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This is a comment posted on my article ‘our Constitution is very much alive and well’

Thank you for providing these sources, John. I know that through ‘the law’ they deceive and by ‘the law’ we can triumph. The difficulty that I have is that these laws are so old and have been obfuscated for nefarious purposes – most politicians are lawyers.

The fact that these laws also demand that the Soveriegn governs the nation in accordance with the terms of the coronation oath, means that this Queen has also committed ‘treason’ and much else besides.. Research uncovers that the Royal Family are beholdent to The Vatican (which also contravenes laws against Catholic influence on the Soveriengn ‘right to rule’) and a body of research which also points to a controversy that the so-called Windsors are not the lawful heirs to the Throne of England! They are neither from or for this land and their relatives rule America too. Before WW11 they did not even speak English, but German (I suspect, Yiddish). The Crown has little to do with the nation of England, more a satellite to Vatican City and The Crown governs Law enacted within The City by Knights Templars who owe no allegiance to the people of this nation.

The entire legal edifice is Maritime Law which is Martial Law, in effect. So, you see, it is not simply a matter of examining the treasonous activities of Parliament, but of Royalty iteself. That we should rebel by disengagement and withdrawal in the first instance is not in question. That we can benefit from laws passed in the past and still standing, gives much reassurance.However, I would say, that having done so, we need to forge a new blueprint which affords protection and freedom in this super-technological era and we also need to uncover the truth of our history, both as a nation and a race. It is within the complexity of these issues that I kind of ‘fog out’ when it comes to turning to such laws; after all, the UN resolutions sounded noble and fair enough to be adopted into law.

They never were and have been amended to the point that they have no meaning as to their original intent and content. Then one discovers that they were based on the Communist Manifesto in the first place!

My answer.

I quite appreciate your difficulties in this Age of Lies & Liars, but let me try to make things clear between us.

In the first place, we seem to be agreed that ‘by the law we can triumph’, and this is important, because no intelligent person should be looking for another Civil War!

Leaving aside for a moment, your personal comments about the Queen and her family, we need to reach agreement on the proper function of the Monarchy itself, and before saying anything else I believe that we can agree that this proper function has nothing at all to do with the cheap posturing that is being ‘permitted’ to Our Sovereign by the Thieves & Liars who are now holding Our Queen in absolute captivity and contempt.

I must suggest to you that the true function of the Sovereign is to act as the Chief Magistrate in our Society, with authority to ‘create’ and maintain the law, and with the duty & powers necessary to preserve and protect the security of both Our Country and Our People, under the Rule of Law.

There is no question of the Sovereign being endowed with any Absolute Power to Govern Us, because the Contract between Crown & People was established in 1688/89 and is now evidenced by both the Bill of Rights and the Coronation Oath. These two documents together place an absolute requirement on the Sovereign that we will be governed in full accordance with our laws and customs and in no other way.

The Power of the Sovereign is ultimately regulated by the lawful power of the people to withhold all and any taxation that may be required to pay for the functions of Government – and you will see for yourself that this lawful power to withhold taxation provides a Supreme Veto on any proposal made by any Sovereign that Dictatorship be imposed or Arbitrary Power. Exercised.

Now we should turn to the question of what is going wrong with the Government of Our Society – and I suggest to you that the very simple answer to this question is being provided by the newspapers; the radio and the television every single day. Of the week.


Corrupt & Lawless People are being sent into the House of Commons by the people, as representatives of the people: It is very plain to see that corrupt & lawless people are now sitting in the House of Commons, and these so-called elected representatives are without loyalty to anyone or anything other than them.

These dangerous and disastrous ‘representatives of the People’ have abandoned all pretence of performing their lawful function of representing the people, and are now claiming Sovereignty for themselves, using the excuse that they have ‘the mandate of the people’ for everything and anything that they are doing and/or do.

Added to everything else that is wrong with these elected representative, they are untrained in anything, and thus we are seeing the ‘cock-ups’ in absolutely everything!

The implied threat of abolishing the Monarchy is now being held over the head of the only lawful Sovereign by these worthless people, like a Sword of Damocles, and in consequence of this treason a very well educated and responsible elderly lady is being subjected to an abuse that is destroying our country; our security; our system of justice and our ways of life.
In short, I must suggest to you that the British People are guilty of creating their own Misery and Destruction, by electing Faithless; Worthless & Treacherous People to the House of Commons, which must now be seen as the Seat of the Disease that is now appearing everywhere and destroying everything in its path (and that means everything that is clean; good and true).

Having said all of that, I must now invite you to take a good look at the Laws of the Constitution, which are designed for the purpose of preventing all such disasters as are now facing us (because of our own stupidity and laziness in the choice of the representatives. Speaking for us at a great financial cost to all of us).

1. The Laws of the Constitution provide that Our Allegiance to the Crown must be Absolute, and in return for this allegiance, we are guaranteed the protection of the Crown – and all Servants & Ministers of the Crown – in all meaningful areas of our lives. (Declaration & Bill of Rights, 1689).

2. We are legally empowered to enter into Lawful Rebellion against the Crown, if the Laws of Our Constitution are broken – on the clear understanding that we must return to our obedience, when Right has been restored (Magna Carta, 1215);

3. That it is an Act of Treason to remove the Sovereign from the full; lawful and Supreme exercise of Government. (Treason Act 1351 & Treason & Felony Act, 1848):

4. That it is an Act of Treason to provide Aid &/or Comfort to Traitors (Treason & Felony Act, 1848):

5. That the People of England (&, by extension, of the UK) may NOT be subjected to the Temporal (ie Civil) or Spiritual Rule of Foreign Princes; Prelates; States or Potentates (Declaration & Bill of Rights, 1689 & The Privy Council Oath that is sworn by all Cabinet Members of Every Government, whenever any person is admitted to ANY Cabinet by ANY Sovereign or Prime Minister).

It will be clear to you that notwithstanding all of these safeguards that are provided by the Laws of the Constitution, present-day politicians are now selling our country into the hands of the European Union, in breach of the law.

This does not mean that the Laws of the Constitution are Wrong – It means only that present-day politicians are acting outside of the Law, and in a manner that is inconsistent with the Oaths of Office that they have undertaken.

In consequence of the treachery to the British Crown & People that is now being given effect by the Liars & Thieves who are sitting in the Queen’s Government , it is time for Open Rebellion to begin (and to continue until such time as Right has been restored)!

Turning now to your comments about the Queen & her family –

It seems very clear to me that if the Queen has departed from her duty to the British People, then it is for her People to bring her back to this duty, without delay – and the process of Lawful Rebellion can be fully justified for this purpose alone.

On the other hand, if, as I suspect, the Queen is being subjected to forms of threat & duress by the politicians, which is serving to prevent her from performing her lawful duties as Sovereign, to the full.

Then it is for her people to release her from the Prison in which she is being held by the vicious & treacherous ‘representatives of the people’ whom I have already identified.

In conclusion, I have to say that I am very familiar with the Conspiracy Theory that you are representing when you offer speculation about ‘the Windsors’ as a family.

This particular Conspiracy Theory linking the Windsors to the Vatican; to the Jews and to some secret rule of America is quite definitely no more than colourful speculation, and your suggestion that the Windsors are not the lawful heirs to the throne is denied by the provisions of the Bill of Rights, 1689, which was enacted for the specific purpose of ‘Settleing the Succession to the Crown’ for all time to come.

Finally, I would like to address your suggestion that we now need a ‘new blueprint’ for our future. I am all in favour of ‘evolution’ designed to the purpose of creating greater security for our Country and greater safety for the people of this island, BUT it is very clear to me that all/any such ‘evolution’ would be controlled by the very people who are now defying the existing rules and destroying us – and for this reason I see greater safety in the Laws of the Constitution than in the ‘witterings’ & speculations of the present-day Liars & Thieves who are unable to obey even their own short-term laws, whenever money (ie. Personal profit) is entered into the equation!

With regard to your comments on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, it may be useful for you to know that the written Constitution of the Soviet Union was one of the finest attempts ever made to define the legal rights of the individual, but it has to be said that if any Soviety Citizen asked to see &/or to rely upon this document, then long term imprisonment with hard labour (and most usually in a Gulag) was the end-result of such a request.

Politicians & Dictators have always been the self-serving robber-barons of their day – I must suggest to you that now is the time to avoid the creation of more robber-barons, and to rely upon the work of our ancestors who were prepared to die in the process of defeating their own robber-barons and who left us with the Structure of Freedom that is our Inheritance and that is guaranteed by the rule of Our Sovereign Lady, if we take all steps necessary to ensure that she is both allowed and encouraged to perform her lawful function as the Ultimate Defender. Of Our Liberties & Freedoms.

John Harris.

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