The man who committed internet suicide

John’s last talk in Penzance I knew was going to be the most extreme he was ever go to in an effort to express what really happened on this island, what is really currently happening, and what is about to happen.

In many ways I’ve learned not to take John too seriously. I’ve probably talked with him more than anyone outside his immediate family, at least as far as I know, and that means I’ve gotten to know the guy. He gets carried away. He gets excited. He has cried on stage. People have given him standing ovations on more than one occasion. Sometimes I have to wait ages whilst he talks to everyone in the room after the talk is over because so many people want to speak with him. The reason why people who have met John Harris tend to end up liking him is that he’s like Jeff Winger – he has chemistry with everyone. And sorry if that’s a bizarre reference to you; I suggest you get aquainted with Community – it shares a couple of odd coincidences with TPUC as you’ll discover if you watch.

The man who would be King

I have just David Icke’d myself

– John Harris

The bottom line is, John means what he says when he talks. He might get things wrong from time to time, but he means every word when you hear them. That means when you’re dealing with the topics that should be discussed at the absolute highest levels of government and on a national level, you get shockingly honest appraisal. And the man doesn’t pull his punches.

So when he says that by the end of 2013 he will be the King of England and that his first act as King would be the sacking of St.Michael’s Mount (the Mount), you tend to think that one way or another, whether he wants it or not, it would be his last public talk. Yet at the end of the evening’s proceedings, he received a modest amount of applause and a hug.

One of the other things about John is that he says things in the heat of the moment, and seemingly on a whim. That is to say, I’ve heard it from him before that such-and-such talk would be his last. Probably he will do another talk, even if it’s just to himself in the bath. But, when he says it consistantly, and steps away from the website, email, and even says he’s packing up his computer, I sense there is a change in the air. What was significant about the most recent of Johns’ ‘last talks ever’ is that when he did jump off the cliff of credibility in claiming what he did, he had already imparted this to me at least 4 years previously. In other words, this is not some heat of the moment utterance; bizarrely & impossibly, it would appear that his story might have some legs to it.

What is the story?

It’s perfect. Even he doesn’t really know it. However, he has been told by several different psychics, mediums and seers who are put in contact with him what is to be his destiny after he set up Basically it is remarkably close to the Jesus idea and I’m not going to mess you around; his credibility will have been butchered enough already by anyone that chooses to judge. He has laid it all out there for you and expects the ridicule.

John thinks he is going to be the next King of England because he believes he is a member of an ancient order of Templars that has kept knowledge of true events from the past, and that he or someone like him holds a key within their blood which is desperately sought by the hidden powers. It’s the stuff of pure fantasy and he himself admits as much. He and I have repeatedly balked that the idea is true and yet time again he is handed clues & evidence by people who don’t even know him that it is. It is only slightly less fantastic when you witness some of the most surreal, coincidental and impossible occurences with him first hand.

You have to understand this: As far as I can see, this is genuine. I’m not saying I believe John is the next King of England, but I am saying that John believes, as much as he doesn’t want to, because the topic just wont leave him alone. What I’ve witnessed is the gradual persuasion of a man who would not believe what he was told would be his destiny. He doesn’t carry himself with any arrogance or status, because he really is no better than you or I. He’s just a geezer-sounding nice man. So when I met John, he and I spent hours, day after day and week after week, sat round the table with his partner Heather and literally researched until we could research no more. John would pontificate over this or that whilst Heather and I would go over the details and actually use the computer. John more often than not would be making coffee or smoking a fag, chatting on the phone for hours to people who he’s never met or happen to live the other end of this island. In fact I don’t think I ever saw him actually doing any reading whatsoever. I have no idea how he is able to recite at length the amount of law and history that shaped the society we are in. There are a great many things about John that I simply would not believe are true unless I had been there to see it.

We had some fun. On the right is one of the few occasions I talked alongside John, which I’ll always remember.
I have no idea how he was able to talk his way out of being caught speeding at 127 mph, but I actually saw him do it. I have no idea how it is possible that he could tell me a story about how he found a coin lodged in the wall at the Tor at Glastonbury, and then be there the second time it happened, but I was. I never thought that a talk we would put together would send him off on a series of talks around the country and turn him into a bit of an internet ‘personality’, but it did. All of these things happened and these are the tamer of the weird things that I never thought I would witness in my otherwise normal life, but I did.

‘Famous’ John the Freeman Harris
The inescapable, inevitable discussion to be had in 2013

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that the law is a joke, that statutes don’t apply without consent, that we’re all slaves legally speaking, that the Magna Carta was only designed for ‘particular persons’. What the so-called ‘truth’ movement fails to do is actually agree upon what to do. Agreement is the most valuable thing, remember.

There’s one simple thing left to agree upon. People are waking up, there’s enough of us about now to punch a hole in mainstream media. We can go viral whenever we want to, but we’re smart enough to know that if we do it too much, it has the same effect as spamming someone. So we stay quiet and then pop up with a couple of ideas, disappear again and let them sink in. Then we wait and see what people do with it.

So perhaps the biggest and most important question that we face is regarding the position of the Sovereign.

There’s a massive sentiment running through the ‘alternative’ scene; some are very against the Queen – especially people such as David Icke. He claims that there are reptillian entities which can control and manipulate people in positions of power and I don’t know that he’s wrong. What I would politely ask you to do is think very carefully about one thing: do we need a Sovereign to represent us or not? I have spoken to John at length about this. John is concerned that people are being turned against the idea of the position even existing and he feels that there needs to be a benevolent dictator in the form of a new King. If it’s not him then he’s adamant that if someone else is put into that position then he will ‘put two f*cks into them’ if they turn out to be rubbish. The reason for my assertion that the position of Sovereign is the most important, is that you maintain an extraordinary ability to knock out the eye of the pyramid and take the top spot. Suddenly you can make up whatever corporate law you want and boom, all the dominoes fall. John knows what he wants to do and it’s arguably the most populous political message ever. You’ll get most of it if you listen to this and perhaps a couple of talks like ‘Undermining democracy‘.

I’m certain that the spooks have crawled this site and seen all the associated videos, and the material has likely been assessed in terms of it’s level of threat to national security. Be advised then that John is a total pacifist and tells everyone that no violence is ever needed to solve a problem. He is not a terrorist but, my goodness, it would be stupidly easy for someone to paint him as such.

So I’ll go on the public record in saying one more thing. In December 2012, John was over fixing a security light in my back garden. We sat and had a coffee when the job was done and were chatting about some fairly deep bioelectrical theory. It sounds fairly complex but to John it’s very simple.

Heart based Electromagnetic field
Heart based Electromagnetic field
You create a strong electromagnetic field in your heart which emanates from you much as though you are the core of an apple, and the field is the flesh. This happens without you consciously doing anything, but with practice it is possible to do a little more. We were discussing what it might take in order to get the attention of the entire world in order to deliver a message. John came up with the idea first. He said one way would be to make a statement on the internet that you intended to turn off all power circuits at a particular time, just to prove a point that it is possible (this, and more besides) by using in essence a heart-based EMP. He would then use that opportunity to deliver the paradigm-changing message that he has, and effect a huge suggestion that by holding one vision we can make a positive change for everyone. Again – stuff of pure fantasy. I had never thought about this topic before and had never discussed it with anyone, so when I did so with John and he conveyed the idea to me, something profound happened; all the lights in the room flickered. Both John and I were animated in our discussion and were both shocked by the startling coincidence that had once again occured.

The brownout did not last more than 3 or 4 seconds, but still we both felt a little weirded out by the whole thing whilst again acknowledging that it was simply the latest of bizarre things we had witnessed. This did not turn out to be the end of the story. Shortly after John left, I got a phone call. It was John. I asked him what he had left at the house, assuming that was why he was calling me so soon, but was astonished at what he said. There had been a power cut which had taken out the entire town of Luton, the airport, and all the roads to the M1. John was in hysterics. I looked out the bedroom window across the Lea (Lugh) valley that the town sits in, and was gobsmacked – apart from my road, every single road as far as I could see (several miles) was dark.

The next day I had it confirmed by the National Grid that there had been an unspecified faliure at a local substation. They could not explain how only my road and 1 0ther had been left unaffected. I give you my word; this is true.

So there we have it. Over the space of 6 years I was driven by an unknown desire to find out what the hell is wrong with the world, and I did. Then I was driven to find out what to do about it, and I was thrown on this bizarre adventure culminating in one Cornishman’s bid to commit internet suicide. He has sacrificed his internet persona forever, and here is the proof. As is typical for the more low profile talks the lighting is terrible, but then perhaps he might illuminate you in other ways.


If you were to believe everything John Harris says when attending one of his talks you’d be a fool.
If you were to believe your heart when you listen to what he says, well, that’s a different story.

By Richy from and a dear friend, March 9 2013

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