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The MATRIX a metaphor?, but none the less correct!

Are you all starting to see what I am driving at in these articles?
Do you feel yet, that, what you have all been spoon fed since you were babies is a lie?
Everything that is done in your name uses assumed consent, assumed permission.
If you don’t like it, tell them you don’t like it, or better still tell them you don’t consent and that they now “must” (not legalese) assume they do not have your consent, until such time as you (in writing) grant them consent!
When people talk of the “MATRIX” it is simply a metaphor, hopefully we are not all plugged into farms, and used as batteries!
More likely you will understand that the MATRIX was a film that hinted at something, the film makers were trying to tell you something, if you didn’t get that when you watched it before, as you make your progress to realisation of all the lies that you live with every day, you will start to get it and it will hit you!
After your evolution to a greater level of knowledge regarding the greatest con in history, becomes more advanced, I recommend you watch the “MATRIX” again, oh boy, you really start to get the idea!
Your realisation will be your freedom, but your battle only begins there, as when you suddenly make realisation you immediate reaction is anger! And you feel like a rat trapped in a maze, you want to force your way out! At this point remember these simple words “ be calm, anger will only hurt you and your loved ones” this is more important than you think, as quite simply anger shows to the system that you are children, and tantrums are evidence of this, what you need to do is get yourself composed and I can tell you from experience that we nearly all struggle with it at first, anger is our first responseto the realisation of the truth “HOW DARE THEY” but also take my word for it, that when you are truly calm the answers are there to be found.
Hints and directions is what I am trying to give you, I can only show you the way, I cannot take your path to the truth for you, but I will see you there!
When you begin things will make sense slowly, but it wont be long until BOOM! Things hit you and its amazing that the information ever eluded you, but it did!
You must understand there is no JUSTICE as you think you know it, you must understand that a court room is merely a game of tennis, the ball is questions and the score is jurisdiction, you answer the questions, he scores and as he scores more he gains jurisdiction over you. Don’t get me wrong this is not right, and it bloody well isn’t justice! It is commercial or admiralty law!
Admiralty terminology is everywhere, you will soon recognise it, ill start you on your way:
In the dock in court, what docks?     A vessel, that vessel is your “person” or “legal Fiction”
When you are born, you are in fact Birthed, what gets berthed a vessel.
When you are registered your place of birthing is your registered home port all vessels have home ports.
You all should know by now that when you register something you transfer legal title to it to the body that you have registered it with, and they give you a usury title (you can use it, aren’t you lucky!)
Well again the term registration stems from the sea faring law, when your vessel was moored, berthed, docked…. the captain would register the vessel with the harbour master, and would basically hand over a temporary legal title to the harbour master, this would make him directly responsible for any damage that occurred whilst in his capable hands!
So whenever you register what was before you registered your property, it ceases to be yours any longer and legal title is transferred to whomever the body is you registered with?
How is it that, take for example, you own your car right? WRONG! You registered it didn’t you? Ahhhhh “the penny drops” what you have done by voluntarily registering it is transfer legal title over, then of course comes the crunch, the body that holds legal title to the vehicle says, ok, well if im going to allow you to use this vehicle, you must only put in prescribed fuel (funnily enough it carries a very large percentage of tax) oh and you must MOT it as we want more money from you but well hide the fact with smoke saying that it’s for your safety and the safety of others and because it our property you have to do it or well take it from you!, then of course also to use the vehicle we desire you to have prescribed insurance as we don’t want you wrecking OUR property oh and one last thing, we want you to put on it a road fund license for the privilege of driving our motor vehicle, kind of as a thank you for the loan of OUR vehicle.
This hitting you yet?
Everything revolves around voluntary actions, they deceive us yes, but it’s our ignorance of what is going on that makes us do as we are told, we are of course only ignorant because the state run education is so rubbish, we don’t have a chance to learn about admiralty law etc….
This of course explains why the curriculum that our children are subjected to is so shoddy, its full of deceitful historical references, and trumped up rubbish knowledge, they want, NO NEED us to be ignorant, otherwise their deceit become easily very evident and they don’t want that!
The freedom of your children is actually in your hands, teach them the MATRIX, show them the truth of it, help them break free!
The registration process is as plain as the nose on your face, use your homes that you think you bought and own right? WRONG! Who has legal title, who has it been registered with huh? Yes the land registry… how is it that you have a certificate or deed? Well its simple, it’s like the V5 it’s a usury title, and for the privilege of using it they charge you council tax… oh what a scam!! Not only that but because its theirs anything you want to do with their property must adhere to their guidelines only, yes that’s right, the planning office, a place where they make sure you don’t devalue their property!, of course a nice fat brown envelope sorts it 😉 but never forget this is not justice, and it is not right!! It’s just business, it’s just admiralty!
Once you have done a “standing in commerce seminar” you will have the information to take it all back!!
It gets better though, as when you start to remove the legal titles from them, they cannot levy tax from you for using it!! As its yours and you can use it if you want to 😉
It gets better still, as a “Private Conveyance” your car once away from their grasp does not need their license plates!! Why should it, it is not theirs it is yours, of course no license plates = no fines, are you getting it? Fun isn’t it? Consider it a “monkeys fist” a nautical knot, and they have tied all this up into it, so get your knot and start un picking it, when you do this you show your true sovereignty and you begin taking back YOUR power!! And taking yourself out and away from their lies
by Guy_Euden

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