion and deceive the people into believing that what you offer is what they really need, take away family values and attack the very rules life should be based on.
Step two: Is to use smokescreens the average person described above cannot see through, in order to politically reverse the Laws of the land, handing them over to a foreign power of a foreign faith – albeit illegally. But because the majority do not know anything about Constitutional Law and have forgotten the rules that the Constitutional faith asks of them to live by, this can be achieved with little or know interference or resistance. If those in power do get found out and are met with some sort of resistance, they can just simply change the Law to suit their own needs. The few who do complain are dismissed as being conspiracy theorists and labelled disillusioned, so the majority conclude their allegations are nothing more than mere lies.
There is now the break down needed within the democratic society and the system, so they can now start the process to destroy it once and for all. But to do this they also have change something else, something that is absolutely vital to their plan, they have to change the character of the people. All through history the character of the British people was to fight for what they believe in, but now we do nothing and just accept the changes being made, Why? Because they have changed our character.
So to complete the second step you need to, create smoke screens to misdirect the people away from the real agenda, suggest a new set of rules of a far inferior political system and faith. Disillusion them with propaganda by means of the media, make them conform to this new way of life through the process of deceit, change Parliamentary Laws so the foreign power can start to take over, make them believe their faith and guide lines they live by, are worthless.
Step three; final and most important, even though you have completed the stages of one and two, and you are on the brink of success up pops an obstacle, a very small group of society has seen through The lies and are starting to convert others. You need another smoke screen, because remember most of the people still believe in the deception you have put in place. So you apply a tactic that is not only ingenious but in some ways full proof.
Allow part of Great Britain (I.e. Scotland) to break away and become a country in it’s own right. Allowing this to happen would make Britain’s current application to Europe invalid, under the EU regulations. Have a new Prime minister take the stand who say’s ‘he has the people’s interests at heart’. Like we said before the gullible and deceived start to think ‘well he is making a bold gesture, lets stick by him and see where this goes’. So what has he up his sleeve, this bold new PM stands in front of the people and say’s ‘the people have been treated unfairly concerning the UK’s joining of the foreign power, so we will put it to the people, so they can have their say in the form of a referendum’.
Unbeknown to the misled British people the current application has just become invalid, so Britain has to reapply. So behind the smoke screen of a supposed National referendum, off they jolly well go and vote in one of the worlds most corrupted voting systems, and all you need is 51% so you can carry on the farce. After the count they announce the result and guess what over 50% voted for the joining of the country to the foreign power permanently. But do the people who voted really know the implications of what they have done, do they realise they have just committed treason against themselves, and their nation, do they realise they have just broke their own constitutional law. No of course they don’t, they just get sucker punched into it because they know no different. They reapply with the so called people’s backing and there you go, the abolishment of Britain with the people’s consent.
Step three and the final step complete, fooled again by the ploys, the people sign away their own country all by themselves, and the following will happen; The EU Constitution will abolish the nations of Britain, England, our 48 counties, our monarchy, common law, and the political parties (clause I-46-4). We will then be incarcerated within the European Union, a dictatorship with the laws of a police state. The 111,000 EU regulations will then turn Britain, now the fifth largest economy in the world, into a Corporate/State i.e. fascist command economy, bringing massive tax increases, unemployment and poverty. Christianity is replaced by Catholicism, Corpus Juris replaces Habeas Corpus, the Pope stands as the religious leader and The Queen is known as ‘our lady of Europe’ and Prince Charles is known as the ‘Prince of Europe’. Constitutions around the world start to collapse, and so does Christianity.
So after reading this does it seem a work of fiction or are you starting to see a resemblance hear to what is going on in our country. Concerning the part about the new prime minister, you have to say to yourself ‘do they know something we don’t’ or ‘their just speculating’ well lets just see what happens, but remember the devolution of Scotland is becoming more of a reality everyday. More and more people are starting to wise up to what is going on, and are starting to realise they have a constitutional law they can use to their advantage. They are also questioning the fact that this law has been abused and broken by the dictatorship in parliament. They are starting to wake up to the fact, that life in the UK is not a democracy any more and that we do actually live in a Police State, and with our help more and more Vicars, Armed Forces, Police, etc are starting to question, who their Oath of Allegiance actually belongs too, the Queen or the Pope?
You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, it’s values are not about that. It’s about living your life with standards of decency and being true to yourself and others around you, using positive energy to help boost your life and the life’s of everyone you come in contact with. It’s about teaching your children manners and using manners yourself in your daily routines. It is about treating people with respect no matter what they do for a living or what affliction they have been inflicted with. It is about truth, honesty and most of all love, and freewill. Our Constitution was built on these values and our democracy survived only because of these values.
To be continued…..
In our last article we stated that we believe the Queen to be no longer Christian, but in fact Catholic. This was met with quite a response. Also it has been said that it was Lords, and barons who penned the Bill of Rights 1689 and not the people.
The Queen we will explain in a minute, but to answer the second question first the answer is this;
It started with the people of the Isle of Ely, and of the Freemen, Burgesses, and the Knights of London, and not the Lords and Barons.
Elizabeth II and the R.C.C
1951 Princess Elizabeth visited the pope.
1961 May 5th Queen Elizabeth visited the Pope. The Queen wore black and the veil in recognition of her religious opinion in the eyes of the Catholic church. This was acknowledging her acceptance of the primacy of the Catholic church. To accept this implies that the Pope has jurisdiction over the Queen and England. Such recognition breaks Article 37of the 39 Articles of the Religion of the Anglican Reformed Church of England which states that “The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England”. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome.
1961 August 9th Her Majesty’s Prime Minister Harold Macmillian applied for negotiations for EEC entry.
1972 January 22nd The Queen commanded ministers Heath, Hurd , and Rippon to sign up to the Treaty of Rome The Queen undoubtedly fully understood that, as there was no provision under the terms of the Treaty for a Constitutional Monarchy within the EU, she would be surrendering the sovereign supremacy of her office to the sovereign supremacy of the European Community. By doing this: (1) She would be breaking her Coronation Oath to her people which is her contract with them for their governance. (2) That she would be stripping herself of her Sovereignty in Parliament thus destroying the authority of Parliament itself as the national Legislating body in Great Britain. (3) That she would be also breaking Article 37 of the 39 of Religion again, and this time dismissing herself as head of the church.
1972 October 17th The Queen gave her Royal Assent to the European Communities Act 1972.
1980 October 17th The Queen visited the Pope, she wore black and the veil, and kissed the papal ring, a gesture of her subordination to the office of the Pope and his jurisdiction over her; and by so doing the Queen forfeited the allegiance of the British people. She could not have done this had she still been our Sovereign monarch and head of the Protestant Reformed Church of England.
1982 The Queen invited the Pope to visit the United Kingdom, she also invited the Pope to celebrate mass in Canterbury Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Church of England, which the Duke of Norfolk the leading RC peer, and the Earl of March were commanded to organise. Gold and Platinum Plaques were struck by the royal mint to celebrate the occasion, bearing the heads of the Queen and the Pope, so ensuring even if the Queen did not attend the mass in person she would be present in image. Ultimately the event was abandoned when certain clerics of the Church of England protested that it would break church law.
1980s/90s Coin of the Realm. there are Gibraltan 20 pence coins in circulation which on one side depicts the Queen’s head, on the other an image of Madonna and child, both crowned and seated on a throne, bearing the inscription “Our Lady of Europe”. These coins must have minted in the Royal Mint. The Queen must of give her approval both of their design and for their production, despite the image being in violation of the second Commandment, and idolatrous in the eyes of Protestants and the Anglican Reformed Church, of which the Queen is head.

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