Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence, a company, is also traded as the B I S. Could this be the Bank for International Settlements?

It is referred to by some as ‘The World Central Bank’ , ‘The Central Bank for Central Banks’ and so on. Why is it that after a rudimentary search on and Google can we easily connect the United Kingdom (corporation) Ministry of Defence to the Bank for International Settlements?

The search:

A 2 second Google search reveals…

B I S - The Bank for International Settlements

So.. the MOD is trading as the ‘Central Bank for Central Banks’. What is going on here?!

For the moment the question is wide open. You can read more about the BIS here and here, and many more sources through Google.


Do some research and help TPUC blow the lid off this!


The sharper eyed out there may also have noticed the DnB search ‘ B I S LTD ‘  result which leads on to the Baltic Exchange: read about it here.  The Baltic Exchange started life on Threadneedle Street in 1744 – and is also where the Bank of England (Private Corporation) is also now Headquartered and is ‘affectionately’ known as ‘The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’.

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